La Vecina, viernes 29 de mayo, capítulo 34

Edwina is perfectly happy to be Simón’s study buddy. Aeronautics has brought new meaning to her life. Simón asks her to dance.

Cheo goes to El Molcajete and asks for Sara. Samuel tells him she’s at Simón’s land. No sooner does Cheo leave than Antonio shows up looking for Sara. Samuel gives him directions to Simón’s land.

Isabel shows up at Antonio’s apartment complex. Chepe is going to let her in, but only because he knows her. Antonio’s guards would have a fit if they knew he was doing it. Guards? What? Chepe tells Isa about the attack on Antonio. Isabel calls Sebastian and yells at him for not telling her. Sebastian defends himself. Antonio told him not to tell her or the family. Isabel is offended she had to find out from a lowly porter.

Sebastian and Natalia argue about him keeping secrets. He argues that Natalia kept Isabel’s trip to San Gaspar a secret. Natalia says that’s different. She worries that they are losing trust with each other.

Cheo shows up to the fiesta. Sara notes his determination. He just won’t quit, will he? They dance. Padre Vicente, Simón, Edwina and Bruno make small talk that I deem unimportant.

After getting a little lost, Antonio finally shows up at the party. He sees Sara and Cheo dancing. Here he was worrying about Sara losing her job and she’s consoling herself with the caveman. Antonio gets back in his car and leaves. He doesn’t see Cheo leaning in for a kiss and Sara putting a halt to it. Sara makes the excuse she’s ready to leave. Edwina needs a ride. Sara and Cheo are more than willing to oblige.

Fidel enjoys a night at home with television. Quintin radios to tell him that the Desinflax has been acquired. Magda overhears. Fidel just says it’s a new product the precinct is going to use to stop tires from inflating.

Cheo and Sara drop Edwina off at home. Sara asks Edwina how long she’s worked at the bank. It’s been 10 years. She started as a teller and moved up the ranks and now she works in the loan department. When Cheo and Sara are ready, Edwina is more than willing to help them with a home loan now that they are getting married. I guess Sara is too polite to say anything, but Cheo is more than willing to tell Edwina that they don’t have a date set, but as soon as they do they’ll come see Edwina at the bank. Edwina says they are such a cute couple. After Edwina goes in, Sara tells Cheo he’s terrible. They aren’t getting married! Cheo shrugs. What? It can happen! He just couldn’t go against Edwina. She said they were a cute couple. Sara emphasizes “were.”

Chepe tries to warn Antonio about Isa. She surprises them both. Cheo and Sara walk up about this time. Isa hugs Antonio and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Antonio notices Sara and Cheo. He plants a huge kiss on Isabel. Sara looks crushed. Cheo says good night.

Antonio and Isabel wait at the elevator. Isa asks if Sara is going up. Sara is taking the stairs. Isa thinks Sara is kinda tiresome. She asks Ant who that was. Antonio tells her. When they get upstairs, Isa realizes this is Sara LA VECINA. Isabel makes a loud comment to Antonio about needing a copy of the apartment key. Everyone head into their respective apartments.

Isa comments to Antonio that it must be annoying to have to run into Sara all the time. Antonio slinks away to put up Isa’s suitcase. Isa’s inner dialog: I’m glad I met her face to face.

Sara is in her apartment fretting about running into Isa. She decides it was bound to happen though. As long as Isabel doesn’t mess with her it should be ok. Recapper inner dialog: Famous last words.

The next morning leaves a note for the sleeping Isabel. He watches her for a moment and thinks about Simon’s words: “Sometimes life decides for you.” Antonio is resigned to Isabel being his reality.

Sara tells Simón and Bruno about Pedro selling El Molcajete. She didn’t say anything last night because she didn’t want to ruin the party. Simón offers Sara the chance to help them out. He can’t pay much though. Heads out to work. Simón and Bruno are kind of surprised about Pedro getting rid of El Molcajete. The restaurant does good business.

Downstairs, Antonio and Sara run into each other. He tries to talk to her about losing her job. Sara is very cool too him and doesn’t want to talk. Ant wonders if that’s because of jealousy or because Cheo has prohibited her from talking to him. Sara says he can just “quédate con la duda.” (She doesn’t need to tell him anything, so she’ll just let him agonize over the answer. Let the doubt eat him up.)

Isabel’s ringing phone wakes her up. It’s Ricardo. He’s brought coffee and biscuits. He’s on his way to her apartment. Isa has to burst his bubble. She’s not in the D.F.; she’s in San Gaspar. Then she asks him not to call while she’s there. She doesn’t know how long she’ll be in San Gaspar. She hangs up and sees Antonio’s note. He had to get to work. She can call him if she goes anywhere. Isabel pouts. As usual, work was more important.

