La Vecina, jueves 4 de junio, capítulos 40 y 41

Padre Vicente directs traffic, badly. He spends just as much time mediating disputes from the resulting car wrecks.

Marinita lets Ricardo into the Conatrol offices. He’s there to observe the colorante and sensors stuff. He’s thinking this is something they could do all over the country.

Sara tells her mother about the loan. With the house as collateral, the bank will loan her 150 mil pesos. Pedro is willing to let her pay him in monthly installments for the rest.

Pedro wants Nelson to find out more about this Ricardo guy.

Ricardo goads Antonio by talking about Sara and El Molcajete.

Nelson talks to Marinita, digging for information about Ricardo.

Bruno talks to a farmer about transporting crops and cutting out the middle man (which would be Pedro.)

Ricardo sweet talks Isabel. Antonio will be working late. Isabel goes to the restaurant at his hotel.

Antonio and Sebastian talk a little bit about sensors. They do more talking about Ricardo.

Antonio comes home (early) to an empty apartment. Sara tells him Isabel went out. When he calls Isabel, she tells him she’s at the apartment. Ooops.

Sara talks to Simón about Pedro. She thinks he’s the bee’s knees for letting her pay him monthly. Simón is not so sure.

Ricardo gets to the hotel restaurant…and Gutierrez sees him. Foiled again! Isa scurries home.

Ricardo calls Isabel to ask why she left. Bruno overhears Isa’s romantic conversation with Ricardo.

Isabel and Antonio argue about her lying. Bruno eavesdrops from the hallway. A call from Eduardo interrupts them.

Bruno reports all this to Simón and Sara. After gossip, he talks business. A lot of farmers are signing on. They should be able to repay the loan sooner than expected.

The next morning Antonio tells Isa about the business association between Eduardo and Guillermo. Isabel seems pleased.

Nelson talks to Rafa in an effort to get the dirt on Ricardo. He learns of the possibly nationwide sensors and colorante plans.

There’s another awkward Antonio and Sara encounter. It involves her spilling everything out of her purse and bumping heads. Antonio ends up with her driver’s license. He follows her in an effort to give it back.

Isabel tells Ricardo about the fight with Antonio, in which she skillfully turned the tables to make Antonio the bad guy. Even so, there won’t be a next time for her and Ricardo. Ricardo tries to invite her to lunch at the Molcajete. She bad mouths the service. Ricardo needles her by telling her he rather liked the place. The manager was especially nice. Isabel is not pleased. Even Ricardo seems to like Sara.

Nelson tells Pedro about the plan to take the colorante and sensors nationwide.

Pedro talks to Braulio, one of his farmers, and learns of Bruno’s plan to cut Pedro out of the picture. Pedro is furious. When he spots Bruno, he confronts him and threatens him.

Antonio rear-ends Sara’s jeep. Padre Vicente has to mediate. Antonio calls her car a “carcacha”. Sara takes offense.

Capítulo 41

Eventually Fidel has to be brought in. All of Sara’s traffic/safety violations are discovered. Fidel has to impound the vehicle.

Rafa and Marinita wonder where Antonio could be. He had a meeting with Ricardo.

Antonio is at the police station begging for Sara’s car. Fidel lets Antonio pay the fines to get Sara’s car out of impound.

Bruno tells Simón about the run in with Pedro.

Pedro complains about Bruno, but bemoans the fact that he can’t “do” anything because of the very public argument. Pedro would be suspect number one if anything were to happen to Bruno now.

Antonio leaves the car at the restaurant, along with an apology note. He’s sorry he called her car names. It holds a special place in his heart, just like everything that surrounds her.

Isabel texts Ricardo. She’s all alone. He invites her to meet him at una posada “Las Margaritas.” She runs off to meet him. Lo and behold, Pedro is in that neck of the woods too. While the hench gets the car checked (something felt off to him) Pedro goes to the bar for a drink.

Pedro sees Ricardo kissing Isabel. Pedro comments to himself about Ricardo being a fast worker.

Ricardo and Isa get a room.

Pedro tells Anselmo to stay behind and follow Ricardo when he finally emerges.

Gutierrez is looking for Ricardo. They call him. Ricardo says he’ll be right there.

Anselmo follows Ricardo. He calls Pedro to report. Pedro is thinking that Ricardo has a weakness for the ladies. He might be able to exploit that.

Pedro meets with Sara. He’s willing to take a down payment from her and let her pay monthly for the rest.

There’s some Conatrol business talk.

Padre Vicente gives Rodobaldo coaching tips.

Ricardo calls Isabel. They’ll try to see each other tomorrow.

Antonio calls Isabel. She says the line was busy because she was talking to Natalia. They make dinner plans.

Sara thanks Antonio for getting her car back.

Pedro talks to his lawyer about drawing up the contract for the sale of El Molcajete. Sara is going to pay him 60 mil pesos now and 150 mil pesos when her loan comes through. She will pay the balance of the 300 mil pesos in monthly installments. BUT if there is a late payment, there’s a 25% penalty (I assume that’s interest.) I think he also said she pays monthly rent of 12 mil pesos and again, there is a penalty if she’s late. Even if I have the details wrong, the upshot is if Sara is late with any payments, she’s screwed.

Sara watches from her balcony as Antonio and Isa canoodle below. She can’t actually hear Isa complaining about having to go to dinner in the guards’ car. Sara goes back in and moons over the note Antonio wrote her.

Fidel uploads the video of Padre Vicente. Also, Fidel thinks it’s funnier in speed mode.

Antonio has taken Isabel to the hotel restaurant where she met Ric earlier. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom. There she calls Ricardo and warns him not to come down (I think? Now that I’m writing it I’m thinking what does it matter? Antonio knows Ricardo is in town….)

Sara is excited to be signing the contract with Pedro tomorrow. Simón is going to go with her.

Pedro walks by Antonio and Isabel. He recognizes her from Las Margaritas. When Antonio introduces her as his girlfriend, Pedro looks mighty intrigued.

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