La Vecina, martes 16 de junio, capítulos 56 y 57

Sara asks if the offer still stands.

The one where Antonio’s never going to speak to her again or the one where they can renew the contract between CONATROL and El Molcajete? Because he’s serious about renewing the contract. And she doesn’t have to tell him about her financial problems.

But Sara wants to tell him. She promises she won’t make it boring….

Sebastián convinces Titina to answer first.

“Andres is my brother.”

Nope, nope, he doesn’t believeher! He starts to leave the restaurant when she catches up to him on the stairs and yes, Andres is her brother. She poisons him with kisses.

But wait! He has to tell her something first. “Natalia is my novia.”

Titina says she figured. They’ll just have a no-commitment relationship that only goes as far as they both want to go. Sebastián glues his lips back to her face.

Now that Sara has explained her financial situation, Antonio thinks she did the right thing. She’s going to make the restaurant a huge success and have multiple locations. He means it.

Sara gets excited about Antonio being the one to say that and kisses him. On the cheek.

And about that never speaking to each other again…with them it’s all or nothing. And the two of them together are a ticking time bomb. The only time they work as a couple is when they’re away from everybody else. It’s easier for him when they stay away from each other.

Sara’s upset. But OK, they’ll keep things strictly business.

Sebastián doesn’t get home until the next morning. So much for an “innocent” relationship. They’ve moved on to wild sex.

Titina brags to her friend and sure, she said no commitment, but that’s just a place to start.

Andres wakes up and asks Titina to make breakfast. She makes him a deal–she’ll cook breakfast if he convinces their parents to let her go out dancing with an amigo. Pepe and Nelson introduced him and he’s a very serious, calm person.

Atila’s dad runs into Pedro’s henches. They claim they’re doing some work in the area and want to find someone to cook for them, since there’s nowhere to eat. (I guess that’s actually true, but it still feels like he’s lying.)

He says his wife might. Come up to the house later and he’ll have an answer for them.

The cleanup continues, and the stuff Gutierrez needs to keep it going is expensive. Antonio asks Octavio to take the contract over to El Molcajete and bring it back when Sara has signed it. He explains to Sebastián that he and Sara are trying to stay away from each other.

Uribe calls. He’s been looking at costs and how’s that community support program going? Are they going to hire Sara?

Um, no, they asked her too late.

There’s an article in the paper about Simón and the cohete.

Octavio brings Sara the paperwork for the contract. She’s surprised there wasn’t a note or anything. She signs it hand hands it back and plops down in a chair. Rosa tells her to cry if she needs to.

Sara’s already crying. But she says everything that begins has to end. Even if it never really started.

Magda has read the article in the paper about Simón. Why didn’t Edwina tell her they were novios?!

Simón checks out the article and he’s furious. Bruno starts to read it, but Simón rips the paper into pieces.

Over lunch, Uribe’s talking about the special team Fidel wants to form and how they have to stop the thefts and they can’t let the plant shut down. All Ricardo’s thinking about is whether he should tip off Pedro and get more $$ or not tip off Pedro and the plant will close and Antonio will come back from San Gaspar.

Marinita brings Antonio a note Sara left in the envelope with the contract. Sara thought she’d get to see him today, but since she’s not then she’s writing this note to thank him and to tell him that she’s always going to remember what Antonio said about her and he’ll always be one of the best things that ever happened to her.

“Me too,” Antonio sighs.

In a flashback, we find out Simón was accepted into the French space program, but his wife was dying and he never went. Now he’s crying at her grave–he never should have told anyone. This was their dream and one day he’ll make it real.

Ricardo warns Pedro about the special police team. And as for the new sensors, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen. Antonio and Sebastián are just now starting to work on the community program.

Oh, Pedro thinks Antonio’s more focused on Sara. He had to break up a fight between Antonio and Sara’s novio!

“Sara has a novio?”

Isabel goes over to Antonio’s house and tells Ema she knows about the engagement party and she’s there to help. She told Antonio about it and he also agrees they should have the party. She should invite the press. Isabel ignores a call from Ricardo and lets her phone keep on ringing.

Cigala’s in on cooking lunch. At 50 a person for 6 guys…the hench leaves them an advance of 2000.

Simon gets back to the warehouse to find a weepy Edwina waiting for him. He doesn’t care about her explanations, he just never wants to see him again.

Edwina swears she didn’t say all that stuff to the reporter. She begs Simón to forgive her, but he walks away.

Capítulo 57

Antonio calls Isabel’s phone, but his mom answers, so he just talks to her instead. Yeah, he heard about the party. He’s going to try Isabel’s apartment, but could she send the cell phone back with their chauffeur? Isabel’s bound to need it.

He hangs up and admits to himself that he’s really not interested in talking to Isabel.

Sebastián gets to Titina’s and has to face down her three brothers–Andres, Julian, and Arnold.

Sebastián jokes that their parents must not have had a TV.

“They did, but they took advantage of the commercials.”

