La Vecina, lunes 29 de junio, capítulo 72

Ricardo comes by Uribe’s office to ask about the shooting. Uribe remembers Antonio asking him to keep everything just between them. So he tells Ricardo that Antonio did get shot, but he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Yep, it’s that bad. And closing the plant is still a possibility.

Antonio and Sebastián talk about the community outreach plan. Antonio would have liked to be able to put sensors at the most isolated sections, but they don’t have any more money in the budget.

Ricardo goes back to his office, fuming. He has to make sure Antonio doesn’t succeed and Pedro doesn’t regain control of the situation. He wishes he knew who the mole at the SG plant is.

Juancho suggests to Simón that they turn the rocket into an attraction–they can charge people to take a picture with it.

Simón makes it clear that HELL NO!

Isabel makes it to her therapy appointment this time. Her cell phone rings and she tells Antonio she’s in a meeting at the gallery. It rings again and she tells Ricardo she’s with her dad.

So anyway, yeah, she was just gonna say she doesn’t have a problem. The therapist chuckles and writes in his notebook.

Sara and Cheo have been making out non-stop and she thinks they need a break. Cheo orders dinner.

Ricardo calls Pedro. He’s got a plan so that Pedro’s guys can take gas from the duct without the sensors picking up on the changes. All he needs to do is get in touch with Pedro’s mole in the SG plant.

Pedro won’t go for it.

In that case, he needs to know the location of the taps so he can find out which sensors are closest and tell Pedro so Pedro can tell the mole.

Sebastián’s going out with Titina tonight. He just can’t seem to get rid of her!

Antonio suggests he be the worst boyfriend ever.

Simón, Bruno, and Juancho are reviewing the finances. It’s not good. Bruno’s professor offered to let him teach some classes at the university, but the hours are bad. Maybe he could rent out the tractor? And/or offer his fertilization services, since a lot of the agricultores don’t have the equipment.

Merce calls, annoyed that Sara said she was coming to Progreso and she hasn’t heard from her.

Simón tells her to call Cheo’s.

Juancho still doesn’t get why nobody else wants Cheo to date Sara.

Sebastián’s super obnoxious when he picks up Titina. He doesn’t kiss her, he tells her they’re going to see a Jodorowsky film and he’s already bought tickets, and he doesn’t open the car door for her.

He brags to Antonio the next morning that he even bored himself on his date, but it’s all worth it to get rid of Titina! He reminds Antonio to call Isabel.

She’s in the kind of good mood that usually has something to do with Ricardo. Antonio says he’s going to spend the day at the plant and she says she’s going to be at the gallery.

Natalia was going to suggest they go to the movies with some friends, but Isa says it’s completely impossible today.

Titina complains to her friend about how boring Chebi was last night. Friend thinks she should ditch him. He’s too old for her anyway.

Nope, Titina’s determined to marry him so he can take her to live in Mexico.

Antonio runs into Sara on his way to the car. He notices the ring and congratulates her, but we all know he’s dying inside.

Edwina, Magda, and Vladimir are testing out the equipment before they send it up with the balloon. So far, their tracker seems to be working and Edwina can tell they’re in the plaza. Now they need to try two other locations.

Sara gets up to Simón’s apartment and explains to him that she’s wearing an engagement ring, but there’s no engagement. Cheo just wanted her to have it, since he bought it for her, and they’ll be engaged again whenever she decides they are. Also, her mom says hi.

Roque’s glad the old Cheo is back. He wants to go out and celebrate, and beers are on him!

At the office, Rafa comes in to tell Antonio the latest batch? shipment? has arrived and is ready to be pumped into the tank. They both hope they can cut way back on the thefts with the help of the community.

Ricardo’s looking over a map with the perforation sites. He tells Pedro it looks like a lot, but Pedro says it’s not enough to sell. Ricardo says he’ll keep working on it and get back to him. He seems alarmed that there are so many sites and they’re all under Pedro’s control.

There’s a knock at the door and Ricardo’s so happy to see Isa that they start immediately sucking face.

