La Vecina, miércoles 24 de junio, capítulo 66

Antonio tells Sebastián they have to go to Mexico for tomorrow’s meeting. They have to convince Sitges not to close the plant. They’ll leave Rafa in charge.

Of course, Sebastián’s worried about seeing Natalia with his fancy new neck scarf. Antonio proposes they just don’t tell anyone they’re in town. They’ll go, have the meeting, and come back.

As for Sebastián’s phone…he’s sending “Marinita chula” to get it back for him.

Nacho’s free! And he sees the sketch of Jacinto on Fidel’s desk. He thinks he recognizes him, but he can’t remember where from.

David comes to Ricardo’s office to get his signature on some paperwork. He’s guessing Ricardo saw Isabel recently. His whole demeanor changes when he does. Is she ditching Antonio for him?

Not yet. And as Ricardo says when David leaves the office Pedro’s gonna kill Antonio anyway.

Marinita’s fine with asking Titina for the phone, but what if Titina won’t hand it over?

Sebastian imagines the two of them pulling out each other’s hair. But he’s sure Marinita will find a way to get the phone.

Sebastián and Antonio get to work on a report that somehow turns all the recent mishaps into a hopeful picture for the future.

Merce’s going back to Progreso. She keeps bugging Juancho about being responsible and growing up and even I’m starting to wish she’d quit! Simon matter-of-factly says Juancho’s going to spend 3 hours a day reviewing the subjects he failed so he’ll be ready for the extraordinarias (tests, not classes).

Magda comes by the bank to make a withdrawal and chat with Edwina. She’s not putting Vladimir in the same summer program as last year, so Edwina thinks he can help her with her weather balloon. It just came in today and she’s suuuuuper excited.

On the way to the bus station, Sara asks if Antonio really said she causes nothing but trouble and Merce tells her to stop the jeep. They have yet another conversation about Antonio not being the right guy for her, although Cheo’s not either, and the best way to get over him is to leave him alone, etc.

Marinita can’t get Titina to give her the phone, so she asks to just write down some contact info Sebastián needs. She tries to make a break for it, but Titina catches up to her, they fight, and Titina goes back home and shuts the gate.

Magda thinks Vladimir is going to like working with Edwina. Fidel says he can be whatever he wants, except a cohetero! Magda would definitely rather Vladimir in space than a cop.

Bruno talks to Braulio about his pickers coming over. Simón comes in with Juancho and says Juancho’s going to supervise the picking. And right now, he’s coming with Bruno to clean out the tanks they used to spray the orchard.

Cheo sells a car. He’s headed for a good month if this keeps up.

Anselmo calls to interrupt his good mood. The whole “A friend gave me your number” thing sounds like a scam to him. Anselmo has to call Cheo again and say he knows Cheo has a problem with a certain CONATROL engineer and they should meet tomorrow in the park.

Uribe tells Ricardo he needs to be at the meeting tomorrow and they need his honest opinion.

Well, Ricardo thinks it would be a shame to shut down the plant and he has complete faith in Antonio that he can turn things around.

That’s just what Uribe was hoping he’d say.

Antonio’s leaving Rafa a copy of the report they’re presenting, in case he needs Rafa for backup. And he’ll call if he needs more information.

Marina comes in looking way worse than when she left Titina’s. She couldn’t get the cell phone back…Titina’s a beast! All the guys are trying not to laugh and the actress admirably keeps from laughing with thm.

Sebastián has yet another plan to get the cell phone back….

Ricardo tells David about tomorrow’s meeting. He assumes Ricardo wants to get Antonio fired, but Ricardo’s less worried about the vice-presidency. He wants Isabel, so he doesn’t want Antonio coming back to Mexico.

Sebastián and Antonio come to El Molcajete so Sebastián can ask Sara to get his cell phone back for him….

Isabel calls Ricardo and he assumes it’s to cancel their date since Antonio’s coming to town for a meeting tomorrow. Didn’t he tell her?

Now Isabel does cancel their date and leaves Ricardo wondering how many times Antonio’s gotta stand her up before she breaks up with him!

Sara asks Titina for Sebastián’s cell phone. And she’s not here to take a message–hand over the cell phone or she’ll take it, por las malas.