Ricardo’s begging Isabel to come over and she can’t resist agreeing that he can come pick her up.

Titina finally comes out of her house and saves Sebastián from her brothers.

Isabel’s waiting outside when Ricardo drives up. Ema’s out there too watching Isabel suck face with Ricardo from her car.

Cheo brings Sara home and starts talking about wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. He pulls the engagement ring out of his pocket and puts it on her finger while Antonio watches. Because he just happened to be in the parking lot at the same time.

Antonio walks away when they start kissing and misses the part where Sara tells Cheo she can’t accept a lifelong commitment. She wants to make sure they’re going to last first and she’s still iffy on the whole housewife thing. Cheo complains that any other woman would have been happy to talk marriage, but no, Sara feels pressured.

Antonio walks past Bruno and Javi on his way out. When Bruno sees Sara with Cheo, he realizes why Antonio looked upset.

Sara can’t get Cheo to understand that she just wants to NOT talk about getting married right now. What’s so difficult to understand about that?!

Cheo doesn’t see what’s wrong with him talking about what he wants out of their relationship.

Exactly! What HE wants. What about what she wants?! She doesn’t even know why she accepted the ring before when they have so many irreconcilable differences.

Cheo asks what she wants him to change and Sara thought bubbles that she doesn’t think the Cheo she knows will ever change.

Ema gets home and Eduardo’s in a good mood–they won a bid. Ema says she was just out giving Isabel her cell phone back. She mentions the engagement party, but talks about it in the past tense…because it WAS going to be a surprise, but now Antonio and Isabel are in on it.

Eduardo goes upstairs and Ema says she’s going to make a cup of tea. But she really just needs a minute to wonder what she’s supposed to do now. If she tells Eduardo, he’ll want to cancel the wedding and then what happens if Guillermo doesn’t want the scandal?

Sebastián can’t dance. And he’s too scared of Titina’s brothers to go anywhere else. I tune out the rest of their conversation.

Sebastian’s sporting a bite on his lip the next morning. He mentions running into Cheo yesterday in the parking lot and telling him there’s NOTHING going on between Sara and Antonio.

Yeah, Antonio saw him too…giving Sara a ring! He went over to Nacho’s to have a beer and talk about what’s going on at the plant. Nacho thinks he should tell the employees the plant might close. Antonio isn’t sure it’s a good idea. They’re hard workers and he doesn’t want to put more pressure on them after the Cetrocal spill.

Well, then, Sebastián thinks they have to think positive.

Pedro’s hench is feeling confident about this ducto they’re putting in at San Dionisio. Pedro warns him not to be. And as soon as they finish, they need to let him know so he can start sending tankers.

Bruno and Sara get caught up. She didn’t accept Cheo’s proposal, but he insisted on her keeping the ring and she didn’t feel like arguing. She tells Bruno that Cheo wants her to be a housewife…but Antonio said she was a go-getter.

Simón comes in, yelling at her to quit talking about Antonio if they’ve agreed not to see each other anymore!

Cheo complains to Roque that Sara wouldn’t get re-engaged, but he got her to keep the ring. The boss comes over to ask about the insurance and tell them they’re going to start bringing in more expensive cars.

Antonio finally gets hold of Isabel in the morning. She thought she’d lost her cell phone and she’s relieved to hear she left it at his house.

So she explained to his mom that he wants a small party?

Isabel claims she did. As for why he couldn’t reach her at the apartment last night, she unplugged the phone because she was tired and didn’t want to be bothered.

Ema’s still stewing, thinking that call Isabel got yesterday was from her lover…but she checks the phone and sees the calls from “Rita.” She uses her phone to call it and finds Ricardo on the other end of the line. She remembers Ricardo coming over the weekend that Antonio went missing. Now she’s really steamed.

Bruno stopped by the bank to make a loan payment and Edwina wasn’t there. She called in sick.

Simón doesn’t want to talk about her.

Bruno’s face doesn’t look like it’s going to leave this alone.

Isabel shows up to retrieve her cell phone. Ema’s cranky, but she says she’s worried about Antonio. She thinks to herself that she can’t tell anyone what she knows or it would bring them all down.

Marinita has talked to Quique and she’s confident that he’ll behave himself. He’s stubborn, but you can’t doubt that he loves Rafa.

Quique’s trying to get a deal on a floral arrangement.

Isabel calls for a quote from a catering company while Ema thought bubbles. Isabel seems excited enough. And if she’s cheating, well, so did Antonio. She probably won’t carry on with that guy after she’s married. And she definitely can’t accuse Guillermo Cisneros’ daughter of cheating. It would hurt her family more than his.

Isabel gets off the phone and says they’ll have a tasting tomorrow. And oh, look, Rita’s calling. Isabel says they’ll meet for dinner. So, yeah, she’s gotta go. Is Ema feeling calmer now?

Well, she’s just going to have to put up with it isn’t she.

Isabel says she’s sure Antonio’s fine. They’ll meet tomorrow for the tasting.

And Ema’s still left thinking she should do something.

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