La Vecina, viernes 12 de junio, capítulos 52 Y 53

Antonio overhears Rafa talking to Marinita. Rafa thinks he’s in love with Antonio. Marinita is surprised. In love? Well, maybe not in love. It’s just that Rafa really respects Sr. Andrade and thinks he’s a really good leader. Antonio interrupts to remind Rafa that he was supposed to take the day off and rest. Rafa is worried about the bombeo. Antonio assures him that it will be ok. Now go home and rest.

Sebastian sees his mystery girl again. He’s about to snap a picture (creepy) when Natalia calls. He lies and says he’s at Conatrol. Yes, on a Saturday (you know how Antonio is) and he’s in the parking lot (that’s why you hear cars.) He has to go nowtalktoyoulaterbyeeee…..

Javi and Bruno have come from practice to pick up some enchiladas and agüita fresca (with lots of ice please) from Sara at El Molcajete. They talk about how awesome Sebastian is. Sara talks about how sweet he was to her in the DF. They decide they should invite him over for some fun. Antonio will not be invited.

Atila is upset that Padre Vicente lied about having La Jaibolera.

Sebastian is at Nachos y Cuatachos and sees his mystery girl again. She’s noticed him as well. She tells her friend to act cool. Nelson and Pepe walk up and notice Sebastian admiring the girl. Pepe walks right over and gets her. She comes to the table. Introductions. She’s Titina. Pepe said Sebastian has something to ask her. Sebastian gets lame. Uh….can she recommend a local place; tell him about San Gaspar? She agrees only if he’ll tell her about the DF. They settle in for a chat about the DF and San Gaspar. Dancing comes up. Sebastian is trash at dancing. Titina can teach him. They exchange numbers. She’ll invite him out dancing sometime.

Padre V sneaks back into the parish house to return La Jaibolera. Fidel is there waiting. Padre asks how Fidel figured it out. Fidel goes through his 1, 2, 3, 4 5 of deduction. 1 being “you really didn’t seem upset about the robbery” and 5 being “I knocked over a candle and found the trophy while I was putting it back.” Fidel is going to have to arrest Padre V.

Sebastian is returning home. From the balcony, Sara and the gang ask Sebastian to come on up. He does a little dance move that isn’t half bad, so I don’t know if I believe him about not being able to dance.

So the music starts going full blast, much to Antonio’s displeasure. He goes over to Simón’s and starts threatening to call the police. Sebastian drags him back to the apartment. Sebas thinks Antonio should apologize.

Cheo shows up at Sara’s with flowers. They go outside to talk. He swears Antonio threw the first punch. About this time Antonio comes back out. Cheo tells Antonio to tell Sara why he threw the punch. It was to protect Isabel’s honor wasn’t it? Cheo starts his BS about Antonio using Sara; that Sara never mattered at all; Antonio used her. Antonio looks like he’s going to go after Cheo again, but Sebastian gets ahold of him and once again, drags him to the apartment.

Inside, Antonio bitches about Cheo manipulating Sara. Sebastian kind of wants to know what’s stopping Antonio from just going for it with Sara. Antonio claims they are too different, not the social class thing…that’s the last thing that bothers him. It’s just that if she can go for someone like Cheo that says it all.

Meanwhile Cheo is sweet talking Sara. Antonio used her, but Cheo’s love is real. He’ll overlook anything to get her back. He kisses her. Antonio sees them when he comes back out.

Fidel takes Padre Vicente to the station. He forgot his handcuffs. He’ll just run right in and get them. He makes Padre V promise not to move. To his credit, Padre V doesn’t move for a while. Fidel even watches him and wonders if he’ll ever leave. It’s not like Fidel would actually pursue the “fugitive.” Finally Padre V makes a run for it.

Sara and Antonio have a long argument in the elevator about hell I don’t know or care to be honest. It’s the same argument they always have. “You’re with Cheo!” “You’re with Isabel!” Sara says she’s going to marry Cheo. Simón, who is coming up the stairs hears her. It’s news to him that she’s getting married to Cheo.

Downstairs, Fidel is bringing La Jaibolera back to Bruno and Javi.

