La Vecina, jueves 25 de junio, capítulo 68

Marina and Rafa are worried about how the big meeting in the DF is going. Antonio hasn’t called. Rafa tells Marina about the oranges and she wonders if she should tell Antonio. Rafa tells her to wait until Antonio calls her.

Edwina has signed up for an email list about balloons. She also joined a club, but it’s in the DF, so she may not get to go. Vladimir jokes about going himself, but Edwina reminds him they’re partners! And THIS project is going to get off the ground, not just sit in a warehouse for years.

Ricardo comes back from lunch and tells Sebastián that he argued for keeping the plant open. If this works, Antonio owes him one.

Sebastián mentions Antonio went out to lunch with his mom and Isabel. They’re probably doing wedding stuff.

Back at Isabel’s apartment, Antonio checks out her latest paintings and the wedding invitations she designed. Antonio asks if she seriously wants to marry him.

Isa says something about forgetting everything when she’s with him and kisses him.

Ricardo vents to David about arguing on behalf of Antonio while he’s out doing wedding prep.

David says if Ricardo doesn’t watch it he’s going to lose his chance at vice-presidentship and Antonio’s going to marry Isabel.

Ricardo’s not giving up on her. And David had better not go against him.

So, they have wedding invitations, but no date. Isabel says she knows work comes first for him, but she doesn’t sound convinced.

Marina calls asking him about some paperwork she showed him earlier and BTW something happened with Simón, Sara’s uncle….

Antonio says he can’t listen right now.

Isabel gets a call from “Rita Suarez” and ignores it. Ricardo texts her to be at his apartment at 9pm or else. “Oh, darn, I forgot a had a meeting tonight with Rita and the curator!”

Padre Vicente is home again and stops by El Molcajete first. Sara’s so glad he’s back! They really need him now. Simón and Bruno lost their entire crop.

Bruno’s professor hands over a report with the University seal so it looks more impressive if Bruno wants to file a police report. Someone added a chemical to his foliant spray.

Bruno remembers Pedro at the fertilizer place and he’s sure Pedro did this.

The profe doesn’t know about that, but if he needs him to back up that report, he’ll do it. In the meantime, they have 3 days to reverse the poisoning.

Cheo stalls until it’s nearly 8pm, but he hangs a blue shirt on his balcony.

At Bruno and Simón’s apartment, the family gathers. Bruno explains why he thinks Pedro’s to blame. Sara’s all sad-faced, but OK, if he did it then he should pay the consequences.

Sebastian and his scarf show up at Antonio’s.  He tells him that Ricardo says Antonio owes him one.

Sebastián asks about Antonio’s lunch with Isabel.

Antonio says she’s excited about wedding stuff, but he can’t understand why. He’s been a lousy novio lately.

Sebastián thinks Isabel assumes when she marries him, she’ll get the old Antonio back.

Isabel shows up at Ricardo’s so he can ask her about marrying Antonio. Isabel says she and Ricardo are too different.

Ricardo’s offended at her for saying that and says a bunch of loser macho stuff before throwing Isabela on the couch and grabbing her by the throat.

Antonio remembers Marina calling him earlier and mentions it to Sebastián. He calls Marina, who says she needed names of the people he’s hired for the community support program, but she got them from Rafa. And also Sara’s uncle Simón lost his entire crop of oranges.

Cheo’s doorman brings up a shoebox some kid delivered that’s completely covered in tape. Cheo cuts it open and finds another stack of cash, a note that says he gets another 50 mil when Antonio’s taken care of, and a flannel bag with a gun.

Cheo’s phone rings, but it’s just Roque calling to invite him out. Cheo turns him down. He’s too busy freaking out.

Antonio’s trying to call Sara, but she’s not answering.

Natalia calls his apartment to talk to Sebastián. He’s *cough* still sick *sneeze* and he’s going back home as soon as they finish up the document they’re working on.

He hangs up and the phone rings again. This time it’s Titina. She’s got all 123 of his contacts from his phone, so he’d better call her twice a day and be back by Saturday or she’ll have to start calling people to find him.

Antonio finds the whole thing hilarious. He tries calling Sara again.

