La Vecina, viernes 26 de junio, capítulo 71

Antonio goes down, Cheo starts running, and the bodyguards act like it’s all legit. They call for an ambulance and one chases after Cheo and lets him get into his truck before reporting that the suspect got away.

Fidel’s sure this ploy just saved both Antonio and Cheo’s lives.

No news has reached Casa Simón, so Simón figures there isn’t any. Laura comes over to see Sara and ask if there’s anything she can do, but she means about the orchard. She hadn’t heard about the fake attempted murder plot, so Sara fills her in. Laura agrees with Sara that Cheo’s risking his life.

Cheo finally texts Sara to say he’s OK and on his way back to Progreso. Simón has to remind Sara that Fidel told them not to contact Cheo for a few days. Bruno pulls her aside and gripes at her for telling Laura–she may be trustworthy but Pedro’s not. Sara doesn’t think Laura’s going to say anything to Pedro.

Laura asks if there’s anything she can do for them about…anything…but Simón tells her they don’t need any help. She asks Bruno about the hydroponics classes, but he’s all grouchy about not being able to commit right now.

Sara walks Laura to the door and Simón’s as annoyed with her for telling Laura everything as Bruno is.

Pedro and Anselmo hear about the shooting over the radio. Pedro tells Anselmo to call somebodyorother and tell them to keep an eye on the clinic.

Isa’s at Ric’s. That poor tiger. Ric’s doorman comes up with a briefcase full of cash and a dead rat. Ric calls the number on a note and Elias answers and reminds Ric that rats end up dead.

Everybody at CONATROL heard about the shooting and they are ALL freaking out.

Ric is worried that he might have taken things too far, feeding Pedro information a little at a time. He already kicked Isa out of the apartment, but now he screams at her again to get out.

Elias tells Pedro that Ric got the message.

Cheo gets back to Progreso and notices a guy standing across the street from his apartment building.

Antonio’s at the hospital, getting out of his bulletproof vest and complaining to Sebastián that even if the bullets were fake, he still felt like he was getting hit and he can still smell the gunpowder.

Fidel comes in and says they need to stay a little while longer. The press are assembling outside and Fidel’s going to give them a statement.

Rafa calls Fidel, since Sebastián hasn’t called the plant to tell them how Antonio is. Fidel lies and says he’s just on his way over now. He insists that they can’t tell ANYONE the truth or it might get back to the saqueadores. Cheo’s back in Progreso and they’ve got someone watching his apartment.

Cheo calls Fidel in a panic, but the guy he noticed is the guy Fidel has watching him.

Edwina tells her boss she’s taking her accumulated five weeks of vacation time to study the earth from space. He thinks to himself, “ya se chifló” (she’s gone nuts) and agrees to give her the time off.

Outside the hospital, Fidel basically tells the press the truth. Antonio got shot three times, but he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Fidel is committed to finding the person responsible.

The guy spying for Pedro gives him the bad news. I do love it when someone puts one over on Pedro! Now he’s convinced that they need to let things cool off because Antonio will be even more cautious now.

At CONATROL everyone hears Antonio’s alive and starts cheering.

Sara calls Cheo. He tells her he’s feeling paranoid and he’s afraid to leave the house. Sara promises to visit him when things cool off.

Ricardo calls Pedro to complain about the dead rat, but Pedro furiously tells him Antonio’s not dead and they’re going to have to find some other way to get rid of him.

Natalia gets home. She already knows Isabel didn’t go to her therapy appointment and she’s rescheduled. Isabel’s going even if Natalia has to drag her there.

There’s finally a quiet moment at Casa Simón and Juancho talks to Simón about the programming for the cohete.

The bodyguards drop Antonio off at the apartment building and tell him they’re going to change his route to work every day and Fidel’s giving them a radio so they can keep in contact with the police.

Sara gets off the elevator and Antonio asks her how Cheo’s doing. He admits Cheo isn’t the guy he thought he was.

Sara says he’s a good person. She couldn’t have fallen in love with someone who wasn’t.

Antonio’s all teary-eyed as he realizes Sara’s seeing Cheo in a different way.

