La Vecina, miércoles 24 de junio, capítulo 67

Ricardo’s really rude to Isabel, saying she should have kept her mouth shut when she saw him on his cell phone.

Antonio’s sure he heard Isabel’s voice.

Sebastián thinks it’s just nerves. He’s off to his apartment, since this is no longer a stealth trip.

Isabel goes back to her apartment and thinks she’s gotten away with things again–no call from Antonio.

Antonio just keeps replaying it in his head and convinces himself he didn’t hear Isabel.

Isa goes running to Natalia to tell her in a half-worried, half-bragging tone that she thinks Antonio might have heard her when he called Ricardo.

Whatever. Natalia thinks Isa’s obsessed with Ricardo and isn’t going to believe Isabel can ditch him until she sees it.

Juancho takes it upon himself to set the alarm to 7. It’s just as good as 5, amirite?

In the morning Bruno and Simón are panicky and Graciano’s calling to say there’s been some kind of problem, but he wouldn’t say what. They don’t bother trying to wake up Juancho to go with them.

Fidel and Quintin are off to Pedro’s to ask about Jacinto.

Ricardo comes to Antonio’s office to hear his pitch and says he’ll support him at the meeting…which is basically now.

The entire orchard has been poisoned. The trees are dying and Bruno doesn’t know why. Simón suggests they pack up some samples and take them to one of Bruno’s university professors.

Pedro says Jacinto did work for him, but he hasn’t seen him in six months. He hired him on a recommendation from one of his other employees, but there was just something about him he didn’t like.

Fidel doesn’t look like he believes him. He explains that Jacinto was the guy in charge at San Dionisio and Pedro says he’s glad he fired him.

Sara’s been waiting to find out what happened, but Simón still doesn’t know. Bruno’s off getting tests done.

Juancho comes running into the restaurant, cranky because they all took off and left him.

Sara tells him about the oranges and Juancho thinks that maybe this was his fault for changing the alarm. He tells Sara he’s going out to the orchard to see what he can do to help.

Fidel asks if the current guards knew Jacinto. He’d like to speak to them.

Elias is the only one around, but Pedro calls him in and explains that Fidel and Quintin want to know about Jacinto. Can he believe Jacinto turned out to be working with the saqueadores?

Elias knew there was something about that guy he didn’t like. But Jacinto was really quiet, so he doesn’t know much about him. His last name was something like Robles? Or Flores? But, gosh, if Jacinto turned out to be a criminal, he could have been lying.

Fidel asks Laura if she knows anything, but she never talked to the guy.

Pedro has Elias walk them out and Laura asks why he said he fired Jacinto six months ago. She’s sure she saw him around more recently than that.

Pedro says she’s wrong (gaslighting!) and anyway he doesn’t want them to be associated with a criminal.

The bishop’s assistant visits Padre Vicente…with his replacement. Padre Segovia had a problem with the consecrated wine. Vicente tells him it’s a nice place, the people are friendly and you just have to watch out for the wild animals at night. Kidding! He’s never seen anything but cats and dogs. Really, if he didn’t love San Gaspar he’d stay here himself.

Meeting time. Antonio focuses on the valve shutdown at San Dionisio and the effects closing the plant would have on the local economy.

Juancho gets to the warehouse, where Simón’s poking at what looks like a burned orange. Juancho asks what happened and whether getting there early would have made a difference. Even though Simón says it wouldn’t have, Juancho admits he changed the alarm. Simón scolds him for not just telling them he was tired, so they’d let him stay home.

Pedro calls Anselmo to warn him that Fidel might ask him about Jacinto. Anselmo’s on his way to Progreso and Pedro reminds him not to let Cheo see him.

Elias calls Pedro to tell him he just got word that all of Simón and Bruno’s trees are dead.

Bruno’s professor says there’s no way the foliants he used could cause this kind of damage. He’ll run some tests and call him later.

Cheo’s on his way to the meeting at the park. He asks Roque to cover for him with the boss.

Bruno goes over to Merce’s. She hasn’t talked to Sara or Simón, so he tells her their entire crop died. They’re screwed.

In San Dionisio they’re having a Welcome/Goodbye carne asada. Padre V says he’ll miss Atila and the family, but he’ll visit. And if they come to San Gaspar, he’ll gladly host them. Atila hugs Padre V and Cigala tries to cuddle up to Lazlo while he makes creeped-out faces.

At the meeting, Uribe calls for a break to give everyone time to think before they vote.

Cheo shows up to the meeting at an outdoor café and calls Sara to tell her he thinks about her all the time. Then he asks himself what she would think if she knew he were having a meeting with someone who wants Antonio dead. I think we all know the answer to that.

Anselmo calls Pedro to tell him Cheo showed. Pedro tells him to go ahead with the plan.

