La Vecina, jueves el 18 de junio, Capítulos 58 y 59

Sebastian asks Marinita to get a florist on the line for him. When the call gets connected, he asks for 2 dozen roses to be sent to…sent to…crap he doesn’t know the address. Just send them to Conatrol.

Quique lurks outside the gates of Conatrol and watches as the flowers he ordered for Rafa are delivered. He imagines Rafa will come out, all will be forgiven and they will all live Happily Ever After.

And it’s really a shame that Marinita delivers the flowers to ANTONIO. She tells him they are from Ing. Morales. There’s a racy little note about a molino and a tigre. Anto stomps out of his office. Did Marinita read the note? Of course she did not! Ant asks her to toss the flowers out. She takes them outside and tosses them in the garbage. Which Quique sees.

Antonio goes to yell at Sebastian for his bad taste jokes. He reads the note to Sebastian. Sebas explains the florist must have mixed up notes. He certainly didn’t ask for that note. Marinita calls Sebastian’s office and tells Antonio roses have arrived for him.

Ricardo shows Isabel the house. They are done with hotels.

I swear Sebastian said two dozen roses and that is NOT two dozen roses. I guess I was distracted by the skimpy bouquet because I don’t quite get what Antonio and Sebastian figured out based on the information the security guard gave them. And I may have written crappy notes…

Ricardo and Isabel make out. They make their way to the bedroom. She finds the tiger blanket a little off-putting.

Cheo visits Sara in the restaurant. He snoops on her computer and sees the account with Conatrol. He gets pissed. Sara gets pissed. It’s good for business. Cheo does his usual jealous ass crap and mentions the infamous trip to the D.F. yet again. Sara thinks it’s clear that he will never forget or forgive. She tells him he really needs to think if he wants to be with her. He swears he loves her. And she says she loves him, but that isn’t enough.

Quique begs Antonio not to take Rafa from him. Antonio tries to explain but decides it’s easier to just go with the misunderstanding. He pinky promises not to steal Rafa from Quique.

Ema sits at home and stews over the ethical quandary created by her discovery of Isabel’s infidelity. Antonio really should know, but the deal with Cisneros is too important for the family.

Sara wakes up. Antonio is sitting next to her. One thing leads to another and there are smoochies. Honestly his sneaking into her room would be kind of creepy if it weren’t for the fact that it’s just Antonio’s fantasy. No, I take that back, it’s still creepy. Anyhoo…Sebastaian interrupts his stalky fanatasy. They are both outside on the balcony, Sara is able to hear the conversation from her living room. Sebastian doesn’t get why Antonio just doesn’t go for it with Sara. First of all, Antonio is worried. What if it’s just desire and not love? Also, he just can’t believe that he could fall in love with someone like Sara. Sara finds that quite insulting.

Cheo whines to Roque about Conatrol’s account at El Molcajete.

Antonio tells Sebastian about his pinky promis with Quique.

Quique calls Rafa at conatrol. They have a flirty conversation until Quique asks if Rafa talked to Antonio yet. Yeah, Quique talked to Antonio last night. Rafa gets mad.

Antonio needs to talk to Rafa. He really doesn’t care what Rafa does in his private life, but Rafa needs to take care of it. He needs to to talk to Quique.

Hench drops off supplies to Cigala and Dardo. Dardo wonders what Hench does. Hench claims they are explorers. Cigala and Dardo think the henches are good peeps.

Antonio gave Rafa the day off to get his life in order. Marinita reminds him about the dinner with the Environmental Secretary. Antonio tells Sebastian he’s going too. Sebastian will have to cancel his date with Titina.

Cheo calls to beg Sara again. She agrees to meet him at Las Margaritas. He’s just about to leave when the boss stops him. He’s got some questions about the sales figures.

Titina pouts about Chebi having to cancel. Sebastian tells her he does’t know how long it will be. He’s got a business dinner at Las Margaritas.

Rafa breaks up with Quique

Sara runs into the assistant to the Secretary of th Environment. He recognizes her as Antonio’s assistant. She goes with it. Um. Yeah, she’s here for the dinner to. They go in and meet with Antonio. The Sec. comments on how pretty Antonio’s assistant is. Me: *eye roll*

Quique begs Rafa to reconsider. Rafa is unmoved. He told Quique there was nothing going on, but Quique didn’t trust him. Quique asks about the flowers. Rafa says he never got the flowers. Rafa says he isn’t anyone’s property to be fought over.

