La Vecina, miércoles 1 de julio, capítulo 77

Titina’s planning to crash Cuñados Night with her friend, but Arnold tells her dad. Dad doesn’t think there’s any place for women at a bar.

I had a hard time with the Pepe-Ramón-Nelson conversation about how/when they’re going to start testing the sensors. I think Nelson convinced them not to plan tonight and start first thing in the morning. Pepe’s still suspicious about Nelson.

Sara comes down to the parking area in her hot pink sparkly That Weekend dress. Antonio can’t help having a flashback. Sara admits to herself that she remembers That Weekend every day.

Natalia makes it back to her hotel room and calls Isabel. Sebastián’s voicemails have convinced her they’re both equally in love.

Right, but wasn’t Sebastian the one who said that Antonio was being extra lovey when he was cheating?

Natalia immediately calls Sebastián.

At the bar, he ignores the call and says it’s just a work thing. He gets really vocal about them having tequila and gives the waiter a 500 peso bill, ripped in half. He’ll give him the other half if they all agree they got good service.

Sebastián runs off to the bathroom to return Natalia’s call. He tells her he’s at home and the neighbors are having a party, but he’s just gonna put his earplugs in and go to sleep. After a little smooshy talk, they end the call and Natalia’s reassured again.

On their way to the bar, a couple of guys catcall Sara. Antonio wants to go fight them, but Sara tells him to chill. They get all nostalgic about Casitas and their aventura (adventure) and Antonio agrees it was the nicest aventura (affair) ever. Sara tells him to get out of the jeep, but she’s just kidding.

Sebastián enlists the waiter to help him. He’s playing a practical joke on the other guys. He hands over the other half of the 500 pesos. If he could just make sure that every time they order a round of tequilas Sebastián’s is only water…. Yeah, he’s in.

Patricio’s finishing up his ovni article. There is apparently no hotel in town, so he’s going to stay with Quintin.

Isabel can’t stop thinking about Ricardo and his tiger blanket. She’s taking it personally that Antonio’s not answering his phone. Like he wants her to just throw herself into the arms of the first guy she sees!

The cuñados are starting to worry about how much Sebastián is drinking, but Sara and Antonio show up to distract them. Antonio takes advantage of pretending to be Sara’s novio and kisses her. Sara’s face: “Did you just…oh, right, couple!” and kisses him back. They both mutter to each other not to take it too far.

Fidel’s telling Magda about the reporter writing about the ovni and how he’d really like to know what they saw. If someone did it on purpose, he’ll throw them in jail for a couple of days for disturbing the peace!

Antonio and Sebastián are telling a fake story about having to sneak out of a congal because they didn’t have money to pay. But hey, no worries, that was a long time ago, before Sebastián found the love of his life.

Sara says she doesn’t believe in that sorta thing, especially not if it means she’s gotta be sitting around at home instead of partying.

Magda calls Edwina to beg her to come clean about the weather balloon. Edwina says everybody’s going to get over it in a couple of days. And when they’re ready to launch another one, that’s when they’ll figure out what to do.

Quintin’s got a video camera, a telescope, and a radio set up so he can watch for ovnis. Patricio’s not staying up for this.

Bruno, Juancho, and Simón are also watching the sky. Simón’s determined to prove it wasn’t an ovni. Bruno mentions they don’t know where Sara is and Juancho makes a crack about a close encounter….

At the bar, Sara and Antonio are dancing and they’re starting to get that look…but Sara lets out a laugh to break the tension. Sebastián orders another round and heads for the bathroom. Antonio and Sara start talking about Sebastián gambling and the “bet” they made about which one of them could hook up with someone in San Gaspar first. And sure enough, Sebastián won that bet…his girl is the cutest thing, with big green eyes and black hair and what does she call him again? “Chebiiiiiii!”

The brothers immediately stand up and Sara and Antonio jump back from the table. Antonio calls Sebastián to warn him they’re headed for the bathroom and Sara’s like “Isn’t this what you guys wanted?”

Sebastián manages to lock the door and get halfway out the window before the brothers bust in and start a tug-of-war in which they end up with Sebastián’s pants and shoes. They head back to the bar, but the owner won’t let them leave without paying for the booze and damages.

Back at the apartment, Sebastián’s grateful to Sara. She thinks she went too far with that thing about the bet, but Antonio says it wasn’t the bet, it was her description of Titina. They giggle.

Simón, Bruno, and Juancho come out to the parking lot and Simón’s like “WTF are you wearing?! And you smell like alcohol!” He steers Sara inside leaving Juancho and Bruno to ask what kinda place they went to that let Sebastián in without pants.

Ovni drama.

Titina’s brothers did not come looking for Sebastián last night. Antonio hopes this whole mess is over.

Simón’s all serious with Sara, but she tells him to chill. She wasn’t drunk she just smelled like alcohol because someone spilled a drink on her. She went to a bar with Antonio as a favor to Sebastián to help him break up with Titina. She and Antonio were supposed to make Sebastián look bad in front of Titina’s brothers and they were pretending to be a couple. And of course she’s not worried about “What if Cheo had shown up?” Cheo’s not coming anywhere near San Gaspar if he thinks there are ovnis and even if he had, he would have understood. She can’t treat Antonio like her enemy or pretend he doesn’t exist when he’s living next door.

Ovni drama continues. Padre V doesn’t like Nacho talking about ovnis and getting people all worked up when they don’t even know for sure what’s going on.

Chepe’s got a crick in his neck from looking for ovnis. Juancho gets an idea and runs back to Simón’s apartment. He asks Sara to loan him 500 pesos and promises he’ll pay her back later today.

Titina’s brothers spent the night in jail and they’re quick to blame it on Chebi. Their dad is pissed. He forbids Titina from ever seeing Chebi again.

Despite the ovni drama, Edwina still refuses to say anything. It’ll blow over in a few days. Also, she ordered another 20 balloons.

Nope, Titina’s never going to see Chebi again and the only place she’s going if she moves out of the house is to a convent. He tells the brothers to forget about Chebi, but of course they feel obligated to get revenge. They’re gonna do what they did to Carlos Fuentes that one time. Youngest brother looks scared.

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