La Vecina, jueves 2 de julio, capítulo 79

Patricio insists on his version of events. Simón used some natural phenomenon to pass off as an ovni. Juancho comes in with a mob behind him! He tells Simón that they’re attacking him because some jerk put a bunch of lies in the paper. Simón points Patricio out to him. Now they’re all having to hold Juancho back instead of Simón.

Cheo complains to Roque about Sara being friends with Antonio.

Cheo calls Sara to ask where she is.

Um, at work. Where else would she be? Hanging out by the pool in a bikini and getting ready to take the top off?

Cheo doesn’t appreciate the joke. Sara tells Rosa that Cheo’s being all clingy and insecure. Rosa doesn’t think he’ll stop until there’s a new director of CONATROL SG

Fidel has Patricio and Juancho hauled off to a cell. Juancho still hasn’t learned not to talk to this guy and starts arguing with him about all the lies he put in the paper and that he’s got lots of people who will stick up for him, including the director of CONATROL and his uncle Vicente’s contacts in the presidency.

Fidel rounds on Juancho’s dissatisfied customers. They’ve all been taken in by Patricio’s articles. But who have they known longer? Simón.

OK, they don’t have a problem with Simón. But Juancho sold them useless junk!

Who among them hasn’t bought weight-loss pills or bracelets to align their chakras, and did they go complain and get their money back?

Um, no.

Bruno says they can still use the mirror as a back scratcher (?) and the notebook to write whatever they want and the brochure in case they DO have an encounter, which was all the brochure claimed to be about.

Fidel says the only thing he can do is fine Juancho for selling in a public place without a permit.

They go to let Juancho out of the holding cell and Patricio complains that a 150 peso fine is all that’s going to happen.

Well, Simón’s planning to sue him for 500K pesos…but he’ll reconsider if Patricio publishes an apology.

Patricio wants a phone call first.

Antonio and Sebastián call Uribe to give him (and Ricardo) an update and explain their plan to replace the sensors with what the company already has. Although, if they do need to purchase more, Antonio will submit a very modest budget request. They also explain that there are a lot of unpopulated areas, which makes it difficult to recruit people for the community program.

Meanwhile, Isabel has arrived at CONATROL MX and runs into David. She asks him to show her to Ricardo’s office.

Uribe has noticed that Ricardo’s distracted. Ricardo claims he’s just…reflecting on how tenacious Antonio is. He gets a text from David and excuses himself.

While Isabel is waiting in Ricardo’s office, Natalia calls to ask for help with her cell phone. Isa’s like “I’m too busy!” and hangs up on her.

She immediately gets another call from Silvina and says she’ll call right back.

Ricardo walks in and she tries a combination of begging, throwing herself at him, and assault. He throws her out of his office and Ligia’s like “Was that not Antonio’s fiancée?”

David says he doesn’t think so and asks for a report. By the time Ligia hands it to him and goes after Isabel, she’s gone.

Natalia calls Sebastián to complain about her phone problems and ask for his help. Sebastián thinks his nefarious plan is working.

Ricardo calls Pedro to tell him about the sensor testing. He tries again to tell Pedro that if he could just have direct contact with the mole at SG…. And then David comes into his office and Ricardo hangs up quickly.

He’s snippy with David for asking about his phone call and how upset Isabel looked, then he dials it back and says Isabel showing up like that threw him off.

Pedro calls Nelson to ask him WTF is wrong with him. Nelson flees the control room, but Ramón and Pepe both heard the question.

In the hallway, Nelson tells Pedro they’re checking the sensors, but it’s all under control, he just didn’t want to call Pedro and bother him.

When Pepe gently asks Nelson who was on the phone, Nelson snaps at him to mind his own business.

Cheo casually stops by El Molcajete for lunch and to check Sara’s cell phone for incriminating evidence of her being more than friends with Antonio. Which he doesn’t find. So he texts Antonio from Sara’s phone and asks him out for coffee.

Patricio’s lawyer has advised him to apologize. He’s not happy about it, but he’ll do it…if Quintin could just let him out to get his laptop….

Quintin isn’t going to disobey Fidel by letting Patricio out. He’ll bring him the laptop.

Antonio gets to the café and finds Cheo waiting for him. “You got all dressed up for your date with Sara, didn’t you?” Antonio’s going to leave, but he stops first to tell Cheo to quit wasting his time on him and spend it on trying to get Sara back.

Nelson stops by Nacho’s for a beer, but Nacho thinks it’s weird that he’s alone. What’s going on?

Nelson says work’s getting to him. He wishes he could quit and leave. Has he ever done something he regrets?

Duh, marrying his vulture of a wife! But seriously, if he’s feeling bad about something he did it must be something terrible.

