La Vecina, miércoles 3 de junio, capítulos 38 y 39

Cheo gets stopped for having “dangerous material” in the back of the truck without a permit. It’s a bull. With fireworks. If being in the back of the truck is the part that’s the crime, then call the tow truck!

He and Roque take the bull and take off on foot.

Sara and Antonio are sniping at each other when Isa’s cab pulls up. Sara heads back to the stands, leaving Antonio to deal with Isabel.

Halftime fútbol stuff. Fidel gloats at Vicente giving out orange halves…until he sees Vladimir starting to take a bite…and then he has to explain his panic away with “he shouldn’t be stealing your oranges. If he’s thirsty, he can have water.”

Isa’s complaining about Antonio always being with Sara and doesn’t he know how much it hurts. She blames her tantrums on Sara. Antonio wants to go back to the game, but when Isa says she’s going back to Mexico he says he’ll come back to the apartment with her.

Cheo and Roque and the bull show up mid-field to support the Alados. Roque holds the bull over his head and runs around while CGI-enhanced sparklers go off, to everyone’s delight…except the Artilleros!

Back at Antonio’s place, Antonio says if he and Isa both agree things aren’t working then he’ll take the blame, but it’s over.

The second half of the fútbol match is underway. One of the Alados falls over with “calambre” (leg cramps). Vicente tries to rearrange his players, but he’s out of subs…through the pain, the player suggests pulling Simon out of the stands.

Isa whines that she wants to fix things, but Antonio thinks it’s too late. They’ve both changed. And he thinks she only came to San Gaspar to quiz him about the loan.

Isa blames Sara again, but Antonio says they have to focus on them and decide whether or not they’re going to stay together. (No que it’s over?)

To sum up the second half–the oranges send all the Alados to the bathroom, Padre Vicente misses a game-tying goal, and Fidel gloats.

Isa wants in, Antonio wants out. He blames her unpleasant behavior. (And here I was last recap saying Antonio wasn’t constantly going on about how “different” Isa is.) Well, she’s never going to back off on Sara until she’s out of Antonio’s life.

The game ended in a tie, but the Alados couldn’t finish, therefore, according to league rules, the Artilleros are awarded the win. Padre Vicente and Simón try to argue to finish the game some other time, and Simón really goes off on the ref, blaming him for an earlier bad call.

Antonio sends his bodyguards to get some dinner…he really wants one of those chickens they sell out on the highway on the way to Progreso. He sneaks out when he sees them leaving.

More non-funny gastrointestinal distress. Padre Vicente remembers Fidel coming over to save Vladimir and confirms that the whole team ate oranges.

He walks out onto the field with the cooler and accuses Fidel of being a “tramposo” (a cheat). He offers Fidel an orange half and challenges him to eat it…to Magda’s relief, Fidel takes huge bites out of the orange.

The Artilleros keep celebrating and Fidel still seems to be feeling fine. He demands that Padre Vicente apologize in front of everybody…and then reminds him that they had a bet. Fidel’s got Vicente’s uniform all ready to go.

Antonio was hoping for a talk with Nacho, but he’s still out at the game.

Sara tells Cheo she likes all the things he’s been doing lately and he takes this as a sign to ask for another chance with her. He’s kissing her at some outdoor café as Antonio walks up, sees them, and his (needlessly) confused heart breaks again.

They don’t see Antonio, but Sara still tells Cheo to cool it and slow down. Um, have you met Cheo?

The bodyguards bring the chicken to Antonio’s place and find out from Isa that he gave them the slip. They’re like “Well. Hope nothing happens.”

Sara and Cheo get back to the apartment and Merce tells Sara that Simón talked to Edwina about getting a loan to buy the restaurant. She’ll have to put up the house as collateral.

As soon as Cheo hears they’re wanting to buy El Molcajete, he starts trying to talk Merce out of it. But Merce has faith in Sara and has no worries that she’ll be able to pay back the loan.

Magda makes Fidel swear that he had nothing to do with what happened to the Alados. Fidel says this is just a recurrence of his food poisoning from that torta the other day. He must not have been completely recovered.

Merce tells Sara she wants to do some shopping, but she really just wanted to talk about Cheo.

Sara says they’re back together. (Ugh!)

Well, Merce wants Sara to be happy, so is she sure this isn’t just because Antonio’s girlfriend is around?

Sara’s reasons for getting back together with Cheo are “I have no reason to reject him, he loves me, I like him a lot, and it’s not for nothing that we’ve been together for so long.”

Rafa comes up, frantic, looking for Antonio, and Sara is all set to run off looking for him too, but Merce reminds her it’s not her place…especially if she’s back with Cheo!

Capítulo 39

Nacho finds Sad!Antonio sitting on a park bench and suggests they go have some tequila.

Merce’s headed back to Progreso with Cheo and Roque. Without Merce to stop her, Sara’s ready to go out looking for Antonio. He could be in danger! (Or at least, his liver could be.) If she’s that determined to go, Simón will go with her.

