La Vecina, viernes 26 de junio, capítulo 70

Sebastián pries himself off the couch to answer the door. It’s Juancho and he’s looking for Antonio, but Sebastián doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

Antonio explains to Sara that someone who knew Cheo had a problem with him hired Cheo to kill him. And Cheo accepted, but it was just so he could warn Antonio.

The doorbell rings before Sebastián’s gotten settled on the couch again. It’s Juancho again, and this time he tells Sebastián he’s Sara’s brother. Sebastián lets him come in and puts him in charge of answering the door.

Antonio explains to Sara that Cheo’s under guard at the police station, waiting for the person who hired him to call again.

Natalia wins the Best BFF award this episode. She called and made an appointment with a therapist for Isabel.

Antonio gets home and finds Juancho and Sebastián sacked out on the couches. Juancho apologizes to Antonio for being a jerk and then offers him the box of chocolates Edwina didn’t want.

Antonio doesn’t like chocolates. And he has stuff to do. And the farther away Juancho stays from him, the better.

Juancho starts griping that he’s just trying to apologize here!

Yes, and now they have a truce. Go home.

Antonio and Sebastián get caught up on everything that happened since they got separated.

Magda picks up Vladimir at Edwina’s. Edwina says they watched videos and learned how to put together the “packet” that goes up with the balloon. Magda doesn’t get it, but Vladimir’s going to explain it to her on the way home.

Sebastián’s not sure Cheo’s on the level, but Antonio says he didn’t even think about what would happen to him if he didn’t go through with it.

Whatever. Sebastián doesn’t like this.

Antonio insists they’ll just increase security at the plant and he’ll have bodyguards. The thing he wonders about is who knew he and Cheo had problems?

Um, all of San Gaspar knows about Antonio and Sara.

Exactly! Antonio and Sara, not Antonio and Cheo.

Simón calls the apartment to let Juancho know, since Sara’s not there, that he and Bruno won’t make it home tonight. Juancho offers to go to the orchard and help, but Simón tells him to stay put and stay out of trouble!

Merce calls to check up on Juancho and as soon as she finds out that Juancho’s not out at the orchard helping spray dangerous chemicals, starts yelling at him for being lazy. Juancho sets the phone down and lets her yell.

Antonio tells Sebastián about running into Sara and telling her what Cheo did. Sebastián doesn’t like Antonio making Cheo out to be a hero, especially after that time he broke in.

Someone lets Sara into Fidel’s office where they’ve got Cheo’s cell phone all hooked up and are waiting for a call. Cheo tells Sara that he’s actually doing this for her, because he couldn’t stand the thought of her being upset if anything happened to Antonio.

The phone rings. Everyone gets ready for Cheo to answer…and it’s Roque.

Nelson’s at Nacho’s having beer and talking about the potential closing of the plant. Nacho says it’s a possibility, but they’re going to have to wait until Antonio gets back and tells them what’s what.

Nelson notices Leila and Nacho looking at each other and he’s like “Pues, como dice el dicho, un clavo saca otro clavo!” Which Nacho points out is the first time he’s said an actual dicho. But Nacho says it’s not like that. Leila’s been supportive and he’s grateful, but that’s it. Leila hears and makes a sad face.

The phone rings at Isabel’s. Natalia answers, expecting to have to tell off Ricardo, but it’s Antonio. Isabel doesn’t want to talk to him either.

So she says Isa’s asleep.

Does she want to talk to Sebastián?

No. She’s upset that he didn’t even make the least bit of effort to spend time with her. Tell him she’s thinking seriously about looking for someone who will.

Sebastián doesn’t think she means it. The only reason he was upset about Ricardo sending her flowers is because he doesn’t trust Ricardo, not Natalia.

Ricardo’s obsessing about Isa still wanting to marry Antonio. When Antonio’s dead, she’ll see he was useless.

Sara fell asleep on Cheo’s shoulder. He wakes her up and tells her to go home–there’s no reason for both of them to have a bad night.

She won’t leave until she knows what’s going to happen.

In the morning, Antonio calls Fidel from the office. He hears that Sara was there last night, but other than that, there’s no news.

Rafa comes to Antonio’s office and Antonio fills him in about Cheo being hired to kill him, then asks him to gather the security guys and have them step things up.

Simón and Bruno get home. Juancho made breakfast, but they’re not hungry. When he tells them Sara’s at the police station with Cheo they scold him for not calling to tell them. They head right back out the door to go find her.

Nelson’s telling Pepe the plant shutdown is almost a done deal. Ramón overhears and demands Nelson give him more details.

