La Vecina, jueves el 11 de junio, capítulos 50 y 51

Antonio thanks Sara for saving his butt with the press. She is such a great friend. Sara’s reaction: Friends? Whatever dude. I’m leaving.

Sara tells Bruno and Simon how much she hates Antonio. Bruno shakes his head. Even the dumbest of guys knows not to tell a girl they are “just friends.” Antonio rings the doorbell. He wants to talk to Sara. Simón doesn’t let him. Every time Antonio talks to Sara, he just ends up hurting her.

Antonio talks to Sebastian. They say a lot of things, but even Sebastian knows Antonio was an idiot for telling Sara they were “friends.”

Isabel tells Ricardo that Natalia is worried about Sebastian being in San Gaspar. Ricardo doesn’t think there’s any reason to worry. You can’t really cheat on someone if you are “really” in love. Isabel bristles. “So by that logic Antonio doesn’t love me.” Ricardo agrees. “Exactly. And you don’t really love him. The sooner you realize that the better.” He ends the call. Isabel tells herself she really doesn’t want to lose Ricardo.

Uribe is fine with hiring Sara now. Antonio is excited and runs right over to El Molcajete. “Isn’t it great Sara? We can work together now!” Sara informs him that she’s got a business. She owns El Molcajete now. Antonio is shocked. What? Why didn’t she tell him. She doesn’t have to check with him about anything. Antonio is worried about her being in business with Pedro. Sara says Pedro has been great.

Roque shows Cheo the newspaper article with the lovey-dovey picture of Sara and Antonio.

Nacho’s wife wants a divorce, and she wants to take Nacho for every cent. The lawyer asks if Nacho is receiving a monthly pension from Conatrol. Mrs. Nacho said he never mentioned anything about a monthly stipend. The lawyer will investigate. I don’t know why, this is a story line that really didn’t go anywhere (if I recall correctly.)

Antonio whines to Sebastian about the latest fight with Sara. He gets off the phone and pouts. He must not mean anything to her if she didn’t even tell him about something as big as buying the restaurant.

Ricardo and Isabel lounge in sheets post-sex. She says she’s all his. Ricardo thinks to himself that he can’t wait until Antonio is out of the picture and Isabel is really his.

Sara tells Simón that business isn’t super great. She’s worried about making the payments to Pedro.

Rafa picks Sebastian up at the airport. He wonders to himself if Sebastian is gay.

Cheo calls Sara. They make plans to see each other that evening. Then Cheo calls Antonio and tells him to meet him at the park at 9. Antonio has no intention of going. After the call Roque asks Cheo what he’s going to do if Antonio doesn’t show up. Cheo will just go to Conatrol and drag Antonio out. He’s done it before. Roque is pretty sure that’s not going to work. It only worked the last time because they weren’t expecting him. Roque tells Cheo that if he beats the hell out of Antonio, it will just make Antonio look like the victim in Sara’s eyes.

Sebastian thinks Rafa has a crush on Antonio. Antonio doesn’t think Rafa is gay. I don’t think it matters at all. Rafa brings them both coffee.

Capítulo 51

Antonio and Sebas make dumb jokes when he leaves. Marinita interrupts to tell Antonio that some Olivera guy is on the phone asking about Nacho’s severance package. Antonio says that information is confidential.

Marinita informs Mr. Olivera that she cannot give out that information. He basically curses her out and threatens legal action. Luckily she managed to find out why he wanted it. She informs Antonio that Nacho’s wife is suing Nacho for divorce. Antonio goes to Nacho’s place to warn him.

Sara worries about Cheo coming to town. She decides to call Antonio.

Pedro gets a report from the hench. They are draining the pipe with no issues. Seems the police have everyone at the swamp.

Sara warns Antonio that Cheo is coming to town. They just fight again.

Cheo and Sara get back to Simón’s apartment. Cheo keeps checking his watch. He’s waiting for a call.

Antonio is in his apartment working, but he left something at the office. He calls Rafa who is at the plant overseeing the bombeo (pumping.) Antonio wonders if Rafa can have someone bring what he needs. Antonio notices it’s 9:10. He decides to go to the park.

Roque calls Cheo. “He’s here!” Cheo makes an excuse to Sara. He left some papers in the car that he needs to get.

Sebas is walking through the park after picking up a few things he needed. He sees some girls and moons over one in particular. He likes her laugh.

Antonio is waiting for Cheo in the park. Natalia calls to ask where Sebas is. She’s tried calling the apartment and his cell. Sebas left his charger, and he’s out getting another one. He’ll tell Sebas Natalia called. Cheo walks up. “Buenas noches….”

Sara realizes it’s taking Cheo a long time to go get those papers out of his car. And what if he ran into Antonio? She goes downstairs and finds out from Chepe that Cheo left. She asks about Antonio. Antonio left a little before Cheo.

Cheo confronts Antonio. Antonio used Sara. How would Antonio feel if Cheo had slept with Isabel?

Rafa runs into Sebastian in the park. Bruno and Simón are also chasing down a drunk Nacho in the park.

Cheo is not done. If Antonio wanted to have a good time, Sara was not the kind of girl to do that with. Not like Isabel…who is a cualquiera. Antonio punches him. Sebas and Rafa see this and also jump into the fray. Roque is helping out Cheo. Sara arrives and yells. Bruno and Simon hear her and abandon Nacho.

Cheo says Antonio started it. Sara is done with both of them.

Rafa takes Antonio and Sebas back to his place after they went to the doctor. Antonio wants Rafa to take a day and rest. Quique shows up. Rafa introduces him as his cousin.

Fidel comes to visit Padre Vicente. He starts to tell him that the Jaibolera has been stolen. Padre already knows because um…Bruno told him. Fidel swears it wasn’t him. He wants the Jaibolera, but he wants to win it fair and square. He confesses that he did sneak into the parish house just to touch it. But then the Padre came home and Fidel had to hide under the bed all night. Atila walks by and hears them say “Jaibolera” he comes in and starts talking….Padre shuffles him out. While the Padre is out, Fidel discovers that the Jaibolera is hidden under a sheet on the mantel. Fidel says good by to Padre.

Sebastian sees his mystery girl talking to Nelson and Pepe. They have to go upstairs with him for a sec. They ask how he likes San Gaspar. He’s adjusting to the heat, but it’s nothing a few beers can’t fix. Pepe and Nelson approve of his philosophy. Sebastian is definitely better than Antonio.

Rafa talks to Marinita about last night. He’s worried that Antonio and Sebastian will figure out he’s gay. He really likes Antonio and thinks maybe he’s falling in love with him. Antonio overhears.

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