La Vecina, lunes 8 de junio, capítulos 44 y 45

Bardo/Dardo (I never hear it the same twice in a row) just came by to see if the Padre’s still alive by scaring the crap out of him. All good? OK, then. Good night, Padre, and get some sleep…if you can.

Fidel thought the letter from the couple whose baby Padre Vicente delivered would be enough to sway the bishop, but he wants some time to think.

His thinking time is interrupted by a demonstration outside his door the next morning. San Gaspar wants their Padre back!

Ricardo makes it back to CONATROL MX and tells Uribe how impressed he is with Antonio and his entire team.

Fidel calls the bishop for an update. He hadn’t heard about the protest organized by the town. The bishop says they were getting violent and someone mentioned a bomb! This is not the way to do things! (That sounds familiar.) IF he had changed his mind, the rowdy San Gaspareños changed it back.

Natalia’s upset that Isabel didn’t call to say she’d gotten home. Isa promises to hang out with Natalia tonight to make up for it.

Aw, that’s too bad because Ricardo was hoping they could spend the night together.

Isa says they will–at his place.

Sara’s interviewing servers for El Molcajete. She starts off asking one woman, Rosa, if she’s married. (Because why?)

Padre Vicente’s out looking for the creepy mountain kid, Atila. He’s not good at torch management and thinks some lights he sees in the distance are the eyes of a wild animal. It’s Atlia’s parents. Their  torches ran out and so did their LEDs, which they like better than these flashlights. Atila’s already back home.

Police lights flash and *ardo is sure it’s Martians. It’s just Fidel checking on his BFF.

Isabel’s excuse for Natalia is that she’s having dinner with her dad. Ricardo’s excuse for Isabel is that his cousin had a fight with his wife and showed up unexpectedly.

Fidel and Vicente are back at the church. Fidel didn’t see anyone else out there with the Padre, but Vicente explains they thought his car was an ovni and took off. And the kid’s back home. So what’s Fidel doing there?

He came to tell Padre Vicente about the letter and the bishop and the protest and the bishop changing his mind. And since they’re going to be there for a while…he brought wine!

Antonio runs into Sara outside the apartments. He heard about Vicente and he’s sorry. Sara tells him about the protest that went wrong because of outsiders (again, eerily relevant) and Antonio tells her that Isa’s gone.

The what?! Sara says she doesn’t need to know that–she’s not gonna go for Antonio just because he’s temporarily single!

Cheo calls Sara and she tells him about Padre Vicente’s exile and the randos who turned her protest into a zaffarancho and made everything worse.

Cheo complains that something always goes wrong at protests. (Anyone else feeling a little creeped out?)

But as for him, he’s feeling great because he’s with Sara. He wishes her a good night and hopes she dreams of him.

Sara’s like “Um…yeah, good night.”


The Cetrocal is finally out of customs. Antonio’s on his way to Mexico and he’s leaving Rafa in charge.

Isabel insists on picking Antonio up at the airport. She texts Ricardo that she can’t meet him tonight. Ricardo, of course, is pissed.

Before, Pedro hadn’t wanted to have Sara transfer her rent payments, but now he’s OK with it and he’ll send her his account number.

She confides in him that business is going OK, but she’s worried about making rent.

He advises her to get back the contract with CONATROL.

Rosa was listening in and agrees, but Sara refuses to have anything to do with Antonio.

Cheo has decided he’s proposing to Sara today.

Padre Vicente’s room at San Dionisio is looking more comfy than creepy. Fidel visits and brings the gossip from San Gaspar. The Alados are losing and the family’s OK. And the Martians?

Padre Vicente says they visit once in a while *hint, hint*.

Fidel says he earned that one.

Cheo tells Merce and Juancho he’s going to propose to Sara at the restaurant and then they’ll celebrate at Simón’s. He’ll come over after work to drive them to San Gaspar.

Capítulo 45

(I had some recording issues so things might be a little off.)

Ricardo calls Pedro–the Cetrocal will be on the move soon. He’ll call again when he has a date. Pedro promises Ricardo’s got a huge payment on the way.

Merce calls Simón to tell him he’s hosting Sara’s surprise engagement party.

Simón and Bruno see Antonio with his suitcase. He’s going to Mexico? Good, then, they won’t bother him with their engagement party for Sara.

Antonio tells himself it’s best they get on with their own lives.

Isa seems happy to see him when he lands. Antonio’s grouchy. There’s a party later for their dads’ new partnership.

Cheo goes to the restaurant where he wants to propose to Sara and hands over the engagement ring. He says they should put it on a cherry on top of the chocolate cake he’s sure she’ll order.

Sebastián comes over to Antonio’s in the middle of dinner and Antonio tells Isa that they’re going to do work stuff. Isa splits. Antonio tells Sebastián it’s better that she left–he’s grouchy because Sara’s getting engaged to Cheo.

Cheo convinces Sara to let Rosa handle the restaurant while they go out for dessert. And tonight, of all nights, Sara isn’t interested in the chocolate cake. She wants mango mousse. Cheo and the server he gave the engagement ring to are both dismayed.

Isa meets Ricardo at Los Olivos and has to reassure him that she’s not just using him. They suck face at the table.

The chocolate cake arrives and there’s no engagement ring. The server put the ring on the cherry on top of Sara’s mango mousse. Cheo proposes and Sara looks panicked. She agrees to marry him if he still wants to after she tells him…she slept with Antonio when she was in Mexico for that interview at CONATROL.

Cheo screams at her in front of the whole restaurant that he never wants to see her again.

Sebastián and Antonio go over to Natalia and Isabel’s, but Isabel’s at a hotel with Ricardo. Oh, no, sorry, I mean she’s at her “dad’s” place. She and Ricardo get back to their nefarious deeds and Antonio leaves Sebastián and Natalia to do…whatever they wanna do since the apartment’s all theirs for the night.

Sara leaves the restaurant after she retrieves the ring from her mango mousse (that looks more like a frozen drink) and puts it back in the box the server gives her.

Back at Simón’s, the party is underway, but it stops abruptly when Sara arrives. She tells everyone there won’t be a wedding and rushes to her room. She tells Merce and Simón that she told Cheo she slept with Antonio and they’re both like “WHYYYY?!” At least Antonio’s out of town, but when he gets back they’re gonna have to warn him.

Natalia’s not letting Sebastián spend the night. She tries calling Isa at her dad’s house, but as we know, she’s not there. She’s still with Ricardo, dealing with another round of “You’re just using me!” She distracts him with sex.

Juancho’s pissed off at Sara on Cheo’s behalf, even though Simón and Merce didn’t really tell him what happened. They tell Bruno, though, and he’s glad Antonio’s out of town.

Sara and Antonio sit up in their respective beds talking to themselves about how it was really love, but apparently not for the other one.

The next day, Cheo’s still missing. Sara asks Merce to give the engagement ring back for her.

Laura comes over to Simón’s and Sara tells her about Cheo’s proposal. Laura can’t believe she told Cheo about Antonio either. Is Sara sure she’s not using Antonio as an excuse? What if Cheo proposes again?

Sara doesn’t think that will happen. She’s dead to him.

Isabel tells Natalia about her secret affair with Ricardo. And she has no intention of giving up either Ricardo or Antonio. Natalia’s not going to judge her, RIGHT?

Padre Vicente snuck out of San Dionisio to come back to San Gaspar for the fútbol match tomorrow. Cigala knows where he is and said she’d cover for him. Finally he’ll get to sleep somewhere warm and he can spend some quality time with his beloved Jaibolera!

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