De Que te quiero, Te quiero Capitulo 42

De que hicieron el amor, hicieron el amor!

Irene didn’t drink. She called Alonso for a ride.

Even drunk, Chato denies that he’s had anything serious with anyone but Carmen. He realizes it’s time to pick Lupita up from school and calls for the check. This is not going to go well.

Padre Juancho thinks Diana’s threats are empty, but he agrees to talk to her. If that doesn’t work, Natalia should tell Diego.

Eleazar drove Chato to Lupita’s school to pick her up. Chato’s in the back of his car and El says he’s…indisposed….

Vicente rails against Irene and her allegedly-inebriated ways, until he has chest pains again and decides to go home.

Chato claims that he’s got food poisoning from eating street food, but as soon as Paolo gets there, he realizes Chato’s drunk. Lupita gets angry at both Chato AND Eleazar and tells them both to leave her alone. “I don’t like liars!” She walks off with a smirking Paolo.

Alonso and Irene get back to his apartment and Irene tells him about Vicente calling her an alcoholic again. Alonso tells her she’s got to be confident in herself and not let dumbasses like her dad bring her down. *hugs*

Irene said when she was at the bar and had the drink in her hands, she thought of Alonso saying he loved her and it gave her the strength to put down the drink. *smoochies* 

Vicente gets back to the house at about the time Padre Juancho gets there. He asks Lala to have the Padre wait in his study.

Diego catches up to Natalia outside her place and tells her that he quit Caprico. And also he can’t find Irene and her phone was at a bar and BTW Irene is an alcoholic.

Natalia’s sympathetic and she’s sure Irene will contact him soon.

Vicente won’t let Padre Juancho talk to Diana and he doesn’t believe Diana actually made a threat against his great-grandchild. Padre Juancho leaves the house after awkwardly standing in the doorway with Tiburcio.

Tiburcio goes running to tell Vicente that’s the priest from Tuxpan! The one who was there when Tiburcio left his granddaughter.

Padre Juancho calls Natalia to tell her he’s done all he can. Natalia shows Diego the email and begs him not to do anything rash.

Tiburcio thinks Padre Juancho’s appearance is a sign that it’s time for them to tell the truth, but Vicente doesn’t care if God himself comes down. His granddaughter is DEAD and she’s gonna stay that way.

Irene is afraid to have a relationship with Alonso, because she assumes it will end. Alonso disagrees, but if she doesn’t want promises he’ll settle for showing her with kisses.

Diego’s upset that Natalia didn’t tell him sooner, but she didn’t want anything to happen to the baby. She tells him about Padre Juancho’s pointless trip. Diego doesn’t know what he’s going to do yet, but he also thinks Diana’s capable of carrying out her threat. He decides to get Alberto involved and see if there’s anything he can do, legally.

Chato makes excuses for his drinking, but Lupita doesn’t accept them. Isn’t that what he did when he left her mom? And why did he do that?

Chato basically says he was stupid. Lupita will forgive him if he promises never to get drunk again. And another task gets checked off the list.

Diego shows Alberto the copy of the email. Between this and the attempt to kill Diego, he thinks they can prove that Diana’s a danger to herself and have her sent to a clinic that will take care of both her and the baby.

They’ll need a doctor’s evaluation, so Diego calls Alonso. Who is…unavailable.

Alberto tells him not to worry about it. He’ll track Alonso down and tell him what’s going on. He mentions coming by Diego’s office tomorrow, but Diego tells him he doesn’t have an office anymore. Vicente completely refuses to let him and Irene do a clothing line.

Alberto remembers Diego’s grandmother saying the business belonged to Diego, Rodrigo, and Irene.

Diego says it turned out that his grandfather was the sole heir. Alberto makes a serious lawyer face.

Irene and Alonso come up for air and to raid the kitchen. Irene starts scavenging for food and Alonso begs her to pinch him. “No, never mind…if I’m dreaming I don’t want to wake up!” With a kiss, Irene assures her dear doctor that this is real.

Tiburcio remembers leaving Irene’s baby in the church. He ponders the mystery of Padre Juancho’s visit and considers telling Irene. He decides to tell Padre Juancho that he knows who the baby’s mother is. Hilda happily comes in and announces that he’ll never guess who’s here.

Down in the foyer, Mama Alina is in the house and she’s ready to rip into Diego for attacking her sweet baby girl. She’s pissed she had to skip a safari to do it. Diego blasts Diana for continuing to lie in front of her own mother. He asks to speak to Alina alone, but Diana whines and begs her mommy not to do it because Diego will just try to turn Alina against her.

Alone in the study, Diego tells Alina that Diana is full of crap. And also, that he’s the one who called her, NOT Diana. “She won’t eat, she calls the baby she’s carrying a thing, and she tried to shoot me!”

Alina can’t believe it. Diego says things were bad for a while, but they came to a head when he found out she was cheating on him.

“You’re the one who’s cheating on her!” Diego tells her about Diana going so far as to bring her lover over to the house and introduce him as her cousin. Alina still doesn’t want to believe him, but we all know Diego has video.

