La Vecina, martes 30 de junio, capítulo 74

Antonio’s annoyed that Ricardo’s telling him to pay more attention to Isabel. And that he’s hanging around Natalia when he knows she’s dating Sebastián.

Whatever, is she there or not?

Isabel comes to the door and says Natalia’s in Cuernavaca.

When he shuts the door, Isa complains to Antonio that Ricardo just drops by like that all the time.

Edwina, Magda, and Vladimir get back to Edwina’s house. She thinks maybe the balloon is in some part of the atmosphere where there’s no signal, so it’s either going to have to climb above it or come down before they can track it.

At some restaurant, Isabel tells Antonio how great her therapy’s going and that she’s nearly ready for her gallery showing. He tells her that things are going well in San Gaspar.

But when he’s done there, he’s planning to come back to Mexico, right?

Antonio has to think about it, but yes, that’s the plan.

Good! ‘Cause living in San Gaspar wouldn’t appeal to her.

At Simón’s, they’re debating the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Cheo definitely thinks aliens are out there and the US is hiding the evidence. Bruno teases him about getting the X-ray guns ready in case they come back!

Lucita calls Padre Vicente, nervous because she thinks she saw a flying saucer.

Fidel and Quintin get to the station and there have been over 100 reports. Fidel wants someone to contact the control tower at the airport and see if there were any commercial flights at the time everyone was seeing the ovni or if they saw anything strange at the control tower.

Titina has caught ovni fever. She comes over to Sebastián’s so at least if the extraterrestrials get them, they’ll be together.

Sebastián ignores her and heads outside. One of the brothers is talking to Chepe. He doesn’t really believe it’s an invasion, but Titina wanted to come over, so he came with her.

Sebastián was planning to get groceries, but instead he and the bro decide to go get food. Titina’s gotta open the car door herself and sit in the back seat.

Edwina still isn’t getting a signal from the balloon. Vladimir’s upset that he sent his robot up.

Quintin has checked with the airport, but there was nothing going on at the time everyone saw the ovni.

Fidel suddenly thinks of Simón and goes out to talk to him.

Nelson’s almost home when Pepe catches up to him and asks WTF is going on. Why is Nelson lying to everybody? And why is he wearing his uniform–did he go to the plant?

Nelson says he told his wife he was going to work, but instead he went for coffee with some chick. How did the game go?

Pepe says they lost and explains about the ovni.

Lazlo’s out interviewing members of the community about what they think are the biggest needs in Las Peñas. While Ruperto’s talking about water, electricity, and maybe fixing up the school, Atila sees the styrofoam cooler with the parachute come down. He sees Vladimir’s robot and a note that says not to open the cooler because it’s the property of space explorers. He’s like “MARTIANS!” and asks his dad if they can go home already.

Cheo’s still convinced there’s intergalactic shenanigans afoot. Fidel comes over, immediately yelling at Simón on the assumption that people saw his cohete, which we know is not what happened. Cheo says he and Sara saw it too and it was “…an ovni,” “…a light in the sky.”

Antonio and Isabel get back to his apartment. They’re laughing and eating guanabana sorbet and making plans for the evening. Antonio’s going to call for sushi and Isabel’s going to make them martinis…which he had no idea she knew how to make.

Padre Vicente goes over to Lucitas and assures her it’s not the end of the world. And if she wants they can play a few rounds of canasta while he tells her how other people thought it was an ovni.

Roque and Sebastián are having a great time on their bro date while Titina’s left feeling like a third wheel. They’re making plans to watch some lucha libre and Titina draws the line at Chebi coming over to her house to not spend time with her.

Ok, they’ll watch it somewhere else.

There’s still no signal from the cooler. But at least if someone finds it they’ll read Vladimir’s note and call them.

Um, call them where?

At the number Vladimir put on the note.

Except that his teachers have always told him never to give out his name or his phone number to a stranger. So he just wrote a note saying it belonged to space explorers and not to open it.

Pedro gets word from the guy with the truck that the tank is full and they’re on their way out.

Pedro gloats. He calls Ricardo and says they drained the pipeline with time to spare. Now they need another sensor range–this is just getting started.

Sebastián drops Titina and Roque off at home. Titina goes inside without a goodbye to Sebastián. Roque, of course, had a great time and can’t wait to do it again.

Antonio and Isabel have sushi. He doesn’t know when he’ll be able to get away from San Gaspar next and she thought bubbles her relief–she won’t survive another surprise like this!

Fidel gets back to his office and Quintin says the reports are still coming in. He thinks they need to be ready for an invasion. Fidel gripes at him and says he’s going to go grab some rest. Quintin starts searching for information on ovnis on the internet.

Nelson has a meeting with Pedro. He’s got a new range of sensors he wants sabotaged so he can siphon from two different locations and he wants to be able to do it every day. He gives Nelson a huge manila envelope  with an advance on his payment.

Nelson’s freaking out now that he’s put his and his family’s lives in danger.

Atila’s still thinking about the note in the container. He’s so nervous he can’t eat dinner.

Vladimir is also upset about his missing robot. Fidel gets home and asks how the party was and Vladimir is like “del nabo” (it sucked).

Antonio and Isabel had sex and now Isabel’s talking in her sleep. She’s all “more, more, make me yours!” Lucky for her Antonio woke her up before she said Ricardo’s name.

Sara walks Cheo out to the parking area. Cheo is still convinced there’s going to be an extraterrestrial invasion. Like, seriously convinced. Sara keeps mocking him for watching too much TV. She can’t resist pointing at the sky and saying she sees the light again and laughs when Cheo takes her seriously.

Lucita’s been having a great time playing canasta. She’s enjoyed Padre V talking about space stuff. He tells her he gets it from Simón. He’s an aeronautical engineer.

Lucita thought he was a grower. Does he play canasta by any chance…?

Magda got Vladimir to go to sleep. She tells Fidel he’s just disappointed because the magician never showed up to the party. Fidel complains that his fútbol match was also “del nabo.” He tells her about all the ovni sightings and that he checked with Simón and Simón had nothing to do with it.

Atila can’t sleep. He finds the robot in his pocket and says the Martians are following him.

Nelson gets to the office early on Monday, where the same security guy is on duty. Nelson makes up a story about not getting some work done and not wanting anybody to find out he still hasn’t finished it.

Isabel drops Antonio off at the airport. She says the next time they see each other it will be to set a date for the wedding. Antonio agrees.

Magda tells Edwina they accidentally started a UFO scare in San Gaspar. She wants to tell Fidel what people actually saw, but Edwina doesn’t want him to call her “crazy” like he did Simón. Also she thinks it’s funny.

Quintin calls the reporter, Patricio, who did the article on Simón and asks if he’s ever written an article about ovnis….

Cigala went out for wood and Atila’s gone by the time she gets back. She makes his bed and the robot falls out. Lazlo comes home and she asks how the surveys went. It seems like most of their neighbors want to get the school fixed up.

Nelson sneaks into the control room to disable the sensors again.

Ricardo’s waiting outside Isabel’s building. He threatens to tell Antonio about them.

She counter-threatens to ruin his reputation. Who does he think people are going to believe? A Cisneros or some naco?

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