Sara and Padre V are staring at the phone. Sara refuses to answer. She’s not gonna be “the other woman.”

Padre V’s happy to hear it. As long as she knows what she wants, screw everyone else! Or, well, you get the picture.

Anselmo gets back and tells Pedro that Cheo took the bait. Pedro gloats about Antonio’s days being numbered.

Bruno and Simón explain to Fidel that Pedro has had it in for them since they bought the truck. They didn’t think he’d actually do anything, but it’s too much of a coincidence that Pedro was there when Bruno bought the foliating chemicals.

Quintin offers to go to the fertilizer place and find out what Pedro bought, but Fidel tells him not to. That herbicide is too common. It still wouldn’t prove Pedro did it. If they accuse him without solid evidence, he’ll just sue them.

Fidel suggests they press charges on whoever turns out to be responsible and let him figure out who that is.

They accuse him of covering for Pedro and Quintin tries to jump in and tell them they’re already investigating Pedro, but Fidel cuts him off. If they want to press charges against Pedro, they can go out there and talk to the MP.

Fidel tells Quintin he’s sure Pedro has his secrets and if they don’t do a good job on this investigation, he’ll get away from them. He’d rather Bruno and Simon think ill of him than to mess up the investigation.

Simón convinces Bruno to do what Fidel said and let the police do the investigating. Their priority is saving the orchard. Simón’s considering selling the truck.

Isabel and Ricardo are done doing the only thing she wants from him, and she’s going to keep getting it, but now he’s in charge. He shoves her out the door and throws her shoes after her.

Ricardo calls Pedro to ask how it’s going with the whole “killing Antonio” thing. Pedro says it’s just a matter of time, so start celebrating.

Padre Vicente’s leaving Simón’s place. Sara calls Juancho to come say goodbye. He’s still super bummed about the orchard.

Vicente invites him to the church to talk, whenever.

Isabel likes the new Ricardo: now with more violence!

Doña Lucita is steamed that Padre Vicente isn’t back and she’s determined to go to San Dionisio and drag him back herself if she has to!

Padre Vicente says that won’t be necessary.

Lucita scolds him. They were expecting him earlier! She made that chilpachole that he likes and he can tell her whatever he wants while he’s eating.

Fidel is home and tells Magda he’s wondering if Edwina has heard about Simon and Bruno’s orchard. They’re friends, after all. He feels bad for them–they’re so hardworking.

Padre Vicente’s enjoying the chilpachole. Lucita admits that Lupe actually made it, but it’s her recipe and she supervised!

Vicente explains that he was late because he stopped at El Molcajete and mentions the orchard.

Doña Lucita asks if there’s anything to be done and tells him to send Bruno and Simón over to her tomorrow and she’ll write them a check for the chemicals they need.

Antonio comes to Uribe’s office.  The board of directors decided to keep the plant open.  Antonio is determined to turn things around, fast. If there’s nothing else, he’s headed back to San Gaspar this afternoon.

Sebastián and Ricardo are anxiously awaiting the news and Antonio happily announces it to them.  He thanks Ricardo for his help.  He and Sebas are headed back to San Gaspar this afternoon.  Ricardo thought bubbles that Antonio’s only coming back to Mexico city “con los pies por delante” (feet first; in a coffin).

Doña Lucita hands over a check to Bruno and Simón. I want to be Doña Lucita when I grow up (still true). Simón and Bruno are going to pay her back, but she’s not worried about it.  She invites them to have some lunch, but Bruno says they quicker they get to work, the greater the chance they can save the trees.  She shoos them out.

Edwina comes to the warehouse to talk to Simón, but Juancho’s the only one there. Graciano explains that she was Simón’s friend, but then she talked to a reporter and now they’re not friends.

Juancho goes out there and tells her not to come around again, but with a lot more words and way ruder. He assumes Simón will be grateful for this but Graciano looks like he’s regretting having said anything to Juancho.

Cheo is waiting outside of Conatrol. He thought Antonio would have shown up by now, so he calls the office and asks to speak to him, saying he’s from the department of Urban Development.

Marina tells him Antonio’s not in town, but he’s coming back on the 6pm flight.

Cheo says he’ll call back. He looks down at the box with the gun and the money and decides to go to the airport.

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