La Vecina, viernes 19 de junio, capítulos 60 y 61

Surprise! Natalia is in San Gaspar!

Ricardo is glad that Isabel has stayed in the DF and didn’t go with Natalia. They can get some quality alone time. Isabel thought bubbles: I’ve only got a little while left. I need to take advantage.

Bruno calls Laura…but it’s Pedro who answers. Bruno makes an excuse. He needed to talk to her about a project at the church.

Sebastian and Natalia head to the bedroom so she can unpack and get settled in. The doorbell rings. It’s Titina. With a panqué de nuez (quick google search reveals many recipes and YouTube videos…) Antonio says Sebastian is not home. Antonio walks out with Titina. He was just leaving. She asks about him leaving the lights on. He makes some excuse I didn’t listen to (and it came back to haunt me….)

Sebastian and Natalia come back out. She had heard the doorbell. Sebastian assumes that the portero needed something. He starts to step out but sees Antonio and Titina at the elevator. Sebas jumps back into the apartment. Natalia is on the balcony! Ack! He has to get her back in the apartment before…too late. Natalia sees Antonio with Titina and assumes Titina is la vecina.

At the same moment Titina spots someone leaving the balcony. She thinks Chebi has someone up there. Antonio explains its a ghost of a former resident who died under tragic circumstances. Now Titina understands why he leaves his lights on.

Natalia wants to call Isabel. Sebas tries to talk her out of it. Natalia sees the panqué too.

Pedro gives Laura the third degree about Bruno’s call. She explains that she had just talked to him about the literacy project. Padre Vicente was getting it started, but then was sent to San Dionisio. Laura and Bruno were still trying to keep going with it. Pedro tells her to call Bruno right now…in front of him.

Isa talks to Antonio. She’s at Ric’s Tiger’s Den. Natalia and Sebastian are going out to dinner. He leaves his cell with Antonio.

Bruno tells Laura they found a place to conduct the classes. It needs some work though. Pedro seems appeased. He sort of wonders what Bruno really wants but then (uncharacteristically) decides he’s being paranoid.

Padre Vicente and L/Dardo (who also was called Lazlo on the CCs today) discuss the midnight truck runs. They both find it odd considering no one comes to San Dionisio.

Atila goes out exploring. He stops in his tracks he sees….It’s Sara! She had gotten lost, but Atila was there to lead her to Padre Vicente. Sara could use his counsel right now.

Ricardo made breakfast for Isa. He’s loving their being together. This is what he wants. Nothing but the two of them. Isa asks him not to ruin the moment and changes the subject. She starts to chismear about her other rival…Rafa’s boyfriend. Ric is eating it up.

Sara fills Padre Vicente in on the latest drama that is her life.

Cheo comes to El Molcajete. He wants to know where Sara is. Bruno informs him that she has gone off to get some peace and quiet. Far from the Cheo/Antonio drama.

Padre Vicente starts a pro/con list for Antonio and Cheo. Cheo is violent. Antonio is not that bad a prospect; respectable and educated. But his affections are lukewarm and he can’t make up his mind. Ultimately though, Padre thinks it’s better to be alone rather than badly matched.

Bruno explains to Cheo that Sara needs her space. Bruno says she’s done with the drama. It’s a good thing she doesn’t know about Cheo breaking into Antonio’s apartment and threatening him. Cheo assumes that Antonio tattled to Bruno. Bruno corrects him. Bruno found out by accident.

Hench drops off more supplies to Cigala. Sara and Padre Vicente see him as he drives away. The hench thinks Padre looks familiar.

Capítulo 61

Sebastian and Natalia are going to a hotel that Rafa recommended. Sebastian and Antonio make dumb jokes about Rafa. As they are getting ready to leave, Sebas again leaves his phone with Antonio.

Laura meets with Bruno about the literacy classes. She can donate some furniture (?)

Sara meets Cigala and L/Dardo/Lazlo.