Pepe and Ramón are wondering what’s going on with Nelson too. They don’t believe he’s trying to earn extra money and whoever called him was furious.

Pepe wonders if it has something to do with Nelson’s story about cheating on his wife with someone he later found out was married.

Padre Vicente heard that Juancho was at the police station. Bruno says they didn’t call him because he and Simón were already there with him. He tells Vicente about the fine and the apology Patricio’s supposed to give.

And how’s the agriculture association?

Bruno says it’s going well, so Padre Vicente asks if he has time now for the hydroponics classes. A lot of people have been interested. Bruno says he’ll stop by tomorrow.

The guys are headed out to watch a movie. Sebastian’s out in the hallway, so they invite him too, but he’d rather rest.

At the bar, Titina’s furious that Sebastián hasn’t shown up.

At the apartment, Sebastián takes a call from Natalia and tells her how to find her new phone number. He sees a number calling the house phone from San Gaspar, assumes it’s Titina, and doesn’t answer.

Sara gets home, Cheo in tow (there was a thing earlier about him saying he’d come by to pick her up from work after he visited some clients). Bruno left a note about going to the movies and Cheo’s like “WOO HOO! We’re alone!”

Sara tells him to chill. They’re taking it slow, remember? They head out to the balcony with some beers.

Sebastián ignores more calls from Titina and takes his beer out to the balcony…where he gets an eyeful of Cheo macking on Sara. Sara’s like “Hey” and Sebastián’s like “Hey” and he goes back inside.

Antonio comes home and Sebastián says he got stood up. He knows because Cheo and Sara are out on the balcony together.

Antonio says Cheo sent him the message from Sara’s cell phone and told him to stay away from her yet again. He’s not going to mention it. He’s also not going to mention that Cheo sent a text from her phone. He hears Sara laughing and decides they should have dinner out tonight.

Quintin checks up on Patricio, who’s complaining that the battery on his laptop is running out. Quintin says he’ll bring him a power cord and hands over the sandwich and refresco he bought for him.

The next day, Patricio’s apology and retraction are on the front page. Fidel calls to make sure Simón has seen it and it’s acceptable to him so he can let Patricio out. Simón kind of feels bad that Patricio was in jail all night, but then again it’s Patricio.

Sara comes into the living room while Simón, Bruno, and Juancho are all laughing about it.

Edwina reads the article at Magda’s. And she still doesn’t think it’s a big deal and Magda’s still worried that ovni coverage will continue.

Vladimir comes out to say hi and Edwina starts talking about sending a thermometer and altimeter up with the next balloon.

Titina accosts Sebastián at the front gate of CONATROL. Her brothers drive up and she plays innocent…Sebastián called and told her to come here. Well, whatever, she’s not supposed to see him. They rough up Sebastián for a bit and then drag Titina to the car.

Sara sees Antonio downstairs and greets him. He asks how things are going with Cheo. Just to make conversation.

Well, just to make conversation, Cheo came over last night, they had some beers and watched a movie.

About extraterrestrials?

Sara gets a laugh out of that, but no.

They’re leaning into the slowest kiss goodbye when Padre Vicente walks up and clears his throat. Antonio excuses himself to go off to work and Padre Vicente asks Sara if maybe she was too close to him. Sara complains that everyone keeps telling her she’s going to get hurt.

Yeah, because she’s in love with him.

But he’s not in love with her.

Of course he is! He’s just doesn’t want to leave his perfect little bubble, which is not the same thing. Vicente just doesn’t want to see her suffering.

Pepe comes over to Nacho’s to put down a bet on the soccer match. Nacho’s betting on the Alados to win. They get to talking about Nelson and Pepe shares his and Ramón’s theory that Nelson’s cheating on his wife with a married woman.

In the control room, Nelson takes a call from Anselmo. No, there are not going to be any problems with the valve they’re draining today. And stop calling him constantly! He’s at work!

Sebastián walks in and Nelson worries he might have heard something. Sebastián tells him to chill–it’s not like he never takes personal calls at work. Anyway, he wants to see the sensor reports they have so far so he can work on the budget.

Cheo’s boss sees him sneaking out of work and asks Roque where he went.

“Lunch.” He leaves out the part where lunch is in San Gaspar with Sara.

The boss tells him he’s going to need Roque and Cheo to drive some cars to Progreso that he bought in Guadalajara.

Sebastián happily tells Antonio that the sensors they’ve got reports on are all operating within specs.

Isabel’s been following Ricardo around and interrupts his lunch to try to get him to take her back. Antonio calls Ricardo and he hands the phone to Isabel, saying Antonio should say hello to the person who just happens to be there with him.

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