La Vecina, martes 23 de junio, capítulo 64

Sara gets back to Simón’s apartment empty-handed. When he asks what she went to the store for, she replies “Problems!”

Simón and Bruno are heading out early the next morning when they pass Sebastián and his giant obvious hickey in the downstairs hallway.

Upstairs, Sebastián sneaks into the apartment, but Antonio was already getting up for the day. He agrees with Sebastian catching an hour of sleep, but as he’s making coffee he hears Sebastián screaming “WTF!” from the bedroom.

Sebastián’s back is covered in scratches, in addition to the giant obvious hickey. Antonio asks if she’s got a ventosa (sucker) instead of a mouth.

Sebastián’s all “I’m gonna put a stop to this!” but Antonio doesn’t believe him. And he thinks it’s gonna take a couple of weeks to get rid of it all. Too bad for Sebas that Natalia’s coming back on Friday. (Maybe he could borrow some arnica from Sara.)

Andres sees Titina coming back to the house and buys her excuse that she was studying with Sylvia for a test today. She hasn’t seen Che(eeeeee)bi because he’s busy with work. And that is why Andres likes him for Titina.

Antonio comes over to Sara’s to borrow a scarf. And if she lets him in, he’ll tell her what it’s for.

Sebastián gets a call from Natalia. Yep, yep, he’s exhausted, it’s all work work work. Maybe she shouldn’t visit on Friday–he wouldn’t have any time to spend with her.

Unfortunately for him, Natalia likes him enough that just getting a look at him is enough for her.

Sara gets a laugh out of Sebastián’s antics, but the problem is nobody in San Gaspar wears scarves. She could maybe find him a mascada (handkerchief…but also bite.)

Sebastián comes in to work with a hankie tied around his neck and hurries into Antonio’s office with barely a word to Marinita.

Marinita asks Antonio if Sebastián finally caught his grumpiness. ‘Cause hey, Antonio was really snotty when he first got there.

Antonio sarcastically thanks her for the past tense.

Well, anyway…Sebastián should probably tie the handkerchief tighter ’cause it’s not covering his hickey. Jajaja!

Pedro stops by El Molcajete for coffee and to ask Sara about Padre Vicente. Sara fills him in on the whole story about Atila being out all night and Sara going out for the doctor and Jacinto showing up to pick up lunch.

Simón and Bruno are back from their early-morning errand and one of the agricultores tells Bruno the seeds and gels he ordered have arrived. Bruno tells Simón he’s going ahead with the hydroponics classes.

And suddenly, there’s Merce with a suitcase and Juancho. She’s turning Juancho over to Simón because she just can’t even with him!

Sara winds up her story, Pedro pretending to be shocked that Padre V called the cops, Fidel arrested the saqueadores, and Antonio would have died if he hadn’t been wearing a bulletproof vest.

The perito dibujante arrives to work with Sara. Pedro gets almost hostile, asking what Sara has to do with any of this.

Oh yeah, she saw the guy who came to pick up the food.

Pedro pretends it’s all good and leaves them to talk. Pedro’s face informs us that it is not, in fact, all good.

Juancho failed a few subjects and is supposed to take extra classes, but Merce just doesn’t know what to do with him! Simón is the only one he listens to! Or well, Padre V, but he’s not available! Please, please, please?! If he won’t agree she’ll have a soponcio (fit).

Simón agrees, but doesn’t consult Bruno before saying Juancho can stay in his room. Bruno starts to object but looks at Merce’s pleading face again and goes along with the plan. Juancho brought his gaming console, right? Jajaja!

Merce and Simón don’t think it’s funny.

Quintin and Fidel get orders to arrest somebody they don’t want to arrest….

Nelson and Pepe get a look at Sebastián’s wardrobe and tease him about where he left his marimbas.

Jaja…Sebastián needs one of them to go to Las Peñas with him to interview Lazlo for the community assistance program. Nelson suggests they all go, but they’re delayed by a call from Titina.

Sebastián’s complaining about the state of his back and neck, but Titina says…you know what, I wasn’t really listening and I’m not going back for it.

Nelson and Pepe  get a laugh out of it. Sebastián calls her the hija del Chupacabras (which would make him a cabra). He’ll just print off some paperwork and meet them in the parking area.

Fidel and Quintin show up to arrest Nacho. It’s the saddest arrest ever. Nacho calls his STBX an hija de la fregada.

Isabel’s dad shows up at Antonio’s office.

Pedro’s furious about Antonio’s interference. Too bad the bullet didn’t hit him in the head!

Anselmo’s willing to try, but Pedro says he needs to think about this with a cool head and have someone who’s not involved with the organization take Antonio out for him. Sara’s boyfriend, maybe?

Isabel’s dad made a special trip just to scold Antonio in person for putting his life in danger. He and Isabel do not approve. Guillermo’s worried the saqueadores are going to try to get revenge on him.

Pedro finds Cheo’s business card in his desk and tells Anselmo to go find out everything he can about Cheo and make sure he’s not just a loudmouth.

Merce tells Simón the wash business is doing well. She’s going to talk to an owner of a hotelito and see if she can offer to do their laundry.

Bruno mentions they need to do something about the leaves and he’s on his way out to buy the chemicals. He’ll drop the others off at El Molcajete to see Sara.

Guillermo moves on to scolding Antonio for devoting too much of himself to work and leaving Isabel alone. He offers to put Antonio in charge of all his businesses.

