La Vecina, lunes 29 de junio, capítulo 73

Fidel comes over to Edwina’s and tries to guilt Vladimir into saying he’ll go to the fútbol match, but Vladimir insists he really really really wants to go to his friend’s birthday party.

Titina wakes up from her “meditation” and Sebastián sends her to the kitchen while he finishes watching his fútbol game. She’s annoyed, but she doesn’t argue.

Antonio comes over to El Molcajete and Cheo greets him like a bro. He even invites him to sit with them and Sara goes to get him some lunch. He gets a text from Isa that she’s on her way home and uses that as an excuse to get his lunch to go. He’s still got to wait and that means making small talk with Cheo.

Titina insists on feeding Sebastián like a baby bird. LOOK AWAY!

Bruno and Simón head over to Nacho’s for beer and dominoes. A couple of other agricultores show up. They agree with Bruno that it was probably Pedro who poisoned the huerta, but there’s never any proof. It did make them think it’s time for an idea they’ve been kicking around–an association of agricultores. Bruno could run it and it would get him a paycheck.

Antonio insists on paying for his lunch. After he heads out of the restaurant Cheo’s all “He’s a good guy…you don’t mind that we’re friends, right?”

Sara says she doesn’t, but is that the answer he wanted or the answer he didn’t want?

Isa remembers some of her and Ric’s greatest? hits. Gross. She’s annoyed with Antonio for not returning her text message.

Pedro calls Ricardo about the sensors. Ric names a range of them and Pedro asks for detailed instructions, since his inside guy isn’t super familiar with the program. Ricardo says it’s easy….

Sebastián scolds himself for sleeping with Titina again. When Antonio gets home he laughs, but Sebastián says he’s going to get rid of her right now!

Sebastián throws Titina out of the apartment, because they’d agreed not to bring women to the apartment and they’ve got work to do.

Antonio braces himself and calls Isabel. She tells him she’s been with Silvina and Antonio says he knows she’s lying. Silvina hasn’t seen her in weeks. Why has she been lying to everyone.

Isabel makes her voice sound weepy and tells him what happened between them really affected her and she’s been depressed. She flips through a magazine while fake-crying about feeling so terrible that she’s even started seeing a psychoanalyst.

Ricardo finishes telling Pedro how to alter the sensor data. Now he moves on to a warning–they’ve only got six hours once the sensor isn’t registering to siphon the gas. Afterwards CONATROL is going to notice that there’s been a theft, but they won’t know where along the pipe it happened.

Isa keeps fake-crying to sell this “depression” story. It helps that she’s doing it over the phone. She adds a touch of martyrdom with “Your problems are so much bigger than mine.”

Antonio ends up apologizing for not realizing how terrible she was feeling. He asks about the gallery and she says she can’t go today–she has an appointment with her therapist. UGH!  So now depression and therapy are her cover story for her shenanigans with Ric. 

When she gets off the phone, she cracks up laughing. Natalia comes home and Isa brags about how Antonio luuuuuuurves her.

Antonio tells Sebastián about his call with Isa. He feels bad for not noticing that she’s been depressed. But maybe this is what Natalia meant about wanting to move out because Isabel’s been so different.

The meeting at Nacho’s breaks up. Bruno’s all worried now that he won’t know how to run an association. Nacho says he’s there to help whenever Bruno needs it.

Nelson gets his instructions from Anselmo. He’s going to have to come up with a really good excuse for being at the plant on a Sunday.

Juancho’s crowing about Cheo and Sara’s reconciliation and impending wedding. Because Cheo’s the coolest. Bruno just turns up the TV.

Cheo and Sara smooch outside the apartment building, but she doesn’t like feeling like they might be putting on a show for anyone who’s looking out their windows.  Or hanging out on their balconies, like Antonio.

Sebas joins him with some beers and gets an eyeful. He drags Antonio back inside, but can’t resist a final look himself.

