La Vecina, lunes 1 de junio, capítulo 35

Antonio gets a call mid-meeting that he needs to come over to El Molcajete because Isabel’s having a “problem.” He leaves Rafa to run the meeting for him.

By the time Antonio gets there Quintin has had enough and he’s ready to take both Sara and Isabel back to the station with them. He tells Antonio he’s sorry he’s gotta do it, but he’s welcome to go to the station himself if he wants to talk to Fidel.

Samuel, the waiter, calls Simón to tell him Sara’s been hauled to jail.

Fidel’s still recovering from his experiment with the oranges. Antonio’s hardly done explaining what happened with Sara and Isabel before he has to…make an urgent call.

Isabel and Sara get put in the same cell. In another show they would end up best buds before this is over. In this show, Isabel’s being a jerk and Sara’s like “Say golfa one more time…!”

Fidel explains that they can avoid a court case if Antonio gets Isa and Sara to come to an agreement. Antonio’s face: “I’d have better luck stopping the saqueadores.” Fidel sagely advises him to give both Isabel and Sara their “lugar” ’cause this seems like a chick fight and you know what they say, “Mujeres juntas, ni difuntas.” Jajajajaja, no.

Padre Vicente has been thinking about starting literacy classes for the older adults in the parish. Maybe that’s something Laura could get involved in. And oh, look, here’s Bruno swinging by to pick up Padre V for fútbol practice…but they’ve got time. Padre Vicente keeps talking about his idea while the two of them pay more attention to each other than to him.

In the cell, Sara and Isabel are both wondering what Antonio could have seen in the other. Antonio shows up and Isa, while she doesn’t want Sara to get any money for damages, also doesn’t want to be stuck in the cell. She’ll pay whatever to get out.

Simón shows up and he’s like “Sara, how did you end up in a fistfight with a client…?!”and then he looks over and sees Isabel.

Fidel has given up and is taking his gastrointestinal distress home.

Simón encourages Sara to give Antonio an amount for damages if he wants one so badly. She picks 4,000 pesos (about $185 at today’s exchange rate). Simón says he’ll pay the fines…but he doesn’t have any cash on him. Isabel smirks.

Antonio pays the damages and Tenoch walks Isabel out to the office. He’s about to pay Isabel’s fine, but Isabel says she just overheard that Simón doesn’t have any money on him. She encourages Antonio to pay both fines and Quintin’s just looking at her like he knows she’s plotting something, but he doesn’t know what.

Simón calls Bruno to tell him to bring money. As soon as Bruno explains, Laura offers him and Padre Vicente a ride to the station.

I guess Quintin really didn’t get it. He tells Simón and Sara the fine has been paid, but the one they should thank is Isabel, not Antonio.

It’s a tense car ride home. Antonio’s too busy thinking about Sara to pay attention to Isabel’s squawking.

Sara’s sobbing because Antonio didn’t just pay her fine to be nice. Bruno, Padre V, and Laura show up and Sara fills them in. Padre V tells her to think twice before she gets into a fight next time. Laura takes Sara back to the restaurant.

Isabel. Still talking. I’m kind of disappointed and kind of glad that I haven’t been counting the number of times someone has used the word “golfa.” I’m not even listening to their argument, but Antonio’s still insisting there’s “nothing” between him and Sara. Nobody’s buying that, Antonio.

She gets out of his car at a stop sign, crying because he’s never talked to her like that before. (Funny how he’s not complaining about how much HER attitude has changed.)

The meeting at CONATROL breaks up and Rafa tries calling Antonio, but it goes straight to voicemail. He has Marinita get El Molcajete on the line and Samuel’s like “Duuuuude, Sara and the ingeniero’s girlfriend were yanking each other’s hair out and the cops showed up and took them both to the station.”

Rafa’s worried about how Antonio’s doing, but Marinita’s more worried about what his attitude is going to be like when he gets back.

Sara fills Laura in on all the details of the Sara-Antonio-Isabel triangle and sobs that she wishes she could just forget about him, but she can’t.

Antonio drops Isabel off at the apartment. She tries for a hot goodbye kiss, but it was tepid at best.