Rafa finally asks about the meeting and Antonio says the plant isn’t closing for now. They’ve been given another chance. Antonio doesn’t want to tell the workers, though. There’s no point worrying them.

Sebastián has a representative from every pueblo in the region and just needs someone to rep La Ciénaga and he’ll start up the commmunity outreach program.

Ramon’s now getting everybody worked up about Antonio hiding things from them. As everyone but Nelson and Pepe walk off, Pepe’s like “Now look what you’ve done!” But they follow the others to go interrogate Antonio.

Pedro tells Anselmo to call Cheo and put pressure on him.

When the phone rings in Fidel’s office, Sara has just handed out cups of coffee. Fidel tells Cheo to stay calm as he answers the phone.

Cheo goes with Fidel’s plan and says he’s not going to be able to kill Antonio because he’s got guards 24/7. He’s prepared to give back the money and the gun and they can just forget this ever happened.

Anselmo’s screaming at him about “You accepted! You can’t back out!” and Pedro takes the phone and ends the call.

The cops can’t trace the call, but Quintin thinks it was coming from somewhere in San Gaspar.

Ramón and the others barge into Antonio’s office and he explains that yes, CONATROL was planning on shutting down the plant, but he talked to the board and they’ve been given another chance.

Ramón’s still pissed off that Antonio didn’t tell them. Antonio’s like “I didn’t want to get everybody all worked up.”

Rafa tells the guys to get back to work. (Other than Marinita, have we ever seen another female employee at the plant?)

Fidel explains to Cheo that he’s gotta keep the guy on the line longer so they can trace the call. (And come to think of it, are there any female police officers in San Gaspar?)

Antonio’s bothered that confidential information got out. He knows it’s not Rafa or Marina spilling it, but they do seem to have a leak.

Rafa says the last time they talked about this, he was prepared to put his hands in the fire for his people, but now…he’s starting to have doubts.

Sebastián brings up again that maybe Antonio needs to pack it in, but Antonio refuses. As long as he’s the director of the plant, it’s not closing.

Pedro has Anselmo call Cheo again and ask him the about Antonio’s security. As soon as they get the information, Pedro hangs up the phone.

Then he has Anselmo call again and tell Cheo he has 24 hours to try to kill Antonio or he’s the one who dies. And Pedro hangs up the phone.

Anselmo looks like he’s relishing the idea of killing Cheo.

Juancho’s working at the dining table when Javi comes over. Juancho explains that Bruno and Simón have been out trying to revive the orchard and they just left again to go help Sara.

Juancho, it turns out, has been looking through the files on Simón’s laptop and realized he’s using a lot of programming languages from el año del caldo (outdated–shout out to everyone who learned how to program in BASIC on a TRS-80 Model III). Programming is the one school subject Juancho likes.

Fidel and Quintin convince Cheo to go hide out with his family in Zacatecas until this blows over. Bruno and Simón get to Fidel’s office, assuming Cheo’s in trouble, but Sara explains what happened.

Edwina realizes she’s going to need a lot more time for this balloon project. And she hasn’t taken any time off since Vladimir was born. Looks like it’s time for a vacation….

Sara has just explained that Cheo’s going to need to spend some time in Zacatecas, but Fidel gets an idea. If they want Cheo to try to kill Antonio, then they’ll just have to convince them that’s what happened. Fidel calls Antonio to explain his plan and ask if Antonio will go along with it.

Laura and Padre V are talking about the literacy classes. She mentions Bruno wanted to teach hydroponics, but Padre V doesn’t think he’ll be up to that since they poisoned the orchard.

Antonio has apparently agreed to be attempted murdered. The bodyguards get him to put on a bulletproof vest under his shirt and explain that Cheo’s going to be shooting blanks.

At Simón’s, Sara’s worrying about Cheo getting hurt. Bruno’s questioning Cheo’s motives. Juancho’s loyally saying that Cheo would never take advantage of a situation like this!

Fidel and Quintin are getting Cheo ready. He gets two texts from Sara saying she’s with him and be careful.

Antonio’s headed to his murder. Sebastián wants to go with him, but he’ll have to settle for the bodyguards being there.

Isabel is about to go to her therapy appointment when Ricardo tells her to be at his place in half an hour. So much for therapy.

Cheo follows Antonio out of the parking lot at CONATROL.

Fidel suddenly asks if Quintin replaced the bullets.

Quintin’s like “THE BULLETS…! Kidding!”

Fidel gives him a 24-hour arrest.

Antonio goes to a public area, buys a bottle of water, and gets shot by Cheo.

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