La Vecina, jueves 2 de julio, capítulo 78

In the Control Room, Pepe and Ramon talk about Nelson’s enthusiasm for helping with the monitoring. And his pockets full of cash. Nelson shows up having bought them all tacos and Pepe and Ramon exchange a look. Ramon tells him to cool it…he can help with monitoring if he wants to, and if he wants a good word put in with Antonio, Ramon will talk him up.

Quintin was up all night watching for UFOs while the reporter, Patricio, slept. He nods off while Fidel is trying to explain this Sunday’s fútbol strategy. Fidel thinks Patricio is taking advantage of Quintin.

Patricio is, at the very least, a crappy reporter. He really thought that buttering Simon up, and then dissing him by saying his “rocket” article barely sold anything because nobody cares was going to get him an interview? Fail!

Sara calls Juancho and chews him out for not being at the orchard this morning.  She reminds him he’s going to have to pay her back every cent. Juancho ignores her to transfer a UFO brochure to a USB drive and take off with a garbage bag.

Titina’s brothers show up at the plant. Sebastian was going to avoid them, but Antonio tells him to go out there and confront them. Alone–because he used up Antonio’s supply of “solidarity” last night at the bar.

Isabel can’t paint. She’s too busy obsessing about Ricardo. She calls…her psychiatrist! Hooray for personal growth! He tells her to stay strong, distract herself, think of something other than Ric.

At the gate, Sebastian acts all blasé about what happened last night. Titina can’t see him anymore?  OK!  When he gets too close to the gate, they pull his arm through, rip off his shirt sleeve and send him running back towards the plant. They shout after him that he’d better watch his back in the SG.

Titina’s BFF shows up at her house with the homework she missed.  Despite Mamá’s stern warnings that Titina can’t see Chebi anymore and Silvia had better not act as a go-between, BFF Sylvia agrees to set up a meeting at the park and tell him if he doesn’t show up Titina will call Natalia. Sebastian doesn’t know yet that she doesn’t have Natalia’s number.

Sebas goes into Antonio’s office to show off his new look. He really thinks the “Titina” chapter of his life is now closed.

Isabel can’t take it anymore and calls Ricardo to set up a meeting.

Lucita comes over to Padre V’s in the throes of Ovni Fever. She’s got a notebook and a brochure, and a mirror she can use to see the sky without wrenching her neck.  Padre V suggests they have coffee and canasta, but can you believe Lucita would rather talk ovnis?

It’s Juancho selling the mirrors and pamphlets and he’s already sold out of mirrors for the day.

Sebastian (with a full shirt) and Antonio go to El Molcajete to share the good news. Sara’s thrilled. She thinks she and Antonio make a fine pair of con artists! She’s talking to the two of them with one arm around Antonio when Cheo walks in.

Cheo demands an explanation, but he doesn’t like the one he’s given. Sara says they should all sit down and eat, but Sebastian says they were just stopping by. They’ve gotta get back to work. And Antonio has reflux.

As soon as they leave, Cheo starts in about “Well, how would you feel if you walked into MY work and saw me getting all cozy with a client.”

Um, she’s already had that experience.

Cheo changes tactics and says Sara can’t be friends with a guy she’s–

Sara cuts him off before he can finish his sentence.

In the car, Sebastian says Cheo’s as welcome as a cold on a vacation. Sure, Sara picked him, but only as a “better than nothing” because Antonio’s being stupid.

Ricardo and Isabel’s date is a bust. He shows up with another date, who he pays to leave before the “lady” offends her. He’s still pissed off at Isa for calling him a naco and refuses to get back together with her.

Cheo asks if Sara really thinks she can be friends with Antonio. She’s not sure, but she definitely can’t be his enemy. And she picked Cheo, right? Cheo calms down.

Isabel goes back to her apartment and screams that one day Ricardo’s going to need her like he needs air.

Sebastian and Antonio have Asian takeout at Antonio’s desk. Silvia calls Sebastián to pass on Titina’s message–meet her at the café in the park at 8 or Natalia’s getting a phone call.

Patricio, the reporter, meets Juancho and hears about his business enterprise. When he finds out Juancho is Simon’s nephew, he crows that he’s got tomorrow’s story. All this, of course, without ever telling Juancho that he’s *that* reporter who did the article on Simon.

Antonio sees Sara in the parking lot and gives her the bad news–their plan failed.  Sebastián is at the café in the park and Titina tells him to come to Silvia’s house tomorrow and not let her down.

Upstairs, Sara’s suggesting that Sebastián should tell Natalia the truth. Antonio disagrees–that could bring serious consequences. They’re about to go over to Antonio’s for a drink, but Isabel calls.

Isabel’s crying about needing to see Antonio, etc., and Antonio’s like “Did you drink anything? You know, drinking won’t help. Take some analgesics and get some sleep.”

The family have dinner at Simón’s. Vicente brought over the ovni search kit. Everybody’s kind of impressed by it..and then annoyed that this is what Juancho spent the money he borrowed from Sara on…and then gobsmacked that he made a profit.

Natalia calls Sebastián to check up on  him. He can’t wait to be back in Mexico with her! He’s ready to move in, get engaged, get married, as long as they’re never apart again!

Natalia’s cell phone starts cutting out. She mentions buying a new one soon and Sebastián gets an idea.

Family meeting about Juancho’s entrepreneurial activity.  Padre V thinks it’s taking advantage of people.  Bruno thinks it’s just supply and demand.

The next morning, the newspaper boy is selling the edition featuring the latest of Patricio’s conjecture-filled articles. He’s alleging that the extraterrestrial scare is a money-making scheme that Simón, the one and only aeronautics engineer in San Gaspar, has set up. It doesn’t help when Quintin starts telling him about Simon and Bruno’s poisoned oranges.

Sebastián plans to get into Natalia’s cell phone account online and block her phone. He has to call the Mexico office and ask Ligia to look through his planner. She finds Natalia’s number and the password and Sebastián enters it and block’s Natalia’s service. Now he just has to wait until he talks to Natalia and tell her to get a new number.

Rafa comes in with a report for Antonio.

Nelson, Pepe, and Ramón are in the control room talking about computer programs and how to split up the work.

Edwina reads the newspaper article. Magda asks if she’s going to let Simon and Juancho suffer. Um, yeah.

Simon is furious! He and Bruno are ready to go press charges for defamation.

Juancho’s customers from yesterday are trying to return his merchandise, based on the newspaper article. Juancho meets this admittedly difficult customer service crisis by running away.

Patricio is skulking around the police station, waiting for the news to come to him.  He tells Quintin he’s going to publish an article about Simon’s crops tomorrow, but no worries–he won’t reveal his source. 

Too bad Fidel heard him and says he’d better not say jack or risk getting in trouble.  Simon arrives ready to press charges on Patricio…or just beat him to a pulp, whichever.

Juancho runs fast, but he hits a dead end and can’t jump the fence. 

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