La Vecina, lunes 22 de junio, capítulos 62 y 63

Titina’s friend has a job interview at the airport and asks Titina to come with her, for luck.

The doctor expects Atila to be conscious again in a few hours. They just need to keep him warm, covered in blankets, make sure he’s not in a draft. Sara offers to drive the doctor home and get back to San Gaspar herself.

Bruno returns Laura’s call and gives her Rodobaldo’s number, but he’s confused by her change in demeanor. Simón’s like “Maybe because her MARIDO was there?”

Sara hasn’t left yet when Pedro’s hench comes by to pick up lunch. Cigala has nothing prepared and tells him about Atila. Hench offers her some cash, in case they need medicine or whatever. He’ll figure out how to handle lunch for today.

Someone’s insistently ringing on Isabel’s door and she assumes it’s Ricardo. Instead it’s Ema and Eduardo with a plate of cold cuts and a bottle of wine.

Atila’s awake. And he remembers guys with rifles and a truck. He wants to talk to Padre V.

Over in Saqueador Central the guy who drove the truck today got there late and main Hench is irritated, but he’s going to drive back with him.

Padre V gets to Cigala and *ardo’s and Atila tells all. He saw the men who steal gas. They had a truck and rifles and when they heard him, they all started looking for him and it was so dark, he fell into an agujero. *ardo corrects him, it was a barranca. Anyway, the guy in charge is the one who buys the food from them.

*ardo is ready to get a posse together, but Padre V tells him to chill. They’re going to call the cops.

Eduardo proposes one last toast to Isabel and comments that the day went by so fast and they should do this more often. Isabel’s face does not want to do this more often.

Fidel calls Antonio, who insists on going to San Dionisio with him. They get there with lights and sirens and Antonio has gotten upgraded to navigator, since he knows the location of the pipe. Padre V is coming with them and tells, I swear this is what I heard, Nacho to go back to town. So we’ve got Bardo, Lardo, Dardo, Lazlo, Nacho…I never hear the same one twice in a row.

Fidel, Antonio, and Padre V decide there’s only 1 logical place they’d try to drive the tanker and they already have a roadblock set up. To find out where they were stealing the gas, they ask Atila for details. Atila’s dad knows the spot he’s talking about. Fidel hopes if they get there quickly they’ll still find some of the guys milling about.

Quintin comes running into Cigala and her husband’s house to say they have the tanker and the driver/s made a run for it.

It’s daylight and Fidel’s team still haven’t found Saqueador Central. But someone calls in saying they found a freshly-dead body.

Before they head out to look, Fidel tells someone to get Antonio, Padre V, and Atila’s dad bulletproof vests. And Padre V in his full cassock with the vest over is the cutest thing.

Sebastián and Natalia get back to the apartment. Rafa meets them in the parking area and tells Sebastián that Antonio’s gone out on a mission with Fidel–they found a valve!

Fidel and the guys sneak up on the group of saqueadores who are camped out by the pipe and talking about how none of them knows Jacinto and they took this job because they couldn’t find any others. Fidel comes in with his team to arrest them.

Antonio stayed behind like he was supposed to, but he gets shot by one of the saqueadores who wasn’t near the tent. It’s like “yay for the vest” but also “damn, that hurt!”

A guy at the station calls Rafa. Fidel said to tell him the operation was a success and Antonio will send him the location of the clandestine valve (right by the giant pipes that say “CONATROL”) so he and his guys can come in and seal it off and recover the gas.

Rafa’s at the CONATROL apartment with Sebastián and Natalia and passes on the news.

Quintin’s going back to town with the handful of saqueadores they captured while Fidel waits with all the guys who aren’t cops and probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place for Rafa to arrive. Atila’s dad points out that Jacinto (main hench) wasn’t one of the ones they rounded up.

Fidel calls to tell the guys with the dead body not to let it leave until they’ve seen it.

Carmelo’s worried that the truck hasn’t arrived and calls Pedro. Pedro tells him to chill.

The dead body is not Jacinto. The crime scene guys take the body.

Sebastián says goodbye to Natalia at the airport and doesn’t notice Titina and her friend watching them.

The crime scene guys didn’t find any ID in the tanker. Rafa shows up with some guys from the plant, including Pepe and Nelson. Nelson volunteers to drive the tanker to the plant so they can unload it. They’re all excited about the bust, but Antonio tells them this is just the beginning.

Jacinto has apparently been running around in the woods all night looking for a cell signal.

Pedro and Anselmo hear about the bust on the news. Pedro doesn’t take it well. LOL!

Capítulo 63

Isabel picks Natalia up at the airport. She’s pissed to hear about Antonio going with the cops last night. She tells Natalia she’s just had the worst weekend! First, Ricardo broke up with her. Then her in-laws spent all day with her on Sunday. And now she’s hearing about Antonio running off to play the hero. She wonders if she’s going to end up a widow before she even gets married.

