La Vecina, martes 9 de junio, capítulos 46 y 47

It’s party time at Casa Andrade. The dads are being interviewed and Ema’s already pressuring Antonio and Isa to get married soon. She moves off to blab to a reporter/photographer about Isa and Antonio being the perfect couple.

The photos show up in the newspaper. Antonio looks horrified.

Sara sees them and cries.

Antonio’s pissed that the article ended up being about their supposed engagement instead of the dads and their partnership. He’s sure this is his mom’s doing.

Simón comes home to a crying Sara. Good thing he brought fresh bread.

Padre Vicente, in disguise, sneaks into the stands to watch Los Alados play.

Isa explains to “Rita” that the article misstated things. She and Antonio don’t have a wedding date. Sure, she’ll meet her later at Los Olivos.

Antonio’s already working again. He thought they’d go to the movies later, but Isa’s not interested. She’s off to do some work.

Padre V screams at the team and Javi gets yellow-carded for arguing with him. He sends a kid out to the field during the break with some instructions for the second half.

Ricardo feels like Isa’s using him.

Yeah, well, he can take it or leave it.

Cheo sees the newspaper article too. He’s drunk and bitter and hopes Sara feels as undone as he does.

Padre V rides the bus back to San Dionisio with the Jaibolera as he brags about the team.

Antonio is finally giving Isa an engagement ring and he wants to get married ASAP. Which explains his terrified look. Isa loves the ring, but she still wants to wait until after her exhibition. Antonio expects to be done with San Gaspar by then.

Anselmo visits Ricardo with a suitcase full of cash. Ricardo tells Anselmo to warn Pedro that they can’t risk any spillage of Cetrocal. They’ll have to bury the tanker intact or hide it where no one can find it. He’ll have more details after his meeting with Antonio tomorrow.

Rodobaldo notices the Jaibolera is missing.

CONATROL MX meeting. Something, something, costs.

Bruno and Javi think Fidel stole the Jaibolera.

Merce sees Drunk!Cheo outside his apartment when she goes to return the engagement ring.

Fidel’s angry that Bruno and Javi would accuse him–he wants to WIN the Jaibolera, not steal it. (*cough*oranges*cough*)

Well, his boss is taking him off the case and Fidel’s going to have to take a lie detector test.

Ricardo explains to Pedro that the tanker will be tracked via satellite and if they stop for more than fifteen minutes it will alert the main office. Pedro says that’s plenty of time.

Sara goes to Cheo’s to try to convince him to quit killing himself with alcohol.

Lie detector time…

OK, Fidel, did you steal the Jaibolera? No. TRUE!

Did you go into the parish house? No. FALSE!

Did you steal it? No. TRUE!

Fiedel says he broke in once to spend some time with the Jaibolera.

Through Cheo’s bedroom door, Sara says she had to tell him what happened. If he’d found out some other way he would have been angry at her for not telling him. But what’s done is done, like other mistakes she’s made. Yep, she admits sleeping with Antonio was a mistake.

Since Fidel didn’t steal the Jaibolera and Rodobaldo last saw it on Saturday, someone had to have taken it Sunday. AKA, The Day of Fútbol, when Fidel was busy coaching a game and then went home after and didn’t leave the house until this morning. Magda can vouch for him.

Merce cleans up Cheo’s apartment while Sara wraps up his injured hand. Cheo’s still talking macho smack about Sara being his and she’ll never be the same to him, etc. Merce puts the engagement ring on the coffee table and leaves with Sara.

Isabel drops Antonio off at the airport, grouchy about his lack of interest in wedding prep. He tells her his mom will help with whatever she needs. Isabel gives him a hot kiss goodbye so we can get another look at the ring.

Capítulo 47

Isa shows the ring off to Natalia. She’s decided she needs to distance herself from Ricardo, but simultaneously keep him in reserve

Laura comes to El Molcajete to check on Sara after seeing the picture in the paper. Sara’s big concern is the low income from the restaurant. And no, she’s not going to go ask Antonio for anything, especially now that he’s getting married.

Also, she saw Cheo and he can’t stop drinking since she told him she had sex with Antonio.

In the apartment parking lot Antonio complains that Sara won’t talk to him. She tells him Cheo broke up with her after she told him she slept with Antonio. She had to be honest with the only man who ever loved her.

Antonio insists he loved her too!

OK, seriously, no, Sara doesn’t believe that. And he’s of the hook since she told Cheo it was her mistake. Have fun marrying the bruja.

Pedro and his guys plan their tanker truck heist. They’re going to bury it in the north part of the ciénega.

Ricardo calls Pedro when the truck’s on its way.

Juancho shows up at Antonio’s to beat him up for taking advantage of Sara. He gets one punch in and then Antonio grabs him and holds him until Bruno and Sara come out to see what’s going on.

At the office, Antonio’s dealing with the bruise on his face from “running into the refrigerator.” Rafa brings him some anti-inflammatories and they start tracking the truck.

Simón brought Juancho back to Merce’s. She’s not happy to hear what he did and she backs Simón’s threat to send him to San Dionisio with Padre V if he pulls another stunt like this.

Ricardo calls Pedro when the truck is 10km from where his guys are waiting.

Everyone at CONATROL SG is getting ready to do technical things.

Rafa and Antonio aren’t looking at the screen when Pedro’s guys get the two drivers out of the cab. Or when the signal changes from one to two. But they catch on pretty quickly.

The two drivers manage to flag down a truck and it’s Bruno! They tell him what happened and he calls the cops.

At the office, Rafa has the answer about the signals–this was a new truck that had sensors both in the cab and the trailer. So the cab is headed for San Gaspar and the tanker is heading off in the wrong direction.

Fidel hears the call come over the radio and calls Antonio. He tells Fidel he needs help! They have to get that tanker back!

Ricardo’s nervous and no one’s talking about what happened. He bumps into David in the hallway, who tells him an alert has gone out and there were multiple sensors.

Pedro’s pissed off that Ricardo gave him the wrong info. He tells his guy in the cab of the truck to stop and get out before the cops catch him. He can’t get through to the guys with the tank.

Ricardo, Rafa, and Antonio all watch the indicator for the cab stop.

Quintin gets there, but the driver is gone. Fidel’s sure someone’s warning them. He catches up to the tanker, but his backup hasn’t arrived yet.

The guys driving the tanker start to panic. They’re weaving all over the road, trying to avoid Fidel, and they drive right off a cliff. Fidel calls in to report the explosion and tell his guys to get in touch with Antonio.

Quintin gives Antonio the bad news. It takes him a minute to react before he tells Quintin to tell Fidel to get away from the tank, don’t let anyone near it and don’t try to put it out with water. He’ll be right there!

Ricardo’s freaking out and ignores a call from Pedro. Miriam calls to tell him Uribe wants to see him right away.

Quintin passes the warning on to Fidel, who tells the guys who are there that they need to pull back.

Bruno and the CONATROL drivers make it to Quintin, who’s glad they didn’t get killed.

The guys from CONATROL SG show up at the crash site in orange hazmat suits with goggles and gas masks.

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