Padre Vicente’s scolding Bruno about being distracted during practice. Laura shows up at the church. Rodobaldo knew she was coming to meet with one of her students, but he forgot to tell Padre V. She asks Bruno about his hydroponics classes and Juancho and Padre V agree it would probably help keep him from thinking about all his problems.

Bruno’s all “I don’t know if I can commit,” and gets in his truck without saying goodbye to Laura. She tells Padre V that Bruno seems to not like her lately.

Edwina has decided the GPS tracker works and tomorrow’s weather is good for a balloon launch.

In the truck, Juancho gripes at Bruno for being so cold to Laura. Whatever stuff her husband’s into, it has nothing to do with her, just like Sara says.

Bruno doesn’t really want to hear this from Juancho.

Nelson’s on the way to his house when his daughter runs out to meet him. And then Pedro pulls up in his SUV and tells him to get in. Nelson sends his daughter back inside.

Edwina, Magda, and Vladimir have weighed what they’re sending up with the balloon and there’s enough room left for Vladimir’s robot action figure.

Pedro says Nelson’s daughter has really grown. He makes it a point to know about the lives of his employees. He has a new job for Nelson–he needs to get into the area where they’re getting all the sensor readings.

And sabotage them?

Whatever he wants to call it. Pedro will give him the exact information about what he needs done.

Nelson starts to argue about how difficult it’s going to be and Pedro asks if he’s backing out.

Silvina from the gallery calls Antonio, worried about Isabel. Not only is she not working with her today, Isabel hasn’t been answering any of her calls for weeks.

Antonio says he’ll find her and ask her to get in touch. He wonders why Isabel’s lying to him.

Nelson tells Pedro he doesn’t have much of a reason to be in the control room and he definitely doesn’t know anything about the programs that he’d need to use to change the sensor data.

Pedro just tells him to figure it out unless he wants Pedro to come after his family.

Isabel’s making martinis when her phone rings. Ricardo gets all creepy about her not talking to Antonio while she’s at his place. And she might as well shut off her phone because he’s the only one who exists for her.

Sebastián’s watching a fútbol match when Chepe calls. There’s a leak in 405! Sebastián asks him to stall Titina but let her in.

He starts looking for a CD Natalia gave him, but Antonio calls. Is Isabel with Natalia, by any chance?

Nope. Natalia’s out at the movies with other friends because Isabel had a meeting at the gallery.

Antonio says he got a call from the woman at the gallery and she hasn’t heard from Isabel in weeks.

Even Sebastián’s sure there must be some mistake. If he finds out anything, he’ll let Antonio know.

He finds the CD and hurries to put it on before Titina rings the doorbell. He tells her she’s interrupting his yoga class. She tries to join in, but platform sandals and tight jeans make it difficult.

Edwina, Magda, and Vladimir have everything packed and ready to go up with the balloon tomorrow. Now they just have to figure out what they’re going to tell Fidel….

Fidel, Quintin, and Nacho are talking about the Artilleros finally winning the cup this year.

Magda calls to tell Fidel that Vladimir just got invited to a classmate’s birthday party tomorrow. He gets all whiny about how Vladimir was supposed to be on the bench with him at the game.

Rosa asks Sara how the restaurant is doing. It’s better, but she still has barely enough to meet expenses this month.

Cheo comes by to have lunch with Sara, but he gets on her nerves talking about how she should just marry him and let him support her. She’s like “Have we not already talked about this?”

Sebastián and Titina have moved on to meditation and chanting a mantra. He’s hoping this will knock her out.

Simón finds Bruno moping in the apartment. Partly over their financial trouble and partly over Padre V threatening to leave him on the bench yesterday.

Well, Simón’s already had a couple of growers ask to rent out their tractor for a week, so it’s not all bad news. He suggests they go over to Nacho’s and have lunch and beers.

Cheo’s on about his salary and his savings and if she doesn’t stay home, who’s gonna watch the kids? And Sara’s all “WE WERE GOING TO TAKE IT SLOW,” but now here comes Juancho who’s all “You’ve been engaged forever! When’s the wedding?”

Antonio can’t figure out where Isabel could be. He remembers thinking he heard her voice when he called Ricardo, but no, that can’t be it. He tries calling, but she doesn’t answer her cell phone.

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