La Vecina, miércoles 10 de junio, capítulos 48 y 49

Pedro can’t reach the guys with the tanker or Ricardo, so he has no idea what’s going on. One of the other guys is sure they’re busy burying the tanker, but Pedro screams at him about the multiple transmitters.

The meeting Ricardo was summoned to is about the theft of the Cetrocal and the tanker explosion. Antonio’s directing the cleanup efforts, but the whole San Gaspar plant is on hold. The plan to dye the gasoline is useless now. This is going to cast them.

When Ricardo finally calls Pedro, it’s to tell him the tanker crashed and burned and there were no survivors. Pedro’s got Laura packing to go out of town with him, presumably until things die down? He laughs at his luck–he’s not going to have to bury the tanker and there are no witnesses.

Antonio calls Uribe, who’s been in the conference room with the other execs and Ricardo all day. The Cetrocal is contaminating the water supply for the pueblos in the area.

Fidel’s having his guys put out the news to avoid using water from the reservoirs, not let the cattle drink it, and not fish in it. Yes, it’s that serious. Let all the people from Conatrol past their roadblock.

Sara gets home from work, not knowing what happened. Bruno and Simón fill her in. And her first concern, as always, is Antonio.

Natalia and Isabel see the story on the news.

Antonio calls Uribe with an update in the morning. They’re checking with all the pueblos, but the ciénaga’s definitely contaminated. Antonio’s got tankers coming in with potable water.

Uribe approves. But he knows CONATROL’s getting blamed for the accident and he wants to clear that up. He’ll be in San Gaspar by noon.

Fidel gets the crime scene report from the tanker. There were guns with the serial numbers filed off, a cell phone that got completely destroyed, and the bodies are unrecognizable. They can get prints off the cab, but they don’t think that’s going to be of any use, considering how many people have probably touched it. He’s sure this was the work of the saqueadores, trying to stop the dyeing of the gas, and it worked. Fidel’s worried about the water contamination.

Pedro’s in Campeche with Laura. He tells one of the other saqueadores over the phone that there’s absolutely no risk to them and conveniently everyone’s focusing on the site of the spill.

Antonio gets back to an area with a cell signal and calls Isabel. She’s upset about Antonio’s safety, but it comes off like she’s blaming him for not getting out of San Gaspar. Sara, on the other hand, sends him a text that says everything’s going to be fine and he’s gonna fix things and all he has to do is stay calm.

Antonio gets back to the apartment complex and runs into Sara and hugs her. She comes upstairs with him and makes him something to eat while he takes a shower.

Bruno, Simón, and a couple of the agricultores are making plans to collect from everyone’s crops to donate to the affected pueblos.

Antonio passed out instead of taking a shower. Sara manages to wake him up and then accidentally falls on his lips. He’s really disoriented, but whether it was real or not, he kissed her!

Sara tells him he dreamed it.

Merce’s worried about Sara after seeing the news and asks Rosa to have Sara call her.

While Antonio eats, he asks Sara to tell him what the news is saying. She says they’re showing pictures of the exploded tanker, the contaminated water, the dead fish, and they’re saying it’s all the fault of CONATROL. She’s worried about him. But she totally meant her text message!

Antonio tells her not to worry. He’s staying calm.

The press are staking out the front gate at CONATROL.

Antonio’s ready to go back to the office, but he and Sara can’t pry themselves away from each other…and also his car is out of gas. Sara drives him to work.

The press are broadcasting live from outside CONATROL.

Uribe, Ricardo, and Sebastian are at the plant, but Marinita can’t reach Antonio. If he doesn’t show up, Uribe’s going to have Ricardo talk to the press.

Antonio arrives at the gate…in Sara’s jeep…with Sara. She starts telling the press to back off and claims she’s Antonio’s personal assistant, which is news to everyone from her mom to Pedro.

By the time Sara and Antonio get to his office Cheo and Isabel are calling to scream at them both for being together. Sara and Antonio aren’t having it! They both hang up.

Capítulo 49

Antonio’s finally addressing the press and explaining what really happened to the tanker.

Now that the press are occupied, Sara’s ready to leave. She tells Marinita to tell Antonio to stay clam.

More news to everyone–one of the reporters brings up the previous attempts on Antonio’s life. He says that’s not the topic of the press conference and moves on to reminding everybody that the spill was not CONATROL’s fault, but they’re taking responsibility for the cleanup.

Laura’s liking Antonio’s on-air personality. Doesn’t Pedro think he can beat those saqueadores?

