De Que te quiero, Te quiero Capitulo 41

De que eres un monstruo, eres un monstruo!

Andres offers to leave, since Diego’s there acting like a jerk, and he does leave, effectively stranding Natalia. Who turns on Diego, asking him where the hell he gets off doubting her or assuming that SHE needs someone else to console herself with while he deals with his WIFE. And here she is being so understanding and this is how he behaves? His excuse is that he loves her so much that he gets jealous and he promises never to do it again. Natalia tells him not to promise, but she’s ready to brush off his little bout of cavemanitis. They go up to his office for the papers he needed.

Alonso is wondering if Irene even read his email…or cares. He turns down Karina when she calls to ask him to the movies, then gets annoyed with himself for waiting for Irene to call. He leaves his apartment just as Irene does call, and she tells herself it’s better that way.

Chato is continuing to try to charm Lupita by reading The Three Little Pigs, but he gets sad that she’s not listening and starts changing the story, talking about how the wolf was his mother’s least favorite and was adopted by a band of hyenas. Lupita knows that’s not how it goes and takes over storytelling duties, with Chato providing sound effects.

As the dramatic music swells, Carmen looks in and the Post-it of Doom tells us Chato has completed Task #2.

Alonso ends up over at Karina’s with a horror movie. She offers to make them some pasta. In her pajamas. Which Alonso tells her not to bother changing out of ’cause they’re buds. You know she’s going to take that the wrong way.

Diego brings Natalia home and Natalia confusedly introduces him to Chato, who still looks like he should be wearing horns and a tail.

Chato pulls rank as Carmen’s “future husband” and starts interrogating Diego. He puts the screws to Diego, demanding to know the state of his finances. Diego avoids the question, asking to hear more about Chato–for example, where has Chato been and why has Diego never met him before?

Brigitte and Alberto join the party and Chato begins the interrogation with Alberto, who answers honestly that his income depends on the cases he takes. Diego laughs.

Alonso and Karina have their pasta and she tries to ask him about Irene, but he avoids the subject and suggests they get to the movie. Which isn’t a horror movie after all, but a romantic movie.

Karina babbles about being in love with love and loving someone who doesn’t return her love. “Yeah, me too,” Alonso says, but is alarmed at her offer to “console” each other. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

The next morning, predictably, the nurse didn’t show up at Diego’s. Lala brings Diana ice chips, since it’s the only thing she’ll “eat.” And Vicente is heading out to the park with Rosa for a walk.

Diego tries to convince Diana to eat something with actual nutritional value, but she says everything makes her sick and she’s not going to feed “his” baby anything…”her” baby will be eating ice and that’s that.

Grumps pulled a fast one and, despite his casual attire, he tells the driver to take him and Rosa to the office. Sorry Rosa…you tried.

Irene comes into the office excited to see the sample of *her* finished design. She’s alarmed to see what’s on the dress form and immediately says this is NOT what she designed. Brigitte says she was trying to give it a more modern touch and she though Irene would appreciate that. “It’s a classic design! You don’t mess with a classic design! And you, Natalia, didn’t you notice?” Natalia says she thought since Brigitte is a designer…. Irene tells them both that SHE is the one in charge and they will NOT make changes like this again without consulting her. (And that dress was hideous.)

Rosa thought bubbles that she needs to warn Irene and convinces Vicente to have the driver stop at a pharmacy for her super-special analgesics that the company nurse won’t have. Too bad Irene doesn’t have Rosa’s number programmed into her phone, so she ignores the call.

Eleazar goes over to Luz’s to show her the official letter about his promotion to head of homicide. So I guess now we need some homicides.

Luz is excited about all the good news lately! She brags to Eleazar about how Chato’s really doing a good job of passing Carmen’s tests.

Brigitte is pissy about Irene’s scolding her and leaves for a coffee. Once she’s gone, Irene asks Natalia if (a) Brigitte’s still mad at her and (b) Natalia understands why she had to put her foot down. Oh, Natalia gets it. As the “bad things are about to happen” music plans, Natalia checks her email to see if they’ve received the “cotización” (quote) from one of the suppliers.

Out in the hallway, Brigitte stirs her coffee and complains internally about disliking people who don’t recognize the smug superiority and massive egos of others. Digo, the creativity of others.

Vicente sees her, remembers that she’s Natalia’s sister, and asks what the hell she’s doing there and who she works with. Oops.

Natalia gets an email from Diana, threatening to “get rid of” the baby if Natalia doesn’t leave Diego alone or if she tells him about the email. (Hm, OK, so Natalia can tell Irene–problem solved!)

Vicente barges into Irene’s office with a “What the hell are you doing here!” He’s furious, asking how long Irene has been there and whether she didn’t think he’d notice. Irene tries to explain what’s going on, but he won’t listen. Irene asks everyone to leave her alone with Vicente.

Chato, back to his normal skin tone, is helping out at the fonda when Luz and Eleazar arrive. Luz wants to give Carmen the good news. Eleazar turns down Carmen’s offer of a celebration, saying he’s already planned to celebrate with his peeps…guy’s night, you understand. Chato hands off the plate of food he was holding and insists on taking El out for a beer.

