La Vecina, lunes 15 de junio, capítulos 54 y 55

The reporter who was hanging out near the school tries to track down Simón. Vladimir’s teacher tells him about the presentation Simón gave the kids and then introduces him to Vladimir when he arrives with Magda.

Patricio tells Magda and Vladimir he wants to talk to Simón about his cohete.

Titina calls Sebastián, digo Chebiiii, to explain she was late getting to the club and left her cell phone in her brother’s car.

Sebastián puts her off. He thinks the “brother’s car” story is a cover.

Antonio’s remembering Sara in his car in Mexico when he drives by the scene of an accident. Some guy rear-ended Sara when she allegedly made a sudden stop.

He gets out of his car to help the other driver. He’s had the same thing happen with Sara and she owes him for the damage. And he should probably call the cops because she’s driving without a license.

Sara objects and Antonio grabs her face to shut her up while he negotiates with the other driver and pays him off.

Sara bites his hand. He’s dead to her! And she’s not going to pay him back his 3 thousand pesos, either!

Antonio gets to the office in a good mood. He asks for coffee and ice. The ice is for his hand.

Marinita asks why Sara bit him. What? Who else would have bitten him that he’d be this happy about?

Another employee wanders in to tell Antonio that Nacho’s wife is here to see him.

Sara tells Rosa the story of the accident, including the part where Sara’s not going to pay Antonio’s money back and she probably left a permanent bite mark on him. That’s what he gets for sticking his nose in.

Padre Vicente comes into El Molcajete and Sara’s thrilled to see him.

Antonio tries calling Nacho, but he’s busy dealing with some guys who are threatening to empty his house. Movers?

Padre V misses everybody, but he’s getting used to San Dionisio. From the look on her face, he can tell Sara’s upset with Antonio. Are they not friends anymore?

Sara says they aren’t. He’s completely different. He even hit Cheo!

Padre V doesn’t think Antonio’s the type to get into a fight. And Cheo probably started it.

Sara swears Cheo just wanted to talk, but when he mentioned Antonio’s girlfriend they started fighting.

Cheo’s boss is trusting Cheo to renew the company’s insurance. Roque knows Cheo hasn’t been looking for quotes. Cheo says he’s just gonna get a cheap one. It’s not like anything ever happens.

Padre Vicente hopes Sara’s not making a hasty decision. He thought bubbles that he and Simón might have to give her a little push…. Anyway, he’s going back to the church to see Rodobaldo.

Sara tells him the Jaibolera’s back and Simón says he can’t tell her who took it. Secret of confession, you know.

Antonio tells Sebastián about Sara biting him this morning. Sebastián calls her a savage. Antonio agrees–she’s an adorable savage!

Next topic of chisme…Rafa’s gay. He heard him talking to Marinita about maybe being in love with him.

Sebastian’s all “I knew it!” And what’s Antonio going to do now?

Nothing. He’s just going to act as if he didn’t hear the conversation. Rafa’s always been a gentleman and that’s how it should stay. So no jokes!

Rodobaldo repeats to Padre V the ridiculous story Fidel’s been telling about an anonymous phone call and a barking dog leading him to the Jaibolera, which was covered in newspaper.

Fidel visits Antonio with a proposal for a special unit focused on the gasoline thefts. ‘Cause they’re not stopping. Antonio says they lost 30% (since when I don’t know). If it continues, CONATROL’s going to shut down the plant.

Carmelo has found two new places to put valves–one near the ciénaga and another in some nowhere town called “San Dionisio.”

Ricardo bought a house. Fully-furnished and not looking like his style at all. Which might be a good thing?

Antonio and Sebastián visit Nacho, who’s winning the award for Worst Day Ever. His wife cleaned him out. She took everything from the house and now Antonio’s sorry to tell him she’s also taking his entire pension, at least until they settle their divorce.

Edwina tries to convince Simón to let the reporter, Patricio, interview him.

Simón refuses. Pretty much everyone but his wife laughed at his plans when he talked about building the cohete and he’s been called “crazy” enough times already. He wants to keep going as they have been.

Nacho’s wife sent her lawyer some pictures of Nacho’s employee and wants him to add “cheating” to the charges. She wants him left with nothing, not even his new business.

Padre Vicente visits Antonio’s office. This is his alleged “last” warning to stay away from Sara.

Antonio reminds him that Sara’s the one who kidnapped him for a weekend. And he never lied about having a girlfriend.

Padre V thinks Antonio is using his previous relationship as an excuse to run away from love. But anyway, he needs to leave Sara alone.

Edwina tells Patricio that Simón refused to do an interview…and then goes right into talking about the project and his dead wife and how much she admires him….

Merce calls Sara. The loan payment that Sara’s got on auto-debit didn’t get made. Sara promises she’ll find out what happened.

Sebastián calls Titina and asks her out to dinner. I had such hopes for him when he avoided her on the phone earlier. But now I haz a disappoint.