Capítulo 59

Sara explains the misunderstanding to Antonio. Antonio says she’ll just have to go with it. He tells her to say as little as possible and excuse herself as soon as she can. It should be easy. She’s good at lying. Sara takes offense. Of course. No wonder he can’t believe he fell in love with “someone like her.” She goes into the bathroom. Antonio realizes she overheard his conversation with Sebastian. She follows her right into the bathroom and tries to explain. A call from Cheo interrupts them. Sara plays the loving girlfriend. Hola amor! You’re going to be late? It’s ok. I’ll wait.

Titina has gone to Las Margaritas to spy on Chebi.

Rafa tells Marinita he broke up with Quique. Marinita explains the flower mix up.

Antonio promises the Sec. of the Environment that Conatrol will clean up the mess from the explosion. They say their farewells and Antonio is ready to get the hell out of there. Cheo is coming. Titina shows up. Hola Chebiiiii!

Cigala and Dardo deliver firewood for the padre. They tell him about the “explorers” paying them a week in advance plus extra for the meals Cigala is preparing.

Sebas and Titina argue. He says she was spying on him. She swears that it’s just a coincidence that she and her friend decided to meet at Las Margaritas. She pouts, sheds some tears and flounces away. Sebas chases after her. Sara and Antonio see them. Sara asks about Titina. Antonio says it’s just a friend of Sebastian’s. Sara gets it. Sebas got himself a little pueblerina plaything too. Antonio thinks she’s being unfair. She was the one that got him, stole his heart and did whatever she wanted with him. Obvs my translation sucks since it doesn’t sound as romantic as the soundtrack and Sara’s puppy dog eyes implied.

As Sebastian chases Titina he sees Cheo coming into the restaurant. Sebast opts to go after Cheo instead.

Cheo catches the end of Antonio’s declaration, the one where he is swearing he did’t want Sara to get hurt. He only said what he said last night because he can’t understand what’s happening to him. He reaches out to stroke away Sara’s tears, only to be punched by Cheo. All hell breaks loose. Sebastian goes to get security. They grab Cheo.

Cheo ends up in jail. Nothing can be done. The restaurant owner is pressing charges. Antonio opts not to…for Sara’s sake. Simón and Bruno are on their way into the station. Simon yells at Antonio. Antonio tells him to back off. He walks away. Bruno agrees. He tells Simon to lay off. Simon is mad about the newspaper article and he’s taking it out on the wrong people.

Sara visits Cheo in jail. Cheo doesn’t believe Sara and Antonio’s meeting was a coincidence.

Sebastian is mad at Antonio for not pressing charges. Cheo is dangerous. The guy broke into your apartment! Bruno overhears this. Sebastaian explains.

Padre Vicente wakes up to the sound of a truck. He barely notes it and goes back to sleep.

Isabel calls Antonio. She tried to get in touch with him last night. He mentions the dinner. He’s frustrated with he entire situation. He’s ready to leave San Gaspar. Isabel says one word to Uribe and Antonio could return. Antonio wants to finish the job. She asks if something in particular happened. He mentions the incident with Quique as what’s frustrating him. Isa thinks it’s hilarious. Antonio asks her not to tell anyone.

Cheo is out of jail. He calls Sara and says he has the money for Simon and Bruno. They must have bailed him out. Sara is cranky. She’s exhausted and hasn’t slept because she was dealing with his crap.

Simon visits Edwina. A neighbor says they haven’t seen her in three days. Simon remembers Bruno saying Edwina wasn’t at the bank. He starts to worry. He starts to dial the police but changes his mind and calls someone else.

Sebas lies to Natalia and says he’s heading over to the swamp where there is no service. He tells Titina the same lie when she calls. Ant asks if he gets tired of lying. Sebas is all “Women! What can I say?” How about nothing. Just don’t talk. Or cheat for that matter.

Fidel checks in with Quintin and finds out the firemen were called to an address. That’s Wini’s house! Fidel rushes over to his sister’s. He sees Simon. If anything has happened Edwina, Fidel is going to blame Simon! Fidel is just about to take an ax to Edwina’s gate when she runs up. Simon asks for a moment to speak to Edwina.

Cheo comes to El Molcajete. He wanted to bring the money personally. Cheo wonders what’s wrong with Sara. She seemed fine yesterday afternoon. Sara says she is not sure about the relationship anymore.

Simon graciously “forgives” Edwina. He’s an idiot. Edwina is Ok. Fine. But she’s on her lunch break and she has to get back to work. Simon tells Fidel that he and Edwina have worked things out. Simon is a complete idiot.

Sara needs some time to think. She doesn’t like Cheo’s violence. He takes no responsibility for his actions. She gives back the ring.

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