La Vecina, jueves 25 de junio, capítulo 69

Quintin has been to the forrajería (which I’m finally looking up and it seems it’s more like a feed store?) and has all the chisme. Bruno and Pedro were there on the same day and the guy remembers them talking. So yeah, Pedro knew Bruno was going to be spraying. And Pedro did buy herbicide, but it wasn’t the same one that poisoned the orange trees. BUT very few people DO buy the correct one, which is controlled and expensive, and guess who bought the most of it this year so far?!


Antonio and Sebastián are headed back to San Gasper tonight. Sebastián doesn’t know what he’ll tell Natalia, but if he doesn’t go back then he doesn’t know how he’ll deal with Titina.

Antonio calls Isabel who’s all “Oh, how nice for you.” and they make plans for lunch before he leaves.

Sebastián calls Titina and says he doesn’t know when he’s going to be back, but he’ll let her know. And he misses her. The whole time he’s making faces at Antonio and pretending he’s stabbing the phone with a letter opener.

Bruno notices Edwina’s not at her desk. Another bank employee says she’s coming in late today. Simón tries to pretend he doesn’t care.

Ricardo calls Isabel to demand they have lunch together. He doesn’t care if she’s going to lunch with Antonio, just tell him where. He can’t wait to see the look on her face while he’s feeling her up under the table. I feel dirty just repeating that.

Edwina gets to work and wants nothing to do with Simón, since Juancho told her how Simón feels about her.

Simón tells Bruno he’s going to have to have a talk with Juancho.

Laura tells Pedro that Padre Vicente’s back. A friend of his organized a welcome dinner.

And Laura wasn’t invited?

Well…she doesn’t know Lucita.

Pedro starts griping about wanting to do know who these people are that Laura’s going to be working with. He thought bubbles that he’s gonna make Padre V pay for calling the cops on the saqueadores.

Padre V and Sara review Simón and Bruno’s situation. They’re glad Doña Lucita loaned them the money for the chemicals, but even if the trees survive it will take another two years to get a crop. The truck does make them some money, but it’s not a regular income.

Juancho’s still in the warehouse, looking at cohete stuff on the computer. He starts taking notes about something he thinks is incorrect.

David brings Ricardo a report. Ricardo’s cell phone beeps and he gloats to David that he has so much power over Isabel that he’s going to get to fulfill a fantasy. David’s face thinks that’s TMI.

Cheo debates going into El Molcajete. He hopes what he’s going to do will bring him and Sara back together.

Sebastián is in his office, sans scarf, telling Natalia he can’t see her today and he’s going back to San Gaspar tonight. She pouts, he pouts, they make kissy noises, y ya.

Ricardo comes in with paperwork and asks what’s up with Sebastián’s neck.

“It’s an allergic reaction.”

Ricardo doesn’t believe him.

Well, since he’s there, Sebastián doesn’t want him sending flowers to Natalia!

Ricardo warns him that it’s not good to be possessive of someone you’re lying to. What if Natalia found out about those hickeys?

Laura finally gets to see Padre Vicente and welcome him back. He heard she’s been getting ready for those literacy classes and Pedro has donated a lot of money. He wants to thank him in person.

Laura says it’s not necessary. He’s always so busy with his businesses…but he’s very reserved about them so Laura doesn’t even know what they are.

Padre V looks interested.

Juancho’s still at the computer when Simón gets back to the warehouse and yells at him for telling off Edwina.

Anselmo tells Pedro that there’s movement at the warehouse–they’re unloading a bunch of chemicals.

Pedro’s not worried. Even if they save the trees it will be two harvest seasons before they’ll have any fruit. He’ll just see if they can make it that long.

Anselmo reminds him about the truck.

Pedro not concerned.

Antonio. Isabel. Ricardo. Lunch. Hands under the table.

Nelson’s listening from around the corner as Rafa and Marinita speculate about the plant getting closed down. She wasn’t able to ask Antonio about it directly and he told Rafa he thought the meeting had gone well, but who knows.

Nelson immediately calls Pedro to tell him they might close the plant down.

