La Vecina, martes 30 de junio, capítulo 75

Isabel disses Ricardo and his tiger blanket. Ricardo vows revenge. We’re still waiting for a reaction from the tiger.

Back inside her apartment, Isabel tells Natalia she just broke up with Ricardo.

This time, Nelson’s not just manipulating the sensor data, he installed something so he wouldn’t have to come to the control room anymore. He can just mess with the sensors from his own computer.

Atila goes back to the cooler, intending to return the robot (which he thinks is one of the extraterrestrials), but realizes he doesn’t have it with him. He takes the whole cooler back to the house with him.

Antonio gets to the office and Sebastián is already in the conference room. Yes, he’s still planning to marry Isabel. Sebastián’s about to try to talk some sense into him, but Antonio quickly changes the subject to Ricardo looking for Natalia and saying that Sebastián shouldn’t complain, considering how he spends his time in San Gaspar.

Sebastián immediately calls Natalia, who says she knows Ricardo came over yesterday and she’ll put a stop to this today. Natalia’s making faces at Isabel while she’s on the phone and as soon as the call is over, complains about having to deal with the effects of Isabel’s behavior.

Ricardo’s at the office and still fuming over what Isabel told him. David comes in and asks what’s up, but Ricardo tells him to get out when Pedro calls.

Pedro’s trying to be a better manager, so he’s calling to tell Ricardo to keep up the good work. Ricardo tells himself to focus on work and worry about Isabel later.

Edwina’s ordering another set of materials to launch the next balloon. Vladimir’s just wishing they could have found the previous one.

Atila’s back home with the cooler and now he can’t find the robot. He records a message on the video camera saying he’s sure if they come help him look, they can find him again.

Sebastián takes Titina out to the same restaurant they went to the day before. He tries to bore her with work talk, but she gets the impression he must make a lot of money, which definitely does not bore her.

Antonio and Sara are both getting home at the same time and she tells him about the ovni drama, which he missed. He invites her over to his apartment so she can tell him everything.

Atila’s outside, looking up at the sky, and it’s worrying Cigala. “Mom, can I tell you something?”

Atila shows his parents the cooler and the stuff inside. Lazlo’s sure it’s terrestrial stuff. ‘Cause the GPS says “Made in China.”

Anyway, he’s not worried about it. If the owner’s going to come get it then they’ll just hang onto it until they do. And next time Atila finds something like this, he should tell them.

As Atila puts everything back in the cooler, it looks like he might have pressed some buttons on the side of the GPS.

In Antonio’s apartment, he and Sara are both laughing about Cheo thinking there’s going to be an invasion.

Sara notices the suitcase and Antonio says he just got back from Mexico. He went to see Isabel.

Sara thinks that’s her cue to leave, but he wants her to stay and keep talking…about anything. Even if all she does is smile. He likes her smile. He says to himself that he wants good memories to hold on to, because soon memories will be all he has.

Bruno has the paperwork to make the Ag Association a real thing. He and Simón pass by a newsstand where everyone is reading an article about ovnis in San Gaspar. Bruno can’t resist and buys a copy.

The GPS signal is back. The cooler is in Las Peñas. Edwina calls Vladimir to tell him the good news.

Titina tells her friend that Chebi’s still being boring, but he’s her ticket out of living with three brothers and having to do stuff for them.

But what about Natalia?

Eh, Titina’s sure she can get rid of her.

In Antonio’s office, Sebastián complains about not boring Titina with all his work talk. Antonio tells him to just ditch her already before Ricardo ends up with Natalia.

Marinita asks Antonio to come look at a message that was sent to the company inbox.

Titina calls Natalia to tell her about “your boyfriend Sebastián” but before she can say much her mom comes up behind her and asks what Sebastián she’s talking about. Titina’s so startled she tosses her cell phone in the bucket of water her mom’s carrying.

Mom insists on knowing who/what she was talking about. Titina says Natalia’s a friend from school and she’s dating a guy named Sebastián, but no, obviously not “her” Chebi. I’m not sure Mom’s buying that.

Gathered around Marina’s desk, Antonio, Sebastián, and Rafa look at an anonymous message that Antonio’s not sure how to deal with. He asks Marina to get Fidel on the phone for him.

Fidel’s grumpy with Quintin for calling that reporter, even though it’s technically not police business.

He takes the call from Antonio. They got an anonymous email claiming to know the location of a valve the saqueadores are using.