Sara calls Merce. She found out what happened. The bank took out the rent money for Pedro first and it didn’t leave her enough to pay the loan. She’s missing five thousand pesos and she’ll just ask Pedro if she can be a little short this month.

Capítulo 55

Since he’s got the day off, Padre Vicente visits Merce. He tells her all about Sara telling Cheo about Antonio, which I thought Merce already knew. And then somehow Cheo and Sara made up. And Cheo and Antonio got into a fight. He’s scolded both the guys. And they can discuss the rest over some chocolate caliente, to go with the pan dulce he brought.

Isabel’s on a 2-day break from Ricardo since he’s “busy” with “work.” She’s hoping the separation will make it easier to break up with him. Which she’s totally going to do. She knows she has to marry Antonio.

Cheo tells Roque that Padre V warned him not to upset Sara or he’ll have to deal with him–and not as a priest! As a man. Cheo was thinking about proposing to Sara again, but now he’s decided to wait.

Juancho listens in on Merce and Padre V’s conversation. Merce explains that Sara ended up 5000 pesos short this month. Juancho gets this look on his face like he doesn’t consider that such a tragedy.

Sara gets home and immediately rushes out to the balcony to take a call from Pedro. From his own balcony, Antonio hears her beg Pedro to do her a favor and let her pay her mom’s mortgage first and then give him the rest for the rent. Suuuuure, Pedro’s totally OK with that and he’ll swing by El Molcajete to give back the rent money so she can just keep the cash there.

Antonio’s face is concerned.

Sebastián. Titina. Merlot. He loves her laugh.

Antonio wonders how to help Sara in a way she won’t reject. Isabel calls to apologize for being awful to him instead of supporting him.

Of course, he forgives her. They miss each other. What. Ever.

Sebastián drops Titina off at home. She’s kind of in a hurry to avoid her brother, but she still has time to kiss Sebastián.

Antonio stops by El Molcajete to talk to Sara about renewing the contract with CONATROL.

At the same time, Cheo stops by because there hasn’t been enough screaming this episode. He’s working hard to turn this into a fistfight.

And then Pedro shows up in time to hear Cheo and Antonio yelling at each other and that it’s clearly over Sara.

And Sara, in a stunning display of naiveté asks Pedro not to “let” Antonio and Cheo fight.

Antonio leaves. Sara drags Cheo over to a table away from Pedro’s. Pedro looks irritated, but we all know deep down he wants a bucket of popcorn.

Sara scolds Cheo for not being “civilized” and Cheo complains that she asked Antonio for help instead of him.

Uh, no, she didn’t. And how does Cheo know she needs help?

Because Juancho told him. And he’s willing to give her all the cash in his wallet, but Sara says it’s already taken care of. And now she wants to take him over to Pedro and see if they can fix the bad impression Cheo made.

Padre Vicente gets back to San Dionisio and sees Atila talking to one of Pedro’s henches (not that either of them knows that). He was asking about where to get food and Atila told him nobody sells food around here.

Sara explains to Pedro that Cheo and Antonio have had problems before. Cheo tells Pedro it’s just that he has a hard time keeping his cool when it comes to his “woman.” Pedro gets it, right?

No. Pedro always keeps a cool head.

While Sara goes to get the rent money, Pedro asks Cheo what he does for a living and looks at him like something that got stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

When Sara gets back Pedro tells her not to worry about a thing, if she can’t make rent next month, no problem. If she needs help, she can always come to him.

Rafa’s not having any luck convincing Quique that there’s nothing going on between him and Antonio. Marinita offers to try talking to Quique for him.

Cheo asks Sara how much longer she’s gonna give the restaurant before she decides to quit. What? It’s obviously not going well.

Sara’s not planning to give up on the restaurant. And BTW she won’t be staying at home keeping house and raising the kids while Cheo goes to work. She didn’t get an education for nothing.

Cheo’s not even kidding about the house and kids thing. He likes things the “old fashioned” way. But hey, they can leave this conversation for later.

Natalia tells Isabel that Ema called her about planning a surprise engagement announcement party. Ema didn’t think Isabel would want one, since she and Antonio don’t care about making it public.

For once, Isabel agrees with Ema and she’s going to call Antonio about it.

Antonio’s not really into parties, but if it’ll make his mom happy, OK.

Natalia asks to speak to Sebastián, who has to hang up on Titina to do it.

Cheo’s not even listening to the insurance company rep who’s explaining this low-priced policy. He’s too busy thinking about Antonio. He signs the policy without reading it.

Sebastián shows up at the restaurant to meet Titina. He brought flowers. He listens to her tell Andres that she’s tired of him being suspicious. She’s with Sylvia. No, she won’t pass Sylvia the phone.

Sebastián asks who Andres is. Titina comes back with “Who’s Natalia?”

Antonio’s surprised when Sara comes over later to ask if his offer still stands.

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