Sara shoves Cheo away again. It’s Saturday night and she just wants to head to bed early, but he wants to par-tay. Sara gets away from him and rushes back inside. It looks like Cheo stops to look up at Antonio’s balcony and then follows her.

Nelson calls Fidel and tells him he won’t be at the game. He has to take his mother-in-law  home. Now Fidel really lays the guilt trip on Vladimir, but Vladimir’s looking at him like “Sounds like a personal problem”

Looks like Juancho’s playing this Sunday. While Sara runs upstairs for the keys to the truck, Cheo arrives. He’s there to surprise Sara. Won’t this be fun.

Sara runs into Antonio in the downstairs hallway and Cheo invites him to the game, but Antonio’s planning to go take care of some…personal business.  Sara doesn’t seem happy to see Cheo, but he brought those tortas Padre V likes, so I guess that’s cool.

Fidel drops Vladimir and Magda off for the “party” but he makes one last attempt to get Vladimir to skip it. After he drives off, Edwina picks them up.

Nelson tells the security guard at the plant that he has some work to catch up on. He texts Pedro that he’s in and Pedro texts him back to text when he’s finished.

Grumpy Fidel picks up Pepe and complains about Vladimir and Nelson being missing. Apparently Nelson told Pepe that he was taking his dog to the vet. Fidel starts worrying about how to change the lineup!

Nelson’s not the only one working on a Sunday. Calixto’s in the control room, keeping an eye on everything. He doesn’t seem to think it’s weird that Nelson’s there. Or that Nelson just got there and he’s offering to pay for tacos if Calixto will go get them.

Nelson consults his scrap of paper with instructions and texts Pedro when he figures he’s done. Pedro gives the guy with the truck the go-ahead and reminds him he has to be done in less than six hours.

The balloon is ready for launch and as soon as the countdown ends, up it goes. Vladimir, Edwina, and Magda do a balloon happy dance.

The Alados’ game is over. They guys are back at the apartment dragging everything back inside and, WHAT’S THAT?!

The guys look up and see the weather balloon.

The Artilleros aren’t doing so well. Pepe points out the weather balloon and the whole game stops so everyone can stare.

Cheo and Sara are having ice cream in the park when Sara pushes Cheo off her neck to point out the weather balloon.  Cheo thinks it’s an “ovni” (technically, “O.V.N.I.” for “objeto volador no identificado”; an unidentified flying object, UFO; a flying saucer).

Back at the launch site, Edwina has lost communication with the GPS, but they still have a visual and it’s following the expected trajectory.  Edwina brought tortas for them to eat while they wait for the balloon to get to its max altitude and burst.

Nelson finishes his nefarious doings right before Calixto gets back with lunch.

Isa calls Ric and invites him over. Natalia’s in Cuernavaca.

Pepe’s sure it’s an ovni, too. Ramon swears a buddy of his saw some in Las Cruces. Another guy talks about there being extraterrestrials among them.

Fidel thinks this whole thing is silly. They get a call on the radio from someone at the station…they’ve been getting reports of flying objects!

Simon’s not buying the ovni theories.  Padre V is waiting for the news to tell them what’s going on. Bruno makes a joke about Martians and antenna.

And so what if it is an ovni? What’s anyone going to do about it?

Cheo says that’s what he’s worried about–they don’t know what the alleged extraterrestrials’ motives are.

Sara laughs at Cheo and says he’s been watching too many movies.

Edwina starts to panic…the balloon is off course because of the wind! She hopes it dies down, but if it doesn’t, they’ll have to monitor it from the house.

Instead of Ricardo, a perfumed and sexy pajama-ed Isabel opens the door to Antonio! He looks confused. 

She invites him in and then rushes off to call Ric.  He won’t answer his phone, so she texts him.

The doorbell rings and Antonio obligingly opens it…to Ric.  Who pretends he’s there looking for Natalia.  And then hints that Antonio should be more worried about Isa.

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