Natalia calls Isabel in a panic about Titina’s phone call. She considers confronting Sebastián, but Isabel thinks the best thing to do is keep trying to call that number back until someone answers.

The anonymous email came from Ricardo. It’s his attempt to get Antonio to think his plans are working while not tipping off Pedro.

Fidel’s getting his special team ready, but first he wants to know if the location in the email is actually a location on the pipeline. He’s on his way over.

Juancho’s still working on the programming for the rocket. Simón says they don’t have money to spend on it right now.

And even though Bruno and Simón saw it already, Bruno is again bringing up the newspaper article Patricio wrote about ovnis in San Gaspar.

Titina’s brothers see their mom moping and ask what’s wrong. She tells them she heard Titina on the phone to some Natalia talking about her boyfriend Sebastián. She’s worried Chebi has a girlfriend in Mexico.

The brothers say they’ll find out. And if he does have another girlfriend, they’ll tell him to choose and make sure he chooses Titina.

Simón rants about the article.

The cooler hasn’t moved. Edwina’s plan is to check again first thing tomorrow and if it still hasn’t moved, they’ll go get it.

Fidel gets to Antonio’s office, sees that the anonymous email did include a legit location and tells his guys they’re heading out there. And NO Antonio is not going with him time!

Cheo’s still freaked out about the ovni and potential invasion. Sara suggests they go somewhere they can see the stars and Cheo says he has stuff to do (like panic about ovnis).

Pedro shows up for a business meeting and asks Sara how things are going.

Oh, you know, they’re going.

“You don’t know how to lie.”

Sara insists she’s going to pay him as scheduled, but he encourages her to ask for help if she needs it.

Simón and Bruno come in. Pedro says he’s sorry about the orchard.

Bruno snottily says he’s not as sorry as the guy who did it is going to be. Anyway, they’re meeting with some of the agricultores to form an association.

Lazlo’s going to San Gaspar tomorrow. Atila wants to go with him and visit Padre Vicente.

Titina’s phone is completely dead. So much for having all of Sebastián’s contacts.

Natalia’s making flight reservations for tomorrow to San Gaspar…but instead she gets an email from work that says she’s going to Monterrey tomorrow.

Sebastián makes plans to watch a fútbol match with Titina’s brothers.

Antonio doesn’t get it–why is he hanging out with her family instead of breaking up with her?

Sebastián says he’ll make sure the brothers think he’s a bad partner for her and they’ll convince her to break up with him.

On the way to the valve, Quintin asks Fidel if he can borrow a video camera Fidel had loaned him before. He wants to observe the skies of San Gaspar.

Fidel doesn’t think ovnis exist, but he’ll loan Quintin the camera and if Quintin actually finds anything he’ll give him an extra vacation day.

Marina and Rafa are at her desk talking about how much they hope there will be more reports and the saqueadores will get busted. Nelson overhears and Mariana explains that they got a report of a valve in Texintla.

At El Molcajete Pedro and Bruno are talking too loud. Yeah, Bruno thinks this association’s going to protect them from coyotes, ex. Pedro. Well, Pedro doesn’t think some association’s going to keep him from making the $$. Simón tries to rein things in, saying an association will also be able to help the agricultores to get loans for equipment, etc.

Pedro excuses himself when Nelson calls to warn him about the valve in Texintla.

Natalia calls Sebastián to tell him she’s going to Monterrey and she’s gonna behave as well there as he does in San Gaspar. Sebastián doesn’t think Ricardo has ratted him out, though or Natalia would have thrown it in his face.

Nelson tells Pedro somebody made a report and the cops are on their way there. Pedro tells Anselmo to call their guys in Texintla and tell them to GTFO!

One of the agricultores jokes that they haven’t even officially started and they’ve already got Pedro running scared.

Titina’s brother Arnold calls Sebastián at CONATROL. He tells him about Titina’s call to Natalia and that watching the fútbol game together is a trap. They’re going to try to make him admit he has a girlfriend in Mexico. But he doesn’t, right?

Sebastián says he doesn’t and not to worry about it.

He gets off the phone and tells Antonio he knows now why Natalia was being weird on the phone. Why? Whyyyyyyy did he get involved with Titina? We allllll know, including Antonio’s face.

Sure enough, there’s a valve near Texintla and a buried tank. They’ve just recovered 20K liters.

Fidel calls Antonio, who’s sure they’re gonna get rid of the saqeadores!

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