Fidel and Quintin look over the directions for Desinflax. He tells Quintin to go get some oranges and a syringe.

Laura is really worried about Sara and the employees losing their jobs. Laura suggests that the let Sara run it while Laura stays home. Pedro said he got the restaurant to entertain Laura. He’s decided to sell it y ya. Stop talking about it and let me give you a creepy kiss. Laura tells him she’s going to the church later.

Antonio calls Sebastian and asks why his friend didn’t warn him about Isabel’s visit. Isabel met Sara. Antonio says not much happened. He really wants Isabel to go back to the city though. He’s sure she’ll get bored soon and leave.

Fidel mixes up the Desinflax and injects it into an orange. He needs Quintin to eat it to see if he can taste the medication in the orange. While Fidel isn’t looking, Quintin switches the oranges. He tells Fidel that he can’t taste anything. Fidel thinks the orange looks so good he’s going to eat his own orange. Quintin: *gulp*

Sara calls her mom to tell her about the sale of the restaurant. Her mom is waiting for a technician to come fix one of the washers. She’s really sorry to hear about Sara losing her job, but reminds her to face bad times with a smile (buena cara.) She’s sure something better will come along. Sara says Cheo said the same thing. Mom wants to know: is Sara still seeing Cheo? They talk about Cheo for a bit. Sara says to make things worse, Antonio’s girlfriend showed up too! Merce has to hang up when the tech arrives.

Isa calls Natalia to tell her she’s finally met La Vecina. Isa is very sure that Sara is no competition for her. Unfortunately, Antonio is still as cold as ever. The only thing that brought her a smile today was Ricardo. He came to her house with coffee and biscuits. She talks about the biscuits in a kind of derogatory way, so I wonder what the hell kind of problem does she have with biscuits. They’re delicious! Anyway, Isa really likes Ricardo, but Antonio is her reality.

Fidel’s belly begins to bubble as he eats his orange. Yech. I hate GI sound effects.

Laura drops off donations for the bazaar on Saturday. She tells Padre Vicente she ran into a door. Padre Vicente asks if she can help out on Saturday. She’ll ask Pedro if she can.

Pedro, Ramón and Nelson invite Antonio to the soccer game. They bought him his own hot pink jersey and everything. It’s just now hitting me that Ant is an Artilleros fan and Sara is probably an Alados fan. The gang leaves and Ant’s phone rings. It’s Isa wondering if he wants to get a bite. He’s busy but the guards can take her. She would rather the guards guard him (but they end up with her in a later scene so I guess Antonio lost that battle.)

The boss yells at Cheo for something that was done wrong on that job he sent them to do. Cheo throws Roque under the bus and tells the boss an emergency had come up so Roque did the job alone. The boss decides to pay Roque and not Cheo. It just now hits me, was Cheo taking the paycheck for all the other jobs he left Roque alone to do?

Greeeaaat. Chepe recommends El Molcajete when Isa asks.

Greeeaaat. Isa goes to El Molcajete.

Sara and Isa are both very surprised to see each other. Sara sends Samuel over to take care of Isa. Isa is having none of it. She wants the other waitress. Samuel corrects her. Sara is in charge, not just some waitress. Isa dismisses it. She wants to be waited on by Sara.

Sara goes to Isa’s table. Isa has noticed that the have lenguado (sole) on the menu. Can she get that à la Meunière? Sara whips out all her chef skillz. Recapper inner dialog: atta girl!

Padre Vicente asks Laura how Sara is working out at the restaurant. Laura has to tell him they are selling the restaurant. Padre wonders what Laura is going to now? She needs to have something that’s her own thing! Padre thinks he might have something for her to do though. Rodobaldo tells the Padre he’s needed. After the Padre goes, Rodobaldo tells Laura about some soccer injury.

Sigh. We are back to El Molcajete. Isa is served. She pulls a hair out of her own head and puts in on the food. She starts screaming about hair in her food. Sara runs to her table. Sara can’t believe there’s a hair. She supervised the plating herself. Sara finds the hair and swear’s it’s Isabel’s. The cook was wearing a hairnet. Isa continues to scream. She escalates to throwing plates. She and Sara start fighting. Isa slaps Sara. The guards run in to break up the fight. Isabel calls Sara a golfa. Sara tells Isabel she is not leaving until she pays for the things she damaged. Then she tells Samuel to close the doors. Isa tells Sara she can call the police (a quick peek into the police station tells us that Fidel is having tummy troubles.)

Sara and Isabel start fighting again.

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