Ricardo is just reading the news when Pedro calls him. Ricardo asks what tanker they confiscated.


Oops. He’ll look into it and get back to him.

Sara hadn’t heard what happened. Rosa tells her and she thinks they should be worried about Antonio, but Sara’s like “He wouldn’t have been directly involved…right?”

Ricardo talks to Uribe, who already knew what happened and agrees with Ricardo that Antonio was crazy to go on the op himself. But Antonio was key to the op being successful.

Ricardo gets back to his office and calls Pedro. It was the people from Las Peñas who called the cops. It looks like Antonio’s little “community assistance” program is actually going to work.

Pedro’s upset that he still doesn’t know if the dead body mentioned on the news is Jacinto or the truck driver.

Quintin calls Fidel to tell him all the saqueadores have given their statements and they swear they don’t know each other and they were all hired by some guy named Jacinto. They’re not bad guys, they just needed the work.

Antonio’s angry that the saqueadores are preying on the needy. Fidel agrees, but if you do the crime, etc.

They pull up in front of CONATROL and Antonio tells the reporters he and Fidel will explain exactly what happened, but he wants to point out that they have allies in the community. That’s who reported this valve and that’s who are the eyes and ears for CONATROL. The saqueadores should be afraid.

Pedro complains to Carmelo that Antonio just declared war on them and a war is what they’re going to get.

Antonio and Sebastián are waiting outside the apartment for Chepe to open the gate. Antonio’s explaining that Las Peñas is pretty isolated and the saqueadores found a place in between sensors where the loss of pressure wouldn’t register.

They start freaking out about a guy walking towards the car, but it’s one of Antonio’s ex-bodyguards. Fidel asked him to patrol the apartment.

Antonio introduces him to Sebastián, who might look like a criminal, but also works for CONATROL, jajaja.

They drive in and Chepe goes out to greet Ismael. Someone’s watching them from across the street.

Anselmo drags Jacinto into Pedro’s office for a scolding. And possibly a shooting. Although, I’m inclined to agree with Jacinto that the major screwup wasn’t his fault.

Antonio’s giving Sebastián more details about the op and Cigala and the family. Antonio thinks Sebastián should hire Cigala’s husband.

Ismael calls from downstairs to tell Sebastián that Cristina Aguilera’s there to see him.


Ugh. They let her in. Sebastián tries to break up with her, but Titina’s all “All you had to do was tell me your girlfriend was here!” So he’s never gonna lie to her again, right?

Jacinto swears it was the truck driver who got them off-schedule. He remembers Cigala telling him about her son getting lost. That must have been the noise they heard the night before. And the kid told the Padre from San Gaspar, who was in San Dionisio for who knows what reason, and he must have called his buddy Fidel.

Pedro believes him, but he’s going to have to talk to Carmelo and see if Carmelo forgives him for shooting the truck driver.

Jacinto says the guy was getting cold feet. He couldn’t risk him telling the cops everything, so he had to shoot him!

“Tell it to Carmelo.”

Pedro gets home and has a creepily normal conversation with Laura about getting the classroom set up at the church. He asks about Padre V, and Laura knows he went to San Dionisio, which is where they found the valve, which she heard about on the news. Pedro wonders if Sara knows. Laura should call her and see if she needs anything.

Bruno and Simón are making a deal with a guy that involves pickers and oranges and the only thing I understood was that Simón only agrees to the deal if the guy buys all the oranges.

Antonio’s in his jammies when Sara comes over to check on him and sees the giant bruise in the middle of his chest. She runs back to her place to get some arnica. (Good call!)

Titina, Sebastián, hotel.

Ema invited Isabel’s dad over for dinner and cards. She’s talking about how they need to spend time together because soon they’ll be family. She suggests to Isa that they just get married whenever and Isabel can go live in San Gaspar until Antonio’s done with his work there. She thought bubbles that maybe it will keep Isabel from screwing around.

Antonio tries to convince Sara that he got the bruise from running into a tree branch. He finally admits he got shot at and Sara hugs him in a panic. She would feel terrible if anything happened to him. And so would he…uh, to her.

Simón calls and Sara says she’s at the store. She explains to Antonio that she’s supposed to be d–

Detoxing from him?

Distancing from him and Cheo both. Which is easier with Cheo than with him. But what she really came over for was to ask about Padre V.

Antonio tells her about Atila’s recovery and the valve and Padre V calling the cops….

He winds up his story talking about Jacinto.

Sara remembers seeing him and him being really nice about Cigala not having prepared lunch.

Antonio says that’s the guy who got away. He calls Fidel to see about Sara talking to a sketch artist.

Isabel complains to her dad about Antonio putting his life in danger and not even telling her about it.

Fidel returns Antonio’s call and says he can send a guy over to the restaurant tomorrow.

Sara figures she’d better go…after nearly running into him multiple times between the couch and the door and him giving her an awkward kiss…on the cheek.

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