La Vecina, miércoles 1 de julio, capítulo 76

Just like Ricardo planned, Antonio and Fidel are seeing this as a win for the community support program. Antonio wants some pictures he can show at a press conference.

Sebastián calls Titina’s house. Her mom’s vague about her phone troubles. Sebastián leaves a message for Titina to meet him at the same restaurant tonight at seven. Her mom’s like “I’m so glad you’re getting together with the boys! You’re like one of the family!” Sebastián sarcastically agrees.

Ricardo and Uribe are hanging out in Uribe’s office to watch Antonio’s press conference. Ricardo keeps rolling his eyes every time Antonio mentions the community and the community support program.

In his office, Pedro throws a tantrum. It’s just one valve! It means nothing!

Isabel calls the apartment just as Antonio’s getting home. They have an aggressively normal conversation about his press conference and Isabel’s gallery show and then she ends the call to let him have dinner and get some rest.

Titina shows up at the restaurant and Sebastián tells her it’s over. Her mom hear her calling Natalia and now her brothers want to interrogate him and this was all supposed to be no-commitment but she keeps changing the rules.

In a last-ditch effort to keep Sebastián from leaving the restaurant, Titina faints into his arms.

Sara comes over with a bottle of cider to celebrate Antonio’s win today. Then they both get all nostalgic and nearly kiss. Or maybe I just really wanted them to.

Sebastián takes Titina home and 2/3 of her brothers get all suspicious about why she had a sudden drop in pressure. Did Chebi do something?

Oh, Chebi would never! And of course he’s not cheating on her because he knows she’d break up with him if he did!

And thus, they’re dating again.

Edwina calls Magda early the next morning. They’re not going to Las Peñas. The cooler has moved to Las Amates. Magda passes the news on to Vladimir while Fidel sings in the shower. He’s not THAT bad, but I wouldn’t have expected him to be a shower singer.

Titina tells her friend about the cell phone drama and Chebi trying to break up with her. She’s not going to tell him her phone got completely ruined so he’ll still think she can call Natalia any time.

Sebastián tells Antonio about his epic breakup fail. He wants Antonio to help him convince her brothers that he’s a lousy partner.

Bruno finds Sara in the kitchen making breakfast. She tells him she and Antonio are going to be friends. Bruno thinks that’s BS, but if they want to keep fooling themselves, go right ahead.

Sebastián keeps begging Antonio to help him. He just needs him to come along to meet the brothers tonight and every time Sebastián’s not there say horrible things about him. Make him sound like an animal. Antonio’s face: “How is this a plan?”

Pedro calls Ricardo to complain about the discovery of the valve. Ricardo says by the time he heard about it in Mexico, the cops in San Gaspar were already on their way. Pedro tells him to be more on top of things next time.

Sebastián calls Titiná’s house to reschedule their cuñados night out. And he’s bringing his amigo del alma Toñito Andrade. Oh, and also tell Titina he’s not going out with her tonight ’cause she’s not answering her cell phone.

The cooler keeps moving. Now it seems to be headed for San Gaspar. Edwina, Vladimir, and Magda are all poniendo changuitos (crossing their fingers) that whoever’s got it stops in San Gaspar for long enough that they can go get it.

Antonio’s drooling over the thought of how much better they’d be doing on gas thefts if they had community support AND those new sensors.

Sebastián says they won’t authorize the expense until the theft slows down. And then he could probably hire a bunch of employees in miniskirts.

Um, yeah, ’cause that’s totally motivating for Antonio. Seriously, they should at least check the sensors and put the ones working best in strategic areas.

Lazlo and Atila stop at Nacho’s place for sandwiches. Nacho kind of gives Lazlo a hard time for working for CONATROL and not knowing where the office is, so Lazlo explains.

Team Globo Sonda think the cooler’s making a long enough stop that they can run out and get it.

