La Vecina, martes 2 de junio, capítulos 36 y 37

Ed. note: Hey, you know how the episodes started feeling a little choppy? UniMás is, sadly, trying to rush things along…on cable. But if you have access to the Univision app, they’re showing the full episodes. To avoid confusion we’ll match the episode numbers from online, but don’t expect us to try to recap 2 episodes a day!

Isabel’s bored. She tries calling Natalia, but gets voicemail. She texts Ricardo “What’s up?”

He’s hanging out with some other woman and says he’s missing her.

Isabel changes Ricardo’s contact name in her phone to Rita.

Antonio stops by Simón’s when he gets home. Simón thinks it’s about the latest fight, but Antonio hadn’t heard about it yet. Simón’s asked nicely, but now he’s asking not-as-nicely for Antonio to leave Sara alone.

Antonio gets home, confronts Isabel about the latest spat with Sara, says he doesn’t want to talk about Sara anymore and he’s going to bed without dinner.

But Isabel needs to ask him about the loan his dad’s asking for.

Antonio’s pissed that her dad would suspect him and his family of trying to take advantage, which is exactly why his dad applied for the loan through proper channels and he doesn’t want Isabel doing anything to speed things up. And he’ll try to pay more attention to her on the weekend.

Artilleros practice. Fidel’s still feeling a little delicate, so Quintin acts like he is too. Fidel’s still determined to poison the oranges and sends Quintin to the pharmacy for more laxative.

Bruno and Javi are getting revenge on Isabel by putting blue paint into the water tank for Antonio’s apartment.

Merce came to visit for the weekend. Simón’s all “Wait until you hear the latest…!”

Bruno and Javi get back to the apartment and Simón has already put it together–they weren’t trying to dye their pants, they’re trying to get back at Antonio!

Pedro stops by the restaurant to pick up the inventory Sara’s worked out for him. She also apparently included some info to show that the restaurant is making money, just not a lot. Profits are growing slowly.

Pedro doesn’t care. He’s selling. As soon as he figures out how much to ask for, he’ll tell her so she can put an ad in the paper. He expects them to work until the sale is final and he’ll pay them up to that date.

OK, Bruno and Javi admit it. And now Merce and Simón expect them to march right over and tell Antonio what they’ve done!

Isabel goes in to take a shower and calls to Antonio that she loves him.

Antonio remembers Sara doing that and him not knowing what to say.

Javi and Bruno ring the doorbell just then and are about to tell Antonio what they did when Isabel screeches out “ANTONIOOOOOOOOOOO!”

She comes out of the bathroom in a robe, dripping with blue water and blaming Sara.

Bruno and Javi are like “What? Sara? No way!” They just came over to…invite Antonio to the fútbol game tomorrow, but clearly he’s busy.

Bruno and Javi swear they didn’t do it as they rush back to Simón’s.

“Too late!” Bruno tells Simón and Merce. Isabel’s looking like a smurf.

Simón and Merce can’t help it, they both bust out laughing.

Antonio and Isabel are trying to get the paint off but nothing works. She’s sure the two guys who came to the door were behind this! She saw them smiling!

Antonio innocently says she looks funny. Like she’s from Avatar.

He heads over to ask what kind of dye they used, but Simón and Merce are insistent that Bruno and Javi had nothing to do with it. Simón suggests he try paint thinner.

Merce can’t believe Simón suggested that.

“What? It’ll work.”

Yeah, and it’ll sting!

Eh, as long as he doesn’t put water on after, because THEN it will sting. Yep, Simón’s as bad as Bruno sometimes!

Javi and Bruno head to the church to help Padre V with the bazaar. Padre V assigns Bruno to help Laura. *googly eyes*

Chepe has finished emptying the tank, cleaning out the dye, and refilling it. And he’s got the blue hands to prove it. Antonio gives him some money to buy paint thinner and shuts the door. Chepe’s just standing there with his mouth open. He’s about to ring the doorbell to warn Antonio about how much it’s gonna burn but then he decides it’s not his problem.

