La Vecina, martes 23 de junio, capítulo 65

Actually, Pedro’s plan is to have second-best-hench sneak into Simon and Bruno’s warehouse and add something to the two chemicals they’re spraying in the orchard that will kill the oranges.

Isabel’s trying to reach Ricardo, but he texts her that he’s busy.

Sebastián and the guys are heading back to San Gaspar, turning down Cigala’s offer of food. He says they’ll do a proper carne asada soon. Padre V, Nelson, and Pepe do some fútbol smack talk. And Atila wonders what will happen if the Artilleros win the Jaibolera. Nah, not gonna happen. And maybe the bishop will let him go back before the season ends. Cigala and Lazlo give him the side eye and Padre V scolds himself for opening his mouth.

Cheo convinces a potential client to take a long test drive, starting tonight at 8.

Roque’s like “I see Sara’s forgotten.”

Hey, it’s not like Cheo was planning to become a monk! He’s just giving Sara time to miss him.

Or time to hang out with you-know-who.

Cheo’s sure Sara’s not going for the ingeniero.

So he’s done being obsessed?

What he’s not done with is wanting to kill Antonio.

Anselmo overhears and smiles like this in any way means Cheo’s capable of trying.

Leila visits Nacho in the holding cell with food and reassurances that if she does get called to testify she’ll make sure to tell the judge that Nacho’s wife up and left him and took the kids. There really wasn’t anything going on between them but now it feels like there might be something.

Bruno’s talking to the guy who always seems to be around the warehouse about mixing the chemicals and getting everything loaded on the tractor. Laura calls to ask him if he’ll help her set up her classroom at the church. Bruno says he can’t, but the other guy says he can mix it if Bruno needs to go.

The guys are on their way back to San Gaspar when Titina calls Sebastián. He complains before answering. He sets up a date for tonight at 9 so they can have a looooong talk. He swears to the guys that he’s breaking up with her or his name’s not Sebastián Morales. (Well, lately it seems like your name is Cheeeeebiiiiii. Just saying.)

At the church, Bruno wrestles with a large bookshelf. The bookshelf wins. He’s got a bruise on his goal-scoring toe, but Laura’s sure it will heal by Sunday.

Anselmo calls Pedro from in front of Cheo’s building. Pedro’s irritated that so far all Anselmo’s found out is his address and that he *says* he wants to kill Antonio. He tells Anselmo to come back.

One of the other guys in the organization calls Pedro to ask why he had to hear about San Dionisio from Carmelo.

Bruno has moved on to putting a nail in the wall. Laura tells him not to hurt himself.

Hey, as long as she’s the one who fixes him up after.

*Awkward pause*

Bruno says he didn’t mean to embarrass her. He takes a call from the guy at the warehouse who says everything’s mixed and ready to go. Bruno explains they’ve gotta do it early or the chemical could scorch the leaves.

Since he’s planning for an early morning, Laura suggests the leave the rest of the setup for another day.

Pedro’s coworker is upset that they have fewer valves they can use to drain the gas and they need MORE.

Pedro’s like “Yeah, I know. I’m working on it.” And then he sees Bruno and Laura heading out of the church together.

They’re surprised to see him. As soon as he asks if they were in there alone, Laura swears the students were helping too.

Bruno doesn’t contradict her, but as Pedro walks Laura back to the car with his hand clamped on her arm he wonders why she lied. Has Bruno not been paying attention for the last 64 episodes?

Sara and her family get back to the apartment about the same time Antonio does. Merce says she heard about San Dionisio and she’s glad he’s OK. And then she demands Juancho apologize to Antonio and mentions that he’s going to be staying with Simón.

Antonio’s face: THE HORROR!

Merce says he won’t cause any problems (or else).

As everyone gets off the elevator, Merce stops to tell Antonio to leave Sara alone. Only with more words.

Merce tells Sara she just stopped to tell Antonio that Sara won’t be bothering him anymore.

“Um…I don’t bother him.”

Well, every time Sara comes around, she only brings trouble. Merce LIES and says that’s what Antonio told her. And when Simón asks if he really said that, Merce LIES again and says he did.

As soon as one of the guys Pedro’s hench hired says the solution Bruno’s spraying tomorrow is all mixed, Pedro’s hench sends them to add the herbicide. And once they see the results, they’ll get paid. (I guess if they don’t see results…more bodies in the ciénaga?)