Simón and Sara have a heart to heart. She didn’t really mean that she was actually going to marry Cheo. She was just trying to annoy Antonio. Simón doesn’t think that’s very nice. Sara is playing with Cheo then. She needs to decide and stop messing with Cheo.

Fidel tells a BS story about how he recovered the trophy. Sara and Simón come back down. She’s happy to see the trophy again, too.

Titina texts Sebastian. Does he want to go out dancing?

Cheo and two mariachis serenade Sara.

Capítulo 53

Sebas waits at the club. He calls Titina. She tells “Chebi’ she’s running late, but she’s on her way. He over-protective brother pulls up. She says she’s on her way to Silvia’s. He offers to give her a ride. When they get to Silvia’s, he watches to make sure Titina actually goes into the gate. Titina waits until he drives away. She runs for the club. She does’t realize she left her phone.

Sebastian calls her again. Over protective bro answers. Sebastian claims he called the wrong number. Bro calls the number back. Who is this? Sebastian says he’s nobody, just a wrong number. Sebas wonders if it’s really a jealous boyfriend like Cheo gives up on Titina and leaves.

Lucita is dying. She wants Padre Vicente to hear her final confession.

Cheo asks Sara for details about sleeping with Antonio (creepy). Did she love him? She agrees to answer if he’ll finally let it go. Yes, she loved him. Cheo keeps going on and on about Antonio offering her work, bringing her to the DF, taking advantage of her. blah blah blah. Sara really just wants to forget it.

Titina gets to the club. There’s no Chebi and she doesn’t have her phone.

Fidel goes to the parish. Rodobaldo tells him Lucita’s family is looking for Padre V. She’s dying.

Titina gets home. OP Bro is waiting. She was supposed to call for him to pick her up. She lost her phone. He has it…and he reminds her she could have called from Silvia’s land line. He goes to bed. Titina calls Sebastian. Sebastian ignores the call.

Cheo is at home obsessing about Sara saying she loved Antonio. He also thinks about what Roque said- “maybe she’s just getting back with you to get back at Antonio.” Cheo grabs his keys and stomps out.

Fidel goes to San Dionisio to get Padre V. He wakes him up as gently as possible, but still gets taken surprise by Padre V’s wicked lucha libre skills. Padre makes a run for it making it all the way to Cigala’s house before being taken into “custody” by Fidel. Fidel tells him about Lucita.

Cheo breaks into Antonio’s apartment and starts breaking glasses. Antonio and Sebastian come out. Sebastian wants to call the police. Cheo threatens Antonio. Messing with Sara is going to cost Antonio. Cheo is never going to give him a moment’s peace.

The obispo has come to hear Lucita’s confession, but she doesn’t want him. She wants Padre Vicente. She’s also decided not to leave everything to the church. She’s still mad that the obispo sent Padre away. She asks one of her sons to go get the notary. The Obispo reminds her that that’s blackmail. Oh well. She’ll just die a sinner. Finally Padre V shows up. Is he too late?

Sebastian picks glass from Antonio’s foot. Antonio asks, do you think it’s true about glass traving to your heart. Well, Sebatian’s abuela seemed to think so. Antonio wants Sebastian to leave the glass. Antonio will sit and wait for the heart attack to get him.

Padre Vicente is not too late, but Lucita thinks that it really is the end this time.

Isabel comes back from a tryst with Ricardo. He gave her a necklace. Yeah, she agrees wit Natalia that it’s gaudy, but she can’t help it. Except for his zip code, Ricardo really is just about perfect. Surely he’s more attentive than Antonio. Natalia is sure that one day there will be hell to pay.

The Obispo declares that Padre Vicente can take one day off, but then it’s back to San Dionisio!

Cheo brags to Roque about breaking and entering Antonio’s apartment. Roque reminds Cheo that a reconciliation with Sara does not mean that she is Cheo’s property. If Cheo said he was going to trust her, then trust her! Cheo doesn’t care. He is not going to quit until Antonio is gone from San Gaspar and from Sara’s life. He’s going to make Antonio’s life impossible!

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