Padre V assembles his volunteers for the bazaar and tells them they’re going to use the money to fly three opthalmologists in to give eye exams in the area. And if any money is left over, they’ll use it to purchase medicine.

Merce gets to El Molcajete to catch Sara up on Bruno and Javi’s latest escapade and yes…they end up laughing over poor blue Isabel.

Chepe gets back with the paint thinner and I’m not sure what’s in the bag. He turns down Antonio’s offer to take some himself and says he’ll be fine with water and strong detergent. Which maybe should have been a clue to Antonio.

Instead he uses the paint thinner to get maybe half the dye off Isabel. Her skin’s starting to feel irritated. She’s sure a shower will take care of that….

Thanks to Padre Vicente not giving clear instructions, his beloved Jaibolera is about to get sold off at the bazaar.

Isa’s now blue AND red. Antonio decides to call a doctor.

Padre V’s talking to the bishop when the volunteer comes outside with a box full of stuff, including the Jaibolera.

The doctor checked out Isabel and says it’s something like a sunburn. He gives Antonio a prescription for some kind of gel that should help.

It’s Magda and Vladimir who buy the Jaibolera. The bishop is less than impressed with Padre V taking it away and gives it back to Vladimir. Who gives it back to Padre V. Who’s about to get a talking-to.

Capítulo 37

The bishop has heard about Padre V’s behavior on the field and he’s giving him a holy yellow card.

Sara’s heading for the pharmacy for something for a headache as Antonio’s heading away with Isa’s prescription. He sees a bicycle headed straight for her and jumps in front of it to save Sara. Things get…predictable. And Sara forgets why she was there in the first place.

When Isabel sees the hole in his pants later, Antonio says he tripped.

Padre V tells Merce and Sara he wasn’t in trouble with the bishop at all. And what’s with Pedro selling El Molcajete? Sara doesn’t know what he’s asking, but Merce suggests they try to buy it.

Isa talks to her dad to tell him Antonio’s family are solvent and he doesn’t want any special treatment in their loan processing.

Pedro would be willing to consider selling the business to Sara, if she can come up with the money to do it. He definitely wouldn’t go lower than 300K ($14K at today’s rate).

Sara’s eyes say that’s way too much, but she’s going to see how much money she can put together.

Javi and Bruno have put a remote-controlled speaker in Fidel’s yard. It sounds like a cat whining. Fidel barely makes it past the first meow and he’s already checking the yard.

Antonio’s remembering telling Sara he couldn’t let her get run over (by a bicycle) and if anything had happened he’d just die!

He notices the incoming text messages on Isabel’s phone from “Rita” and brings her cell phone to the bedroom. He’s worried about her friend Rita saying she’s going to do something stupid.

Isabel tells him she’s just a friend of the gallery owner who doesn’t know who else to bother.

Sara gets back to Simón’s and tells him and Merce that Pedro’s looking for 300K pesos. Her severance pay was barely 50K.

Well, Merce’s willing to put her house up as collateral for a bank loan.

Isabel sneaks into the bathroom to call Ricardo.

Sara and Antonio stand on their respective balconies until Sara realizes he’s there and goes back inside.

The cat noises are bothering Fidel and he can’t sleep. In the morning, Magda makes him go outside and find the shoes she wanted to wear to the game in the giant field of shoes he threw out the window last night. Fidel can’t find them, but he does find the meowing speaker.

Isa’s cracking up at Antonio’s, digo Toño Andrade’s, fútbol shirt. She’s decided to stay in and avoid the sun.

Fútbol, cheering, Sara and Antonio looking at each other. Antonio spontaneously cheers, but then he gets a hold of himself.

Quintin points out Edwina over by Bruno, cheering for the Alados.

Ricardo has decided to go to San Gaspar and he wants David to do something for him and then drive him to the airport.

While Padre V’s arguing about a foul, Quintin and Fidel make the orange switch.

Isa’s dad calls to talk to Antonio’s dad to ask for a meeting about the loan.

Sara gets a text from Cheo–he’s in the parking lot with a surprise.

Antonio gets a text from Isabel that she’s on her way to the field and can he come out to get her.

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