Sebastián is back and happily announces that Lazlo accepted the job. And now he’s off to dinner with Titina to break up with her. For real. Antonio’s face seriously doubts that.

The sketch of Jacinto is done and ready to be sent to other law enforcement agencies in the area. It’s a pretty good sketch.

Pedro asks about the classes at the church and Laura says some of the students will be teaching too–knitting and carpentry. She silently asks God for forgiveness, but she really can’t have Pedro thinking there’s something between her and Bruno.

She goes off to the kitchen for more napkins and Pedro gets the call from his hench. He silently gloats about getting his message across to Bruno.

Sebastián arrives at Titina’s house, expecting her to come out to the front gate where he can break up with her and make a run for it. But no…Andres drags him inside so their parents can meet him. He tries to plant some seeds about going back to the DF for a good long while, but then he gets pressured into saying of course he’ll come back soon to visit Titina. Her dad insists he stay for a tequila.

Bruno gets back to the apartments and runs into Javi. He’s now moved from thinking Laura’s shallow and married Pedro for his money to thinking that Pedro has somehow trapped her. Javi says either way, she’s married and Bruno shouldn’t go looking for trouble.

Sebastián’s still trying to leave Titina’s house, but now he’s expected to stay for dinner. And why didn’t he invite Antonio?! Sebastián tries to call Antonio and makes excuses about how Antonio’s still working and that’s where Sebastián should be, but he gets dragged back inside. Casa Titina–you can check out any time you like, but first have another tequila.

Ricardo gets home and finds Isabel waiting outside for him. He’s still complaining about not wanting to be second to Antonio, but he gets over it when she plants her face on him.

Antonio visits Nacho in jail. He went to his place for a beer and heard Nacho got arrested, so here he is. Nacho tells him about Berenice coming after him and no worries, he’s got a lawyer.

Nacho heard about Antonio getting shot. Of course he wouldn’t have done the same thing! That’s what the police are for. Now the saqueadores are going to be gunning for Antonio.

Antonio refuses to leave until he’s saved the plant. Nacho tells him he’s got a friend at CONATROL DF who assures him that Uribe has already decided to close the plant.

Sebastián. Dinner. Fútbol references. More tequila.

Nacho’s source is reliable.

Antonio still won’t go until the plant actually gets closed.

Nacho advises him to talk to Uribe so he doesn’t get surprised the way Nacho was.

Sebastián is drunk and he drives himself home, which is not the comical moment the show wants to pretend it is. Also, they’ve now seen the hickey and decided Sebastián is cheating on Titina.

Antonio gets home and sees five missed calls from Sebastián. He calls back, but Sebastián left the phone at Titina’s. Her brothers come in, determined to torture him until he admits he’s cheating and Titina calls her dad to come stop them.

Sara and Bruno both have insomnia. Sara keeps thinking about Merce telling her Antonio said every time she comes around, there’s trouble. And Bruno’s dealing with Juancho’s snoring and…well, forget it. He’s gotta be up at 5. Laters.

Titina’s dad tells her brothers not to be mean to her boyfriend.

Sebastian gets home, acting way less drunk. He tells Antonio about the surprise dinner and realizes he left his phone at Titina’s.

Antonio predicts by now Titina knows there’s a Natalia who calls multiple times.

Antonio’s prediction is correct.

Antonio drives Sebastián over to Titina’s to retrieve his cell phone, but that gets him nowhere. Andres gets a better look at his neck and calls his brothers over. Sebastián escapes and crawls into Antonio’s moving car through the front window. Titina realizes they chased Sebastián away and starts howling for her dad.

Pedro hears from the guy at the warehouse that Bruno’s done spraying the orchard. Pedro sends Anselmo off to make contact with Cheo.

Antonio’s phone starts getting calls from Sebastián’s. Obviously, its Titina. Sebastian loses his temper with her, starts to curse her out, and Antonio takes his phone back. When she calls again, Sebastián fakes calm, but swears to Antonio that once he gets his cell phone back, she’s gone!

At the office, Antonio tells Sebastian what Nacho said about the plant closing. Nacho’s source is close to “Sitges” on the board. Antonio calls Uribe, who says it’s not a rumor. He and Sitges talked about it last night and he wants Antonio and Sebastián to come to Mexico for a meeting tomorrow.

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