La Vecina, martes 26 de mayo, Capitulo 32

Sara was kind of kidding about not having to tell him anything, but Antonio got seriously offended and went back into his apartment.

Simón catches Sara in the hallway and drags her back inside. How’s she gonna get over Antonio if she goes running to talk to him all the time?

So Sara tells Simón about Carlos, claiming she just wanted to go tell Antonio about it.

Cheo sent Sara a sappy text. She and Simón laugh about it.

Which is about what Roque figures is going on, but Cheo insists on waiting for an answer.

Laura’s waiting for Pedro in the living room. She tells him about Carlos’ death. Not that they were close or anything, it’s just sad when someone dies. She also tells him Carlos was the representative of a liquor company they were thinking of ordering from. And Fidel came by, but she doesn’t know why.

Pedro thinks she should have gone to find out.

And let him see her face?

She could have come up with a lie. She’s good at that. (Die, Pedro!)

Fidel sneaks into the house to surprise Vladimir while he’s watching TV. Vladimir shows him the rocket with Edwina’s name on it because her “boyfriend” put it there.

Now Fidel’s all obsessed with Edwina having a “boyfriend.” Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but he’d rather she go out with someone who has their feet on the ground.

Magda tells him to chill. Vladimir misinterpreted things. And Simon could be the best thing that ever happened to Edwina. Fidel will be eating his words when the rocket goes up.

Cheo finally gets an answer back from Sara. She liked the messages. Cheo hurries to fix his hair and splash on some cologne before starting a videocall. Sara’s trying to go slow, but Cheo’s constantly asking when they’re getting back together.

The coroner calls Fidel to confirm that Carlos Esqueda was drunk before his death, but there’s no way he could have drank that much and been able to drive. Fidel thinks he was forced to drink. He wants to talk to Laura since she was the last person to see him.

Pedro takes a call during breakfast from a guy whose office he was supposed to visit about some kind of building project. He acts so normal, he even makes Laura wonder how she could have possibly thought he had anything to do with Carlos’ death.

Ricardo can’t find an affordable apartment. How sad.

Sebastian goes to Benavides’ office, where Benavides is still working, and takes a seat in the waiting area.

When Fidel gets to Pedro’s, Pedro still has his “decent guy” mask on. Sure, it’s no problem if Fidel wants to talk to Laura about Carlos Esqueda, who is now presumed murdered.

Benavides looks over Sebastian’s paperwork, makes a call, and tells Sebastián he’ll call as soon as he gets a reply. And say hi to Ricardo for him!

Um, yeah. Sebastián will do that.

In Pedro and Laura’s living room, she tells Fidel how the evening went and how they were all surprised that a liquor company rep didn’t drink. And they weren’t at the bar long because Antonio’s bodyguards wanted him to leave when an armed man showed up. So she didn’t really know Carlos that well.

Pedro acts surprised that someone would go after Antonio when CONATROL does so much for the community!

Sebastián calls Antonio from the car. Benavides is still with customs. Ricardo lied. He’s after the vice-presidency.

Antonio says that’s not gonna happen. From now on he’s going to have Sebastián follow up on everything Ricardo’s supposed to be doing. If there’s another delay with the dyes, he’s going to get a bad surprise.

Pedro walks Fidel and Quintin out to the gate.

Fidel noticed Laura’s eye. They both suspect Pedro might have hit her, and if he did they hope she presses charges.

As far as their case, Quintin remembers the guy in the ciénaga who also appeared to be drunk. Maybe there’s a link.

Back at the house, Pedro starts in again on how Laura’s acting all shifty and Laura’s like “Hello, it’s not pleasant to find out that someone you knew died!”

But Pedro trusts Anselmo’s judgment and bad eyesight over Laura and he’s convinced Carlos was Laura’s lover.

Nelson and Rafa stop by Nacho’s for tortas ahogadas and horchatas. Nacho heard about Pepe nearly  getting shot. Rafa fills him in on the incident at the bar. Nelson gets all nervous and says somebody ought to tell Antonio to go home!

Ricardo asks Sebastián for some information so he can write a report blah blah blah, Uribe asked him to support Antonio. Sebastián makes a jab about him being like a second to Antonio.

Ricky’s not worried. One day things will be different.

Rafa and Nacho are still talking about Antonio while Nelson listens nervously. Sure, maybe the saqueadores are after Antonio because he’s determined to stop the thefts…but he’s been keeping all his plans secret. Rafa’s starting to think there really is a spy in CONATROL.

Nacho says it would have to be somebody who knows every move Antonio makes and that would be…he points at Nelson…”Marina.” And of course it wouldn’t be her.

At the coroner’s office, Fidel mentions the previous unknown dead guy and asks if they can compare any of his tests to Carlos’. They’ll have to exhume the body, but the coroner’s willing to try. And there won’t be any paperwork because the body was never claimed. (Or something to that effect.)

Sara needs Laura’s signature on some paperwork. She was going to ask Samuel to take it over, like Laura suggested, but decides to go over to Laura’s herself.

Natalia scored a big auto commercial. They’re celebrating it over lunch when Natalia notices Isabel and decides to invite her to join them. Ricardo, however, says he’s meeting someone.

Sara’s jaw drops when she sees Laura’s face.

Antonio’s thinking about Sara and Cheo. He’s decided he has to risk everything.

Sebastián gets a laugh out of Ricardo eating lunch alone. Natalia and Isabel don’t get what he and Antonio have against Ricardo. Sebastián tells them about Ricardo holding up the dye shipment.

Laura signs the paperwork.

Sara asks if Pedro’s hitting her.

Laura gets defensive–how dare Sara accuse her husband!

Pedro comes over to the dining room and Sara says she’s leaving.

Pedro asks if Sara asked about Laura’s eye. Laura bitterly tells Pedro not to worry, she kept up his perfect husband image. She’s the person most interested in making sure no one knows what a hell her life is.

Antonio and guards have lunch at El Molcajete. But the guards stay outside. Antonio finds out Sara’s not there, but he decides to wait for her.

Pedro has decided Laura’s going to devote her every waking moment to him from now on. She’s not going back to work.

Ricardo jumps into Isabel’s car as she’s leaving the restaurant. She asks him about the dye thing and Ricardo acts all hurt. He did nothing wrong, the mean kids are picking on him, etc.

Simón nearly runs into Fidel’s car. Fidel’s there en calidad de jackass older brother who doesn’t want Edwina with Simón. Simón says their relationship is purely scientific.

Cheo. Video. Bruno jumps into Sara’s jeep and startles her. Sara tells him about Laura. Bruno goes on about “I told you she was a bad person! She probably married him for his money!”

Simón goes to the bank to make his first loan payment and runs into Edwina. She’s got questions about air and she was going to ask if she could meet up with him later.

Simón’s all “Nope. I don’t want to have problems with your brother.”

Antonio gives up on waiting for Sara and asks for the check.

Sara gets back to the restaurant and Cheo comes running up to her with a big bouquet of roses. When he sees Antonio come out of the restaurant, he assaults Sara with his mouth.

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