Back in Antonio’s office, Ricardo says Antonio made a brilliant argument, but he’s not sure it’s enough to change anyone’s mind. The only reason he didn’t say anything was that he didn’t have anything to add.

Uribe calls to invite Ricardo to have lunch with the board. Ricardo tells Antonio maybe he’ll be able to do something for Antonio…digo, the San Gaspar plant, after all.

Sebastián’s annoyed with Ricardo. He thinks the only reason Ricardo’s helping them is that having Antonio out in San Gaspar gives him a better shot at the vice presidency.

Well, whatever. Antonio’s only worried about San Gaspar right now. He’ll worry about the vice presidency later.

Ema comes over to Isabel’s to pick her up for lunch. Ema heard about Antonio being in town and Isabel says he got summoned at the last minute for some important meeting. She hasn’t even called, so she doesn’t bother him.

Isa’s phone rings and she excuses herself to take the measurements of a painting for the gallery.

Ema assumes that means “the gallery,” and fumes that Isabel thinks she’s getting away with this.

Merce calls Simón on speaker. He confirms that the oranges (naranjas) are dead and possibly so are the trees (naranjos). He doesn’t know if Bruno’s right about someone doing this on purpose, but they can’t do anything without proof. Bruno insists it was Pedro Arango and now Merce’s worried because Sara’s involved with him.

Simón tells Bruno to cut it out. They have no way of knowing it was Pedro.

Bruno insists Pedro takes advantage of all the growers and he hits his wife.

OK, Simón agrees about him taking advantage of the growers, but they have no proof of anything else! They’ll wait and see what the tests say.

Merce hangs up the phone. She knows Simón always wants to take everything calmly, but this is her daughter! She demands Bruno tell her everything.

Cheo has given up and asks for the check, but right then Anselmo calls him and says he’s been watching him. He tells Cheo to order another coffee. He’s going to send him something.

While Ema’s waiting for Isabel, she calls Antonio to try to guilt him into coming to lunch with them. Antonio says he’ll try. As Ema and Isabel are leaving, Ema’s talking about tablecloths or place settings or something that would similarly be of no interest to anyone who doesn’t typically plan a lot of events.

Cheo’s still at the table when Anselmo calls again. A guy comes over to hand Cheo an envelope full of cash. Anselmo tells him there’s more where that came from, as soon as the job is finished. They also want Antonio Andrade dead.

Fidel’s sure they won’t get any more info out of Pedro. Either because he really doesn’t know more or because he’s lying. Elias definitely took the hint that he wasn’t supposed to say much. Fidel asks Quintin to talk to the station in Puebla and see if they’ve got anything on a “Jacinto Robles.”

Cheo’s terrified now, but Anselmo keeps the pressure on. There’s more where that came from.

But Cheo’s never killed anyone before!

There’s a first time for everything. He gives Cheo until 8pm to hang something out his window to signal he’s accepted the deal.

After listening to Bruno, Merce agrees with both him and Simón. Pedro isn’t the nice guy he pretends to be, but they can’t do anything without proof.

Sara’s at the restaurant, moping. She tells Rosa about the orchard. Pepe, Nelson, and Rafa come in for lunch and overhear. They place their orders and then ask for more details.

At the lunch with Uribe, Ricardo says he agrees with Antonio. Saving the plant is like saving the entire company ’cause they’re gonna look like a bunch of losers if they close it. Or something like that.

Antonio shows up for lunch. Ema and Isabel are glad to see him, but he explains he’s there to save the San Gaspar plant.

Ema thinks the plant closing is the best thing that could happen!

Um, no, not for the workers.

Ema, I kid you not, says “Well, I don’t know anything about that, so don’t bother explaining.”

Antonio asks to drop the subject and asks Isabel how preparing for the show is going.

Ema says Isabel’s been working so hard! Every time they get together she gets interrupted by calls from the gallery, that “Rita Suarez.”

Ricardo’s next tactic is to say if they pull Antonio out of San Gaspar, Antonio would quit. Not that he’s said anything, but it’s what Ricardo would do.

Ema has moved on to asking if they should just go ahead and announce the engagement since Antonio’s in town.

Antonio, exasperated, says he’s here to do ONE thing and he’s not going to lose focus. Did she not hear that they might close the plant?!

Did he not hear how great that would be?

Antonio says if they close the plant he’ll quit.

Even better! He can start working with Guillermo, right Isabel?

Isabel agrees. Ema thought bubbles that if this wasn’t such an advantageous marriage, she’d rip the mask off Isabel right now.

Cheo gets back to work, freaked out, and lets Roque think that he got stood up.

Juancho asks Simón how he’s doing and Simón explains that losing the crop is really going to hurt financially. And it’s going to take time to raise another one. He wishes he hadn’t spent so much on the cohete. They could really use the money right now.

Juancho offers to sell his game console.

Simón would settle for a hug.

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