Alonso and Irene are about to leave when Alberto comes looking for him. They try to pretend they’re not there, but Alberto calls Alonso’s cell phone. He says he’s out with Karina and nearly home, so Alberto wants to wait.

Alonso calls Eleazar and asks him to distract Alberto so he can leave his apartment. With someone. He’ll explain later.

The whole goofy plan works out and Eleazar sticks his head out into the hallway one last time to confirm his suspicions. He gives Alonso and Irene a big thumbs up.

Alina watches the video and calls Diana into the study. She demands an explanation. Diana sticks to her story–it’s all a lie, they set her up, she’s nothing more than an incubator, and Diego has his lover working for him.

At the car, Irene asks if Eleazar can be trusted. She says they can’t take Alonso’s car or Alberto will realize he lied about the battery. Alonso starts laughing, saying they’re acting like teenagers, sneaking around. “He’ll never notice! Eleazar’s keeping him entertained.”

As soon as Vicente finds out Alina’s in the house, he goes down to the study to ask what she’s doing there. It’s not like she knows how to act like a mother. She’s just obsessed with her career as a fake archaeologist (hey, the outfits are cute).

Rather than argue, Alina says she’ll get some sleep in Diana’s room and deal with this in the morning.

Vicente’s pissed at Diego for calling her, but he never got through. Diana called and told Alina “her” version of the story.

Carmen looks at the designs and tells Brigitte that she thinks they’re really good. “I designed more than half of them,” Brigitte smarms. “The only one I don’t like is that one…the collar is so ugly!” She’s looking at the sample that Brigitte “improved.” Ha! Natalia comes in and Carmen (who can now afford to be generous, since she thinks Irene is out of the picture) tells her not to worry, something’s bound to come up, and in the meantime they can help her at the fonda.

Alonso drops Irene off across the street from her house. She gives him a quick kiss and runs into the house as he picks up his phone and grouchily sighs to Alberto that he’s on his way already.

Alina is babbling about archaeological evidence of somethingorother when Irene walks in. When Irene asks if they can resume their earlier discussion, Vicente is all too happy to get the hell away from the table, as is Diego. Alina thinks they’re weird. Diana takes the opportunity to gripe that in this house, if you’re not a Cacares, you don’t matter.

In the study, Irene admits she did want to drink after their argument, but instead, she pulled it together and made sweet, sweet love with Diego’s BFF. Well, maybe she didn’t say that last part.

Vicente keeps insisting that she MUST have been drunk, despite Irene being sober now. Since she can’t convince him, she goes back to talking about the business.

“This is a good business plan. Just look at it and we won’t even have to convince you ourselves. Come on…you’re a businessman!” Vicente insists that no is no. Diego tells Irene they’ll do it on their own and he believes in her. After they leave, Vicente calls them a pair of idiots and says they’ll end up broke.

Alina’s loving the crepes for dinner. Diana blames the argument on her loss of appetite, but Alina, being used to canned meals on digs, can’t get enough. “So, now that I’m here, what is it you want me to do?” Diana says she wants her mom’s help getting money out of Diego. Some guy named Roger calls Alina to tell her about the day’s find. Diana rolls her eyes.

Eleazar is telling Alberto a joke about a kid and his dad visiting a farm. The kid says everything he sees around him is “ganado” (livestock, and also won) and his father saying it’s actually “robado” (stolen). Alberto counters with a joke about three pals– “Tonto” (stupid), “Nadie” (nobody), and “Ninguno” (no one). Tonto tells a cop that Nobody fell in the well and No One is helping him. So the cop asks if he’s stupid. “Yes! Pleased to meet you.”

Alonso interrupts the jokefest. He’s got a big smile on his face, which Alberto notices, but Alonso quickly redirects to ask what’s so urgent. Alberto tells him about the email and Alonso looks thoughtful, but not terribly hopeful.

Up in Irene’s room, Diego tells her that he’s happy she didn’t relapse. He lets her know that Natalia and Brigitte collected the stuff from the office.

She’s sorry she ran out on them like that and wants to call them right away and tell them they’re going to continue the project, outside Caprico.

Diego says it really was a bad day. He tells her about Diana’s email. Irene thinks she’s “nuts.” “Alonso told me…uh, in one of my therapy sessions…that there are some women whose judgment is so clouded that they resort to underhanded ways to get what they want.”

Alberto says he’ll come by Alonso’s office in the morning with the paperwork he’s going to need. Once Alberto leaves, Eleazar ponders whether Diana would really do it. Alonso changes the subject to Irene and her desire for secrecy. Eleazar gives him a biiiiiiig grin as he says he understands.

Tad is home from the hospital after 3 days. He doesn’t want Irene to see him like this, so he’ll wait to call her.

Irene and Diego stop by Casa Garcia to explain what happened and tell them they’re going to continue. Brigitte and Natalia plead to work out of Casa Garcia and Irene lets herself be talked into it…for now…until they find somewhere else. Carmen says nothing, but looks upset.

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