Isabel and Ricardo make out near the restrooms, but Ricardo tells her to go back to the table when Pedro calls twice in a row.

Back at the table, Isabel says the martini got her overheated and then shoves her Ric-germ-laden mouth on Antonio. He’s kind of weirded out, but aren’t we all? He leaves his credit card to pay the bill while he goes to the bathroom.

Ricardo’s in the bathroom telling Pedro his informant is wrong. There was an emergency meeting, but Antonio’s on his way back to San Gaspar. So, really, Pedro needs to hurry up and kill him so Ricardo can take over at the plant.

Antonio hears a little of this conversation, but not enough to be incriminating.

Antonio and Sebastián get back to San Gaspar and Titina’s waiting for CHEBIIIIIIIII!

Antonio heads outside and tries calling Isabel, but she’s too busy with Ric to answer. Cheo comes up behind him all threatening, shows Antonio the gun, and tells him they’re going to the parking garage.

Airport. Titina. Sebastián. Face-sucking.

In the parking garage, Cheo tells Antonio to look at the box in his truck. Someone wants him dead–not that Cheo knows who. All he’s trying to do is warn Antonio. He refuses to talk to the cops, but Antonio points out that if Antonio doesn’t end up dead, they’ll come after Cheo.

He hadn’t thought of that.

Titina drags Sebastián off somewhere when he can’t find Antonio or his cell phone.

Natalia gets back to the apartment and finds Isa begging Ricardo to spend the night. Natalia’s like “WTF?” and Isabel’s like “I neeeeeeeeeeed him!”

Now it’s Antonio and Cheo who can’t find Sebastián. Then they argue about which BFF is the better BFF. Then they decide to just leave without Sebastián and go to the cops.

Just to clarify–Isabel needs Ric, but only in bed. Natalia thinks she needs professional help.

Padre Vicente’s polishing the Jaibolera when Juancho comes over. He got booted from the orchard when they started mixing the chemicals. He complains about always screwing up and Padre V asks what all he’s screwed up and Juancho’s like “Just since I got here, or before?” He starts off with turning off the alarm.

Titina’s basically kidnapping Sebastián and taking him to her house.

Juancho’s winding up his story about telling off Edwina.

Padre V says that was a bad move. You have to learn to think before you act and to keep your nose out of other people’s business!

But…isn’t he supposed to help his projimo?

Getting into other people’s business is not helping your projimo, it’s being metiche! Let people sort out their own problems.

OK, so…does Padre V know where Edwina lives?

Padre V looks like his head’s about to pop off.

Edwina and Vladimir get back to her place. She suggests popcorn first and then weather balloon instructional videos.

Cheo’s in Fidel’s office with Antonio, telling Fidel about this whole murder plot. He’s mostly honest, but I don’t know if I believe that from the beginning he was just going along with it to see what happened.

Fidel has Quintin take Cheo over to the Ministerio Publico to make his statement and send in a forensics tech to analyze the gun. Fidel’s holding on to the cell phone–he’s got a plan for that.

Sebastián ends his visit to Titina’s by getting his back hurt when one of her brothers tries to demonstrate a wrestling move on him.

Cheo’s ready to leave the police station, but Fidel and Antonio remind him he’s now in as much danger as Antonio. He’s going to hang out in Fidel’s office, waiting for the bad guys to call back. He’ll tell them he couldn’t kill Antonio because he’s got bodyguards–which is about to be true again–and offer to give back the money and the gun. He’ll leave it someplace and when they pick it up the cops will grab them.

Edwina and Vladimir are looking at balloon info online. Juancho comes over to bark an apology in Edwina’s general direction while holding a box of chocolates. Edwina tells him to take a hike!

So, Antonio’s got bodyguards again. They’re headed off to patrol outside the apartment.

Sara comes up to needle him about his engagement.

Antonio says he was in the DF for a meeting. He heard about Simón’s orchard and he’s sorry. If they need anything, just ask.

Sara has Sebastián’s cell phone.

Antonio says he’ll tell him. And BTW Cheo’s at the police station. Someone hired him to kill Antonio. (Well, when you put it that way….)

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