Pedro comes home in a bad mood and asks Laura about her day. She tells him about visiting Padre Vicente and what happened to the orchard and there was a thing with Antonio Andrade–

Yeah, Pedro heard, he got shot–

Laura starts to interrupt to tell him it was fake, but Pedro’s phone rings. It’s Carmelo, complaining about something. Pedro gets off the phone and tells Laura he’s going to Progreso tomorrow.

Antonio asks if Sara’s getting back together with Cheo. If she is, he’d rather hear it from her.

Sara doesn’t know. She was worried about Cheo, but she worried about Antonio too. They’re friends, aren’t they?

Ouch! Antonio remembers telling Sara they were friends and her getting upset. He gets it now, that it’s hard to be friends with someone you had a relationship with.

Antonio heads for the elevator and Sara complains to herself that he’s the one who said they were friends in the first place.

Sebastián calls Natalia and she asks if she can stay at his place until she finds somewhere else to live. She’s not comfortable living with Isabel anymore.

Isabel overhears and asks Natalia if she’s really so uncomfortable she wants to move out.

“Honestly, yes.”

Antonio gets up to the apartment and complains to Sebastián about Sara saying they were friends.

Well, Sebastian would say that if it bothers Antonio that much he should break up with Isabel, but he knows Antonio’s not going to listen to him so he’s not going to bother.

Antonio says he’s right. Better not to say anything.

Juancho explains to Simón that he’s giving seven instructions where, if he used a newer language, he could do what he needs to do with a single instruction. Also there are spots where he could end up with an endless loop.

Simón’s convinced and he wants Juancho to start working with him on the rocket. He had no idea Juancho was into programming. Juancho starts talking about robotics and mechanics….

Uribe calls the apartment. He heard about the attempted murder. Antonio explains it was fake and gives him the details, but of course it still sounds awful to Uribe.

Fidel comes over to Edwina’s to pick up Vladimir. She mentions her vacation time and that she’s spending it with Vladimir. Fidel asks her not to spoil him and Edwina’s like “That’s what aunts are for.”

Did she talk to Simón?

Edwina has nothing to talk to Simón about.

On that note, Fidel takes Vladimir home.

After hearing Antonio’s explanation, Uribe thinks the best thing to do is shut down the plant. Antonio, of course, refuses. But there is one thing he’s worried about–he thinks they have a mole in Mexico as well as one in San Gaspar. There were rumors about the plant shutting down before the board had their meeting.  Antonio thinks he and Uribe should keep everything between them. Especially that the murder attempt was faked–if word gets out, the guy who was hired would be in danger.

Antonio feels better once he’s told Uribe his suspicions. Sebastián tells him what Natalia said about Isabel being impossible lately. Antonio seriously says that’s just chicks, making a tempest in a teacup and she’ll be over it tomorrow.

Natalia tells Isabel she meant what she said. And on top of Isabel being horrible lately, she’s afraid of what Isabel’s obsession is going to do to her and she doesn’t want to stick around and watch.

Isabel promises she’ll go to the therapist this time and she wants Natalia to come with her to make sure she does.

Antonio gets a round of applause when he shows up at work. He focuses on how he’s OK and more determined than ever to get to work and sacar la planta adelante. Nelson looks terrified.

Pedro has a business meeting. The other guys are upset that he tried to have Antonio bumped off. They want him to back off about that already and work on finding them new places to tap into the pipeline.

Padre Vicente comes over to El Molcajete to talk to Sara about the attempt on Antonio’s life. She fills him in on the “faked” part and DOES SHE ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO TELL THIS TO EVERYONE?!

Cheo’s back at work, still jumpy, and gets a cell phone call from a private number…

It’s a telemarketing call.

Edwina’s got her balloon supplies all laid out and she’s starting to calculate stuff.

Javi finally gets a chance to talk to Bruno, who explains that they’ll know in a few months if they managed to save the trees. He’s planning to use the truck for other kinds of deliveries like furniture or whatever. But they’re going to make it out of this one way or another.

Javi agrees. Dios aprieta, pero no te rompe el cohote (?). That gets Bruno laughing.

Sara shows up at Cheo’s to get back together again.

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