Pedro thinks Antonio doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. (heh!)

Uribe, Antonio, Ricardo, and Sebastian have a meeting after the press conference. Antonio’s committed to staying in San Gaspar as long as he has to, to decrease the theft of gasoline. They’re not going to be able to go forward with the dyeing, etc. Antonio proposes revisiting his community support idea and Uribe tells him to go for it. Ricardo thought bubbles that he’s going to make sure Antonio stays in San Gaspar for frickin’ ever.

Cheo’s boss isn’t willing to give Cheo any more time off. If he skips out on work one more time, he’s fired.

Sebastián teases Antonio about reheating Sara’s coffee from this morning…early this morning, jajaja!

Antonio tells him what he told Uribe–Sara’s been a friend to him. Isa, on the other hand….

Sebastián says she’s jealous. Antonio’s never gotten jealous about anything Isabel ever did. But he’s definitely been jealous over Sara.

Pedro calls Ricardo for an update. He’s pleased with the way things have gone so far. What’s CONATROL going to do now?

Ricardo says there’s no budget left for anything but the community support program.

Pedro laughs. He has nothing to worry about.

Antonio’s dad calls the apartment to scold him about the murder attempts he didn’t tell them about. He and Ema want a son, not a hero. He makes Antonio promise that if he feels his life is in danger he’ll leave San Gaspar. Antonio promises. (Now all he’s gotta do is say he didn’t think his life was in danger.) Antonio’s dad says he’s proud of him *sob* and he loves him and he’s there for whatever Antonio needs.

The next day Antonio gives Uribe a tour. They follow some people to Bruno and Simón’s truck, where Bruno, Simon, and Sara are handing out boxes of supplies. When the truck from CONATROL with the water shows up, Sara has some guys help unload it.

Isabel’s still in a bad mood after seeing Sara with Antonio on TV. Nothing Natalia can say Sebastián said can calm her down. And on top of that, Ricardo told her that Antonio cares more about Sara than her.

Ingeniero Gutierrez explains that the manufacturers of Cetrocal gave him a “formula” to decontaminate the water, but it’s going to take time. Uribe insists they have to help the local people and keep shipping in water.

Padre Vicente comes over from San Dionisio with Lazlo? and Atila to help Sara, Simón, and Bruno. Atila’s impressed with the truck. Bruno’s sorry to have to tell him the Alados aren’t doing great and also…um…something Bruno’s worried about telling him.

Antonio wants to get that community support department going and Uribe thinks Sebastián is the perfect person to do it. Sebastián pretends to be happy about it.

Bruno keeps stalling, but he finally tells Padre Vicente that someone stole the Jaibolera. Atila spies on them.

Padre V thought bubbles that he hadn’t considered this angle. Now what’s he going to do.

He opts for pretending he’s surprised and upset.

Bruno tells him about Fidel having to take a lie detector test. He goes back over to Simón and Sara.

Atila asks him what’s up. Are there two Jaiboleras? Is the Fidel who had to take the lie detector test the same one who visits San Dionisio?

Padre V tells Atila the other Jaibolera was a replica and it’s a secret and Fidel being in San Dionisio is also a secret, because if the bishop finds out…Padre V draws his finger across his neck…so Atila had better act like the cat got his tongue!

Isabel sees pictures of Antonio with Sara at the ciénaga and tells Natalia she’s convinced they’re not working and he took her there for some other reason. (A romantic lunch near some contaminated water?)

Whatever. Isabel’s cheating on Antonio worse.

Isabel says that’s not the point. She’s just not going to let that pueblerina win.

Sara comes over to Antonio’s with a laptop.

Sebastián comes over to Natalia and Isabel’s apartment. Natalia wants to go out to dinner, but Isabel wants to interrogate him about the pictures on the internet. He says Sara and her family got a food collection together.

And the one where Sara and Antonio are holding plates of food?

Somebody made lunch and they sat down to eat together like good neighbors.

Isabel doesn’t buy it.

Sebastián loses patience with her. What is it she wants to hear? That Antonio and Sara are lovers and everyone’s covering for them and they’ve conspired with the media to put the proof online?

Sara shows Antonio the pictures, which he likes, but she’s worried about the one with the two plates of food. She’s afraid Isabel’s going to think something.

Well, he’ll just tell the truth.

That there’s nothing between them, of course.

No, that they have a deep friendship and he’s grateful to Sara for defending him to the press and showing Uribe that she has the skills to deal with the public and she’s nothing but help him. Like a good friend.

Sara’s face does not look like the face of a good friend.

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