Pepe, Nelson, and Ramón are CONATROL’s special team, hand-picked by Rafa, who are going to take charge of checking on all the sensors and replacing the ones that aren’t working with the ones they have in the warehouse.

Nelson freaks out. Wouldn’t it be better to start with the sensors at the docks and then move towards the plant? And he can do it by himself…there’s no reason to pull Pepe and Ramón off their jobs. Pepe and Ramón are like “WTF?”

Leyla’s done with the sandwiches for Lazlo and Atila, so Nacho wraps up his conversation with them. Hopefully they still have time to make it to the plant in time to collect Lazlo’s paycheck. They accidentally leave the cooler behind.

Pepe and Ramón ask Nelson what gives. Why doesn’t he want to work with them?

Antonio asks Rafa if Nelson really can do it on his own.

Um, actually, Ramón’s the expert. Nelson and Pepe would just be going along to support him.

In that case, it’s a team job and get to it!

Antonio tells Sebastián he likes Nelson’s willingness to help, but sometimes that’s not enough. Sebastián says his “dichos” crack him up.

Lazlo and Atila are taking a taxi to the plant, marveling at how different things are here in the big city. Atila suddenly remembers he left the packet behind.

Team Globo Sonda find the cooler at Nacho’s and are less interested in how it got there than in recovering it.

Nelson is really furious about the project and the others are like “You can do it all yourself next time.” Rafa talks about testing in groups of 8 sensors to cover a better range.

Lazlo and Atila get back to Nacho’s but the box is gone. Neither Nacho nor Leyla saw it, much less saw anyone take it. Lazlo explains that this box fell out of the sky and Atlia’s convinced extraterrestrials took it. And sure, Lazlo’s seen lights up on the mountains at night, but those are the spirits of the dead, playing before they go off to Heaven.

Nelson doesn’t know what to do, but he’s gotta get out of this situation with Pedro. Pepe comes in, talking about testing 8 sensors at a time, but all Nelson can think about is how totally busted he’s going to be if they test any of the ones he’s been altering reports for.

Nacho’s Team Ovni. He’s sure that’s what Lazlo’s seeing up in the mountains. Extraterrestrials are among us and they’re working in secret with the government. That thing Lazlo saw that was Made in China? That was probably hybrid technology. He asks Leyla and she remembers the two Men in Black who looked like they were there for a funeral. Nacho’s sure they took the box–it’s their job to make sure no one finds out about the aliens.

Team Globo Sonda are back at Edwina’s house, watching the camera footage.

Well, if the extraterrestrials have gotten their property back, then Lazlo thinks he and Atila should get going. They say goodbye to Nacho and Leyla.

Leyla’s like “damn, we had extraterrestrials sitting right over there and never even knew it!” Nacho’s like “Yep, that’s how it goes.”

Patricio, the reporter, shows up at the police station. Fidel’s not happy to see him. He doesn’t want him stirring people up in San Gaspar. Patricio’s like “I would never!” Quintin agrees–they don’t want a War of the Worlds situation here. He’s got some people Patricio can talk to who are “serious.”

Edwina’s estimating that the balloon got up to 20 km. Next time they’ll send it up with an altimeter so they’ll know for sure.

Antonio runs into Lazlo and Atila in the hall. He’s curious what kind of results they got on the survey, and seems pleased that they’re going to start by fixing up the school.

Patricio shows up at Nacho’s to interview him about ovnis. Nacho’s down for it. And he even has some new stories.

Antonio goes over to El Molcajete for lunch and to ask Sara to help him/Sebastián tonight….

Sebastián calls Titina to tell her she’s not coming along tonight. It’s just guys!

Then he tries to call Natalia, but she’s not answering her phone. He remembers her threatening him not to cheat on her because she’ll do it way better.

Antonio has explained to Sara about the favor and she’s totally in! Especially after the way Titina behaved about the cell phone. She’s gonna make Sebastián look like the worst guy EVER!

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