Sebastian’s still waiting for his paperwork. Marinita says it’s probably stuck behind the general reports she printed. He’s going to go in and talk to Antonio, but Marina tells him Guillermo Cisneros is in there–not that she knows who he is. Sebastian says he’s Antonio’s future suegro.

Antonio can’t accept. He’s a petroleum engineer. If he weren’t Isabel’s future husband, would Guillermo even be offering this job? He can tell from Guillermo’s face that he wouldn’t.

Marina interrupts with a call from Sara. Awkward! Antonio says he can’t talk right now and explains to Guillermo that Sara’s someone he knows who saw one of the saqueadores up close and is probably just calling to say she’s done with the sketch artist. She’s the owner of the restaurant that CONATROL has a contract with. But they DEFINITELY shouldn’t go there for lunch! No, Guillermo should try this other place that has a mole that’s very typical of the region….

Sebastián’s in a hurry to get his paperwork and be gone before Guillermo can see him and accidentally mention his ginormous hickeys to Natalia.

Marinita: Well, who told you go Don Juan-ing?

Sebastián: But I’m good looking!

Marinita: Yeah, yeah, here’s your forms.

Guillermo and Antonio walk out of his office and Guillermo compliments Sebastián’s new look while Antonio motions to him to pull his handkerchief up on one side.

In town, Bruno goes to the chemical place (fertilizer, maybe?) and Merce, Sad!Juancho, and Simón are going to walk to el Molcajete from there.

In the parking area, Sebastián bids Guillermo and Antonio goodbye since he’s off to San Dionisio. Guillermo just has to ask Antonio what’s going on with Sebastian’s neck.

Antonio claims it’s an allergic skin thing and Guillermo laughs like he knows that’s code for face-sucking townie. I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Pedro’s in the chemical store when Bruno’s buying his chemicals. I wish Bruno hadn’t mentioned doing the thing with the leaves to Pedro. Pedro’s all “I need something to deal with an INFESTATION in my GARDEN.”

Pedro gets a product to spray in his yard and as soon as Bruno gets rung up they can start loading his costales in the back of the truck.

Poor Nacho languishes in jail. His STBX is thrilled to see him there and thinks she’s got some major ammo against him. She shows him a picture where the angle makes it look like he’s kissing his employee.

Sara’s glad to see her mom and Juancho, but the adults move quickly into scolding Juancho about his grades. He’s not in the mood to hear this, especially from Perfect Sara, and walks out of the restaurant.

STBX tells Nacho he’s gonna negotiate now, unless he wants the judge to call his “lover” to testify.

Sara catches up to Juancho, who whines that no one understands him, walks into traffic, and gets hit by Antonio’s car.

Now he’s really furious that Perfect Sara’s little friend was the one in the car. Guillermo’s amused by Juancho’s snotty attitude. He asks if Sara’s Sebastián’s friend and Antonio mentions the restaurant. Juancho asks if Guillermo’s there to keep an eye on his yerno.

“No, but if all the women in San Gaspar are as beautiful as your sister, someone might need to keep an eye on me!”

Juancho gripes that all the Chilangos (people from Mexico City) think they can come here and–

Sara interrupts him and drags him back to the restaurant.

Guillermo says Sara really is pretty. He’s thought so since he met her.

Antonio pretends he’s just agreeing with Guillermo to humor him.

Fidel’s annoyed with Nacho’s future ex and her lawyer for having Nacho arrested. She tells Fidel he’s got the next 20 of the 24 hours Nacho’s supposed to spend there to convince him to negotiate with her.

Fidel heads back to the holding cells and tells Nacho he can leave. They’ll sneak him out the back. No one will no.

Nacho doesn’t want that vulture to end up suing Fidel too. He’ll stay as long as he’s supposed to. He asks Fidel to find Leila and ask her to come see him so he can warn her that his wife’s trying to drag her into this divorce mess.

On the drive to the restaurant Guillermo asks if Sara and Sebastián have a thing.

No, Sebastian would never do that to Natalia!

Uh huh. ‘Cause Sebastián’s a player and Sara’s pretty.

Antonio insists they’re just friends.

On the way to San Dionisio, Pepe and Nelson tease Sebastián about Titina. Did he really believe her when she said she was OK with a no-commitment relationship? Nelson wisely says that Sebastián does not know the San Gasparinas of San Gaspar.

Sara gets Juancho back to the restaurant, where he starts complaining about Antonio nearly running him over and telling them Cheo was right that all he did was use Sara.

Sara and Merce retreat to the front desk. Merce though Sara had gotten over Antonio. Sara says she kind of has, but then sometimes she feels like there’s something. She knows he’s engaged, but she can’t stop the way she feels.

Antonio drops Guillermo off at the airport and heaves a big sigh of relief.

Padre Vicente brings Sebastián, Pepe, and Nelson over to Cigala and Lazlo’s. Sebastián explains the community support program and Lazlo agrees to help. Padre V tells Atila this never would have happened if he hadn’t found the saqueadores. Atila’s like “So how come they’re not hiring me?”

Antonio gets back to his office and calls Isabel. Sorry, he didn’t have time to call her earlier since HER DAD stopped by to make him a job offer. What did she say to him to make him do that?

Isabel says she told him about Antonio being on hand when they busted the saqueadores and that she’s concerned for his safety.

Antonio says this is his job and she and her dad had better respect it. If she wanted to marry someone who’d live off her daddy’s money, she’s still in time to call it off.

No, no, Isabel accepts his job, she just wants him to be careful.

Pedro assigns his second-best-hench to sneak into Bruno’s orchard and spray something that will kill off all the oranges.

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