Back at El Molcajete, Samuel has cleaned up the mess. Sara and Laura are about to have some agua de jamaica when Pedro shows up. He’s mildly surprised that Sara got into it with Isabel, but mostly he acts disgusted and glad he’s selling the restaurant before it got a bad name.

Isabel’s gloating to herself about putting Sara in her place or whatever when her dad calls. He didn’t expect her to go to San Gaspar to talk to Antonio, but ok–he needs to know what the situation is by later today so he can decide what to do about Antonio’s dad’s loan request.

At the field, Padre V still hasn’t started fútbol practice. He’s too busy arguing with Simón about who Sara should be living with and whether she should stay or go and that she shouldn’t have gotten into a fight with Isabel. Padre V decides it’s time for another talk with Antonio.

Pedro’s furious with Laura for trying to help Sara when they barely know her. And why would Isabel have had it out for her in the first place? Laura’s like “Because Sara had a thing with Antonio.” And Pedro’s like “Ooh, do tell!” but I thought he knew already?

Antonio gets back to the office and Marinita can’t help asking who won the fight. Instead of answering, he calls Rafa into his office to find out how the meeting went. Rafa says the guys agreed with his projections. And nobody wondered why he had to leave.

But Antonio’s sure Rafa has questions.

Well…yeah. He called El Molcajete and heard that Sara and Isabel got dragged to the station.

Antonio asks him to keep it quiet and tell Marina to do the same.

By the time Rafa walks out, Marinita’s already on the phone to someone with the chisme. Rafa hangs up her phone and tells her not to throw any more wood on the fire.

So she calls Pepe to tell him not to repeat what she said. Pepe’s in the machine room with the guys, with Marina on speaker. He swears he won’t say a word. She hangs up and they all laugh.

Laura finishes telling Pedro about the Antonio-Sara saga and he says he’s surprised that Antonio would be engaged to someone capable of getting into a fight over him. And he kind of thinks Sara had it coming for getting involved with an engaged man…but anyway, what was she doing at the church?

Laura brings up Padre Vicente’s idea about literacy classes and Pedro thinks it sounds like a good one. He says they’ll wait to see if it becomes a reality before he decides whether Laura can help or not.

Cheo sends Sara a shirtless picture. She laughs, but stops herself from telling him what happened so he doesn’t insist on coming over.

Nelson’s on his way to fútbol practice when Pedro calls. What does he know about the fight? And about the dye? They still don’t have it? When it’s on the way, Nelson had better warn him.

Roque wraps up a sale. Cheo gets a return text from Sara saying his text made her laugh. Roque assumes he’ll want to head right to San Gaspar, but Cheo’s trying really hard to focus on work.

Fútbol practice. Don’t show up on Sunday with hangovers. Or something. We’re gonna win the cup! Go Alados! As soon as practice breaks up, Bruno tells Javi what happened at El Molcajete. They need to come up with a way to get revenge on Isabel….

Antonio tells Sebastián what happened. He’s hoping Sara and Isabel don’t run into each other again. Anyway, business talk–he needs Sebastián to research when would be the best time to add the dye and he doesn’t want anyone from San Gaspar to do it because he still thinks they have a mole.

Sara wants to pay Antonio back for the fine he paid, but Simón is sure it’s just an excuse to see Antonio again.

Antonio calls Isabel to tell her he won’t be home until late. Sara comes over and when she hears Antonio’s not there, tells Isabel to take the money for the fine. Isabel rips up the cash into a bunch of tiny pieces talking about “We don’t need your money!” (Wow. Someone has never had to scrape loose change together to buy a meal AND IT SHOWS.) And something, something, something, “golfa!” Simón arrives just in time to drag Sara away.

Antonio stops by Nacho’s for a beer. He’s not looking forward to going home. ‘Cause his novia’s there.

Look, Simón gets that Isabel’s infuriating, but she’s trying to provoke Sara and Sara can’t fall for it. She just needs to stay away from her. And Antonio. He’s sorry, but Antonio doesn’t love her.

Nacho totally gets  how Antonio wouldn’t want to go home to someone who’s supposed to support him, but just causes problems. Nacho puts up with his wife because she’s the mother of his children, but even he has his limits. Isn’t Antonio too young for that sort of thing? Maybe he should rethink before he marries Isa.

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