Sara rushes past her, into the house, and threatens Titina. Either she gets the phone or Sara will tell her whole family that Titina’s the one who left the hickeys on Sebastián’s neck. Titina’s mom comes into the living room and Titina has to play along.

Sara takes the cell phone and runs out of the house. Titina thought bubbles that she has everything she needs already.

Antonio and Sebastián get to his apartment anticipating a long evening of preparing reports. Sara calls to tell Antonio that she’s got Sebastián’s cell. All she had to do was threaten to tell her family about the hickeys.

Antonio’s still laughing about it when Isabel and Natalia show up. He says he’s gotta go.

Rosa saw Sara getting off the phone and looking sad and Sara explains it was Antonio. Then Cheo sends her a text and she smiles. But no, she’s not getting back together with him. At least not now.

Cheo told Roque about the call from Anselmo. He’s debating whether he should go to the meeting. Something about the guy knowing he has issues with Antonio makes him think it’s legit.

Roque’s like “All of San Gaspar knows you have issues with Antonio.”

Antonio and Sebastián’s story is that it was a last-minute trip, the meeting was confidential, they’ve got a lot of work to do to prepare for the meeting, and Sebastian’s just caught a little “cold.” (Although right now I’m thinking “Covid! Where’s your mask?! Sanitize everything!”) Sebastian even sneezes on Natalia for effect.

Isabel’s furious that Antonio didn’t call her. And he didn’t even smile when he saw her! So she calls Ricardo–their date is back on. Natalia disapproves.

Hey, Isabel needs someone to pay attention to her. And if Antonio won’t, Ricardo will.

Antonio calls Marina, who assures him Isabel didn’t call and she and Rafa are the only ones who even know about the trip.

Antonio wonders if maybe it was Ricardo.

Bruno drags Juancho out to fútbol practice. Juancho’s only fútbol experience is console games. He gets Bruno to agree they’ll get tacos after.

Nacho tries to send Leila home and let him close, but she refuses. It’s better there than alone at home.

Anselmo walks over asking for cigarettes, but Nacho doesn’t sell them. Nacho realizes he saw the guy from the sketch talking to Anselmo at El Molcajete, back when Pedro still owned it. He runs off to tell Fidel.

Sara’s happy to hear that Juancho went to fútbol practice and Simón and Bruno’s side business is doing well.

Vladimir calls Edwina to talk balloons. She promises he’ll be there when she actually launches one. And he can help her do everything to get ready.

Vladimir suggests that Simón can help them.

Uh…Simón’s busy with his rocket and his orchard. What’s Vladimir going to dress up as for school (Halloween?)?

An astronaut!

Nacho tells Fidel he’s seen the guy in the sketch talking to one of Fidel’s bodyguards. But of course Pedro couldn’t possibly….

Fidel says he won’t tell Pedro who gave him the information.

Pedro’s fussing about how much money they’re going to lose from having that one valve closed off. That’s what he gets for not diversifying.

Laura comes into the dining room and just casually asks what he’s doing with the map.

Pedro gets all huffy that he’s looking at roads.

Laura asks why he never tells her anything about his work.

Because he doesn’t think she’d understand. Better she concentrates on her classes at the church–that’s what she’s good for.

Antonio and Sebastián try to figure out how everyone’s leaning. There are two finance guys who will only see losses. And Ricardo’s definitely not on their side.

Bruno and Juancho get home from practice. Poor Juancho is wiped. Sara tells him to shower before he goes to sleep. She tells Bruno to wake Simón up in case he sleeps through the alarm. Poor Juancho seems to be hearing for the first time that there’s a 5 in the morning too and that he’s expected to get up at it to help with the picking.

Doña Luz is playing an unsatisfactory game of cards with her son. She dismisses him and calls the bishop to tell him she’s like totally dying this time, like for real, she’s seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…she needs to confess!

Uh huh, and she wants Padre V to hear her confession. Well, hang on until tomorrow and he’ll see if he can find Vicente.

Antonio calls Ricardo to get an idea on where Ricardo stands on closing the plant.

Ricardo says it depends on what he hears tomorrow, but he’s convinced they’re not going to change anyone’s minds about closing down the plant. Isabel comes up behind him all “Here’s your drink, babe,” and Ricardo jumps up from the couch and says they’ll talk tomorrow.

Antonio hangs up, confused, and swears he heard Isabel’s voice.

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