Drunk!Antonio has told the whole sad story to Nacho, who thinks he needs to break up with Isa and tell Sara he’s available.

But no, because Sara’s back together with the caveman.

Well, then, he should go make up with his girlfriend because if she came all the way to San Gaspar she must love him.

While Sara keeps driving and looking for Antonio, Simón scolds her about using any excuse to go looking for Antonio.

Isabel gets a call from Rafa, in the back of the truck with the bodyguards. Nacho said he was at a bar with Antonio. Isabel’s kind of pissed that here they were all worried about him and he was out with Nacho.

Sara sees VeryDrunk!Antonio leaning up against the wall of some building and says she’s taking him home. We skip the process and come back in where Sara and Simón have managed to drag Antonio to his apartment and can dump him on Isa.

Antonio drunkenly asks Isa to forgive him and promises he’s only going to love her.

That’s Sara’s cue to exit.

Simón’s still staring and Isa asks if she owes him something. Clearly, he stuck around just so he could tell her not everything is about money and some things can’t be bought.

Simón gets back to his place and finds Sara crying at the table. He’s basically like “Sweetie, it’s over. If you already took Cheo back, then hold on to him!” (I’d like to note here that Cheo is in no way an acceptable substitute for Antonio.)

Cheo and Roque drop Merce off at her place. Cheo’s plotting to make sure the restaurant fails so Sara has to come back to Progreso. (See? Bad boyfriend!)

Ricardo shows up at Antonio’s. We both think we’re hallucinating. And Isa’s not exactly got a good grasp on reality if she’s telling Ricardo that she and Antonio are back together. She and Drunk!Antonio may be back together, but we’ll have to see what Sober!Antonio has to say about it. Ricardo’s just squicked out by the whole thing.

Bruno gets home, all better after some remedio Padre Vicente gave them. He’s sure Fidel drugged the oranges, but there’s no way to prove it.

Anyway, Merce’s gone home with Cheo and Roque.

Simón tells Sara to fill him in about Cheo.

Sara’s like “Yeah, um, we’re back together.”

And the reason she’s not jumping for joy?

Sara says it’s not a big deal.

And it’s morning.  Antonio calls Sebastián to find out why Ricardo’s in San Gaspar. That’s the last person he would have wanted to see him drunk last night.

And he was drunk because…?

Because Sara got back together with that caveman and there is nothing that can cheer him up!

Isa overhears him and realizes that’s why he’s trying to get back together.

Carmelo complains to Pedro that Simón and Bruno bought a truck and they’re planning to help the other agricultores sell to buyers other than Pedro.

Whatevs. Pedro’s not worried. He doesn’t have any further info on CONATROL. The dye for the gasoline was hung up in customs for some reason.

Antonio desperately wants to get rid of his bodyguards. Fidel says he can’t make Antonio keep them, but he’d better think about it and then put it in writing.

Ricardo calls to ask how Antonio’s hangover is doing. Is he in the office? OK, then Ricardo will see him there.

Except that he heads over to Antonio’s apartment to devour Isabel’s face.

She’s all “Not here!” so he tells her to meet him at his hotel tonight.

Sebastián has asked all over the office and Ricardo went to San Gaspar because he wanted to see how the dye is applied or some nonsense like that. Uribe didn’t send him, Ricardo asked to go. So clearly he’s plotting something.

They talk about Sebastián’s research about the sensors(?) and that he should send it from his personal email account to Antonio’s personal email account.

Padre Vicente’s all set to start his week as a police officer. Quintin brings in his uniform. Vicente’s been hinting to Fidel that he hears all sorts of interesting confessions…and hey, when was the last time Quintin came by the church…?

Ricardo had breakfast at El Molcajete. Sara’s happy to see him since he’s still hiding the tail and horns from her. Pedro wants an introduction. There should have been  a puff of smoke when they shook hands. Anyway, Ricardo’s gotta head back to his hotel.

Pedro seems creepily pleased that Sara’s got an offer ready for the restaurant.

Antonio’s dad stops by Isa’s dad’s to talk about the loan he needs. He’s competing with some larger businesses for a project and he needs the cash to back him up. (Does it sound like I know what I’m talking about, ’cause I don’t.)

Too bad Isa’s dad treated his application just like everyone else’s and found that Antonio’s dad’s business can’t back that loan up. But wait! He has a suggestion! What if he buys half of the company and they become partners?

Well, of course Antonio’s dad’s going to go for that! (But why is Isa’s dad so excited about it?)

Pedro had said he wouldn’t go lower than 300K, but all Sara can offer is 210K. Pedro tells her to give him the 210 and she can pay the rest in installments. They’ll work out a payment plan.

Sara swears she’ll never miss a payment!

Pedro changes the subject. That engineer he met earlier–is he on the same level as Antonio?

Sara doesn’t exactly know, but when she went to interview at CONATROL in Mexico, Ricardo was in a meeting with the president of the company and other executives….

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