La Vecina, viernes 5 de junio, capítulos 42 y 43

Pedro gets introduced to Isabel. Isabel thinks Pedro is a nice guy. Ricardo shows up despite Isabel’s warning. Pedro observes from his table and grins. Pedro explains to his companion who those people are. The one dude is the San Gaspar head of Conatrol. The lady is his girlfriend and that other guy…he’s her lover. Pedro wants Ricardo on their team. He thinks he could be useful.

Cheo visits Merce. She gives him an update on Sara’s loan and wanting to buy the restaurant. Cheo is less than supportive. Merce tells him he needs to support Sara in this endeavor.

The next day Simón and Sara are heading out the door to go sign that contract with Pedro. Cheo shows up. He’ll go with Sara instead of Simón. He knows about sales contracts.

Fidel and Quintin watch the Padre Vicente video.

Anselmo follows Ricardo.

The Padre Vicente video is brought to the attention of the Obispo.

Padre Vicente delivers a baby.

Cheo reads the contract. He asks about the 12 mil peso rent, but Sara is too excited and signs the contract anyway. In this instance, I do feel bad for Cheo because he tried…

Ricardo invites Isabel to meet him at Las Margaritas.

Sara is excited! The restaurant is hers! Cheo mentions looking for a house in San Gaspar. Sara tells him to slow down.

Anselmo takes compromising pictures of Ricardo and Isabel.

Isabel tells Ricardo she’s more than ready to get back to the D. F. That way she and Ric will have more time together.

The Obispo goes to see Padre Vicente. He is not happy about the video. He is removing Padre Vicente from the San Gaspar pulpit and sending him to San Dionisio de las Penas.

Ricardo tells Antonio he’s going back to the D.F. When he gets back to his hotel, Pedro and his henches are waiting for him.

Isabel has prepared a romantic dinner for Antonio. She wants their last night together to be nice. She’s returning to the D. F. tomorrow.

Pedro wants Ricardo on team Pedro. Ricardo sort of hesitates, but Pedro shows him the pictures. Ricardo is ok with team Pedro, but he’s not some lowly snitch. He wants 10% of the proceeds from the saqueo. I think Pedro might be impressed.

Sara comes home with the contract. She’s going to have to work hard to make it all work. Bruno happens upon the Padre Vicente video on the computer.

Ricardo sings like a bird. Pedro wants Ricardo to call him when the Cetrocal (the colorante they are using) is on its way.

Isabel thinks to herself that Antonio is doing what it takes for their relationship to work.

The Obispo tells Padre Vicente to call his family and tell him he’ll be incommunicado for a while. Padre Vicente tries Simón, Sara and Rodobaldo.

Capítulo 43

Finally, in desperation, he calls Fidel. Fidel is off like a shot to go to see the Obispo.

Fidel wants to know how the Obispo found out about traffic cop Padre. Well, the video obviously. What did Fidel think would happen? Anyone can see what’s you put on the internet. Duh. The Obispo is not moved. The decision has been made. Padre Vicente will be relocated to San Dionisio de las penas.

Fidel goes to see Padre Vicente. He asks if he can confess something. Padre wants to know if Fidel is confessing to the priest or the man. Fidel is confessing to the man. Fidel confesses he uploaded the video, and he’s responsible for the oranges. Can Padre forgive him? Again, Padre wants to know if Fidel wants forgiveness from the priest or the man. Fidel wants forgiveness from the man. Padre Vicente clocks him.

Fidel is stuck having to call Padre’s family and giving them the news. Sara, Simón and Bruno say their goodbyes. Eventually the community organizes protests for the return of the Padre.

The parish room at San Dionisio de las Penas is a wretched place that looks like it hasn’t been lived in for years. Padre decides to go out to the store and pick up a few things.

Unfortunately Samuel, waiter extraordinaire, had already accepted a position when he thought the restaurant was being sold. Sara hates to see him go. Does he know anyone who needs a job? Samuel doesn’t. He suggests Sara put an ad in the paper.

Padre heads to the store. It’s foggy. It’s creepy. He keeps seeing…a little boy? Suddenly there is a child sitting on some steps. It’s Atila.

Ricardo calls Pedro with some information. Something about plans/diagrams of the ductos.

Padre meets Atila’s mother, Cigala. She informs Padre that there are no nearby stores. Someone comes once a week to bring them things. If Padre needs the room cleaned, she’s more than willing to do it. Oh, she’s just as creepy as Atila.

The parents of the newborn that Padre delivered are at the police station. They wanted Padre Vicente to baptize the baby. Fidel asks if they would be willing to write up a full statement for him to take to his superior.

Ricardo talks to Antonio about his plans to return home. What a coincidence, Isabel is leaving tomorrow at 5 too!

Cigala tells Padre it has been years since they had a priest in San Dionisio. They found the last one right here in this very room, all stiff and everything. It has started as a little cough (Padre coughs) and became a full-blown pneumonia.

Ricardo calls Pedro to tell him that Antonio no longer has bodyguards.

It’s no surprise that Isabel and Antonio run into Ricardo at the airport, but she goes through the motions anyway. Ricardo overhears her talking to Antonio about wedding plans. Once they are alone together in the waiting area, he asks about it. She brushes it off. He thinks to himself, “she’s using me.” She thinks to herself, “this guy thinks I’ll leave Antonio for him…”

Lardo (or was it Dardo), the ax wielding husband of Cigala has brought blankets and pillows to the Padre. He tells the priest to lock the doors tightly. There are wild beasts in the woods. It’s not uncommon to find lambs that have been torn to pieces.

The bodyguards come say good-bye to Antonio.

Fidel takes the report from the happy parents to the Obispo.

Padre Vicente tries to fall asleep, but he’s frightened by the animal sounds. His window flies open and Dardo/Lardo is there with his ax.

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