Irene talks to Vicente about opening new markets, designing casual wear, with Diego providing the business expertise that Irene lacks.

Vicente refuses to “approve” the plan. Irene holds her ground and tries to show him their business plan, but Vicente throws it on the ground without looking at it. (I was going to say “like a petulant toddler” but that would be an insult to petulant toddlers.) He calls Irene an irresponsible, unstable drunk and she tells him that that’s no longer true and if he’s going to have to come up with a logical reason why she can’t work there. “Because it’s MY company!”

Irene reminds him that her mother always said the company belonged to Diego, Rodrigo, and Irene.

Rosa calls Diego, who rushes off to the office after telling Lala to keep an eye on Diana. Since he didn’t tell Diana why he’s leaving, she’s worried that Natalia told him about the email, in which case she’s “done for.” Too bad Natalia hasn’t figured that out yet.

Out in the hallway, Natalia’s obsessing over Diana’s threat, while Brigitte is bemoaning their soon-to-be-unemployed status.

Vicente tells Irene it’s what’s on paper that counts. He can’t understand why Irene won’t just be grateful that she’s lived “like a queen” and accuses her of being greedy. He regrets that he ever agreed to adopt her. Irene calls him a monster and leaves the office, while Vicente sweeps all her supplies off the work table.

In his office, Vicente complains to Rosa that Irene is insisting on the same stupidity as Amalia did. He blames Diego for backing Irene up, “As if he didn’t know that when his father tried it, he nearly bankrupted Caprico!” (Ah, see, now that would have been important information to share earlier, before you went all Godzilla on the office.)

Rosa wants him to calm down and stop throwing tantrums, for the sake of his health, but Vicente keeps complaining about being stabbed in the back and what’s next–they’re making doll clothes?

Brigitte tries to clean up the office while Natalia finishes printing Diana’s “threat.” Brigitte doesn’t see the point in boxing everything up after Vicente told them to throw it all away.

Over beers, Eleazar notices that Chato’s checking out some ladies and tries to tempt him into inviting them over. Chato claims he’s behaving himself now, but El thinks to himself that he won’t be after a few more beers. He orders another round.

Diego comes into Irene’s empty office and tries to call her, but her phone is off.

Natalia and Brigitte have boxed up Irene’s office and taken it all home. Diego calls Natalia, but she doesn’t know where Irene is.

She’s at a bar. Ordering a whiskey. She contemplates it long enough to give me a little hope.

Diego goes into Vicente’s office to ask him what he’s doing. They have the same argument about this being a stupid idea and Irene being a “drunk.”

Up in her room Diana’s still worried about who Diego was talking to and informs “the thing” that if Natalia told Diego “you’re out.” Lala comes in to check on her and Diana throws her out. The house phone won’t quit ringing and Diana finally picks it up…it’s Mami.

Diego tries to explain calmly to Vicente that they’ve done the research and this is a solid idea. Vicente counters that his wife tried it, Diego’s dad tried it, and it failed both times, so he refuses to try it again.

“In that case, find yourself a new vice president.” And no, it’s not a threat. Vicente says he’ll expect Diego’s letter of resignation. Out in the reception area, Rosa is dismayed to hear that Diego intends to quit.

Diana gives her mother the “Diana” version of what’s going on. Mama Alina was getting ready to go on safari, but oh well, she’ll skip it and go help her little darling.

Chato and Eleazar keep drinking. Chato tells him about his crazy idea that Eleazar is interested in Carmen. “That’s stupid, right?” Eleazar laughs it off.

Brigitte goes to the fonda and tells Carmen what happened at work. She assumes that Natalia has gone off in search of Irene and Carmen gripes that it’s allll about “La Señora Irene!”

Paolo hands in his job application at a fast food place and the hiring manager laughs at him for having worked at his mom’s fonda with his brother as his boss. “Riiiiight…I can just imagine the references they’ll give you.” Paolo leaves, dejected, but then runs into the love of his life, so it’s all good.

Paolo’s soon-to-be-love-interest tries to get by the sleazy hiring manager, who grabs her around the waist and asks his “love” what she thinks of the applicant…”Should we hire him?” The future Mrs. Garcia extricates herself and says that’s up to him, and stop calling her “my love” because there’s nothing going on between them.

Natalia has gone off in search of Padre Juancho, to show him the email and get his advice. She explains about Diana being a cheater, and being pregnant, and the baby being Diego’s, and she and Diego NOT having anything to do with each other romantically while he’s still married. “But she’s trying to use the baby to hold on to Diego.” She shows Padre Juancho the email and he’s shocked…just shocked, I tell you!

Vicente is dictating a letter to Rosa, when they’re interrupted by Diego, handing in his letter of resignation. Vicente accuses him of being childish–takes one to know one–and tells him he’s throwing away an excellent job in favor of supporting someone who’s not worth it.

“My aunt and my integrity are worth more than that.”

Vicente offers to show him who he’s supporting and calls Irene’s cell. Vicente puts the call on speaker so he can gloat as the bartender explains that he doesn’t know the woman whose cell phone this is, but she went off with some guy and left it at his bar.

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