Ric was going to go art supply shopping with Isa, except Anselmo calls. He’s got a delivery from Pedro. Ricardo makes excuses to Isabel. She gets a little annoyed when he insists she doesn’t need to come with him.

Atila sees one of the trucks while he is out exploring.

Ema surprises Isabel with a visit. She brought some ideas for the wedding invitations.

Sebastian and Natalia had to cut the trip short. The hotel was being remodeled. So they went and had to just turn back around about come back. When they are alone, Antonio tells Sebastian that Titina saw the car as they were headed for the hotel.

Isabel has her own ideas for the invitations, but the conversation is interrupted. It’s Ricardo at the door. With a huge bouquet of flowers.

Sebastian instructs Chepe not to let Titina in. And if she shows up, call the apartment and say there is a “fuga” in apartment 405.

Ricardo claims the flowers are for Natalia for some work her agency did for Conaatrol. Ema is pretty suspicious. Natalia happens to call. Isabel tells her about Ricardo having some flowers for her. Natalia knows the score and plays along when the phone gets passed to Ricardo. Natalia passes the phone to Antonio so Ema can speak to him. Ema tells Antonio she is there to talk about wedding plans with Isabel. Ricardo overhears. Antonio seems surprised about Ricardo being at Isabel’s.

Sebastian gets mad about Ricardo bringing Natalia flowers. Chepe interrupts the hypocritical tirade to warn Sebastian about the “fuga en 405.”

Chepe is stuck trying to block Titina from going in. He’s got his broom ready. She can see the lights on in the apartment though. She leaves a message for Sebastian.

Cigala asks Padre Vicente if he’s seen Atila. He hasn’t come back from exploring.

Chepe passes along Titina’s message. She knows Sebastian is hiding and avoiding her. Sebastian texts her some lame excuse. She’s not falling for it. The fact that he’s texting about it proves her point.

Ema comes home to Eduardo and Guillermo enjoying a drink and a laugh. Everyone is just so happy about the match and the upcoming wedding.

Isabel tells Natalia that Ema seemed to fall for the story about the flowers. Unfortunately Ricardo had to hear that the wedding plans are still in the works. Natalia tells Isa she needs to break things off with Ricardo.

Ricardo is pissed. He realizes he’s just being used. He is not going to let Isabel win. She doesn’t know who she is dealing with.

Everyone searches for Atila. Atila falls and screams. The henches hear him, but assume it’s a mountain lion or some animal.

The search party hears the trucks, but they have more important things to do…like look for Atila.

While no one is looking, Titina sneaks into the apartment building. She goes up to Antonio’s apartment. He lets her in and says she can wait if she’d like, but Sebas is not there and he won’t be back for a while.

Isabel goes to see Ricardo. She wants to try and explain. He asks her to leave. He thought bubbles about Isabel being a spoiled rich girl who doesn’t like being told no. Out loud he tells Isabel that it’s clear to him that he’ll never be more than her lover.

Padre and Sara see Atila’s bag. Atila fell down a steep embankment and is unconscious. L/Dardo/Lazlo freaks out. Sara instructs everyone to take off their belts, they can put them together so someone can climb down and get Atila.

Antonio tells Titina that Sebastian is at la ciénaga. He doesn’t think Titina needs to be so jealous and clingy. What happened to their relationship with no attachments. Titina fires back that not being attached doesn’t mean she has to put up with being lied to. Titina agrees to leave, but asks Antonio not to say anything to Sebastian.

Atila is barely breathing. They need to bring up back up.

Isabel swears she’s not using Ricardo, but a person of her social standing has certain obligations. Ricardo knows that means “I have to marry someone like Antonio.” Ricardo tells Isabel he doesn’t want to see her anymore. She gets upset and kisses him. He plays dead fish. Isabel leaves, upset. Ricardo smirks.

Atila is hypothermic. They have to get him inside and warmed up. Sara is going for the doctor.

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