La Vecina, viernes 3 de julio, capítulo 80

Titina’s being shipped off to her aunt’s with her mom to see if that can get Chebi out of her head. The brothers, however, also haven’t gotten Chebi out of their heads.

Isabel tells Antonio she just happened to run into Ricardo at the restaurant and had lunch with him. Ricardo listens to Antonio ranting and needles him about being able to talk about things other than gas (that came out weird, but I’m just gonna go with it). Anyway, Antonio called to tell Ricardo he’s sending some reports about the ciénaga so Ricardo can tell them what they need to finish the cleanup job.

Antonio complains to Sebastián, who suggests than Antonio might be jealous. Or maybe they really do need to watch out for Ricardo. Sebastián’s going to find out tonight what’s going on between him and Natalia.

At the restaurant, Isabel’s still begging Ricardo to forgive her. What does she have to do?

He says he’ll think about it.

Cheo shows up at El Molcajete with a rose for Sara. She’s starting to feel like he’s spying on her. He says he’s going to feel insecure until they get married. Well, Sara’s not gonna marry him just for that. She can’t be his wife if he doesn’t trust her. Exit Cheo.

Sara tells Rosa she’s still hoping the “old” Cheo comes back.

Bruno talks to some potential hydroponics students. With hydroponics you can grow things without dirt, so you can do it anywhere. Laura’s still interested…in the class…yeah, the class….

Antonio asks Rafa to double-check the sensor results.

Nelson, Pepe, and Ramón are all offended that Antonio doesn’t trust their work and sent Rafa to check on them.

Cheo doesn’t want to go to Guadalajara, now that he’s pissed off Sara. Roque told him so! He doesn’t think Cheo can get out of the trip, and NO he won’t cover for him this weekend.

Ricardo tells Isabel to meet him at a hotel.

Rafa reports back to Antonio that all the sensor tests seem to be correct. He just wants to cross-check one thing in the morning.

Nelson calls Pedro from a frickin’ hallway to tell him they’re about to get busted. Someone’s going to check the actual sensors near the valve he’s using.

Pedro tells him to stop it from happening, but Nelson says he can’t. Pedro should get his guys out of there.

Sebastián calls Natalia and gets really snippy with her about whether Isabel’s always around when she’s with Ricardo and just how often is that and she can’t really mean Isabel’s at all their work meetings.

Natalia gets nervous. Isabel’s always been there when Ricardo comes to the apartment is what she means.

Sebastián starts yelling at her about not putting a stop to Ricardo’s behavior and that he can’t be trusted.

Natalia pouts. She knows. When they get off the phone, she’s angry at Isabel for getting her involved in this mess.

The real reason Pedro’s so pissed off is that it’s Carmelo’s guys who are out at the valve, which means he has to (a) tell Carmelo they’ve got a problem and (b) convince him to get the guys to leave NOW and not first thing in the morning.

Laura walks in, surprising him, and Pedro puts on a calm tone and says he’ll call Carmelo tomorrow. He tells Laura he’s off to bed.

She thinks it’s weird that he didn’t even mention how late she got home.

Sebastián’s still complaining that Natalia hasn’t stopped Ricardo (victim blaming). Antonio’s like “Well, you know how Ricardo is.” Sebastián agrees. Beers at Nacho’s?

Antonio has to finish getting ready for a meeting with the governor tomorrow.

Natalia calls Isabel to tell her about Sebastián’s call and saying that Ricardo knows Isabel because she’s always around when he comes over to the apartment.

Isabel thinks that’s a great explanation.

That’s not the point!

Well, Isabel doesn’t have time for a sermon now…she’s late for her date.

Bruno talks about his hydroponics class at dinner and Laura signing up. Simón makes a comment. Bruno asks if Sara’s got something to say.

Is he doing anything she should scold him for? Then no.

Bruno insists he and Laura are just friends.

Sebastián gets to Nacho’s and he’s closing up already. Sebastián volunteers to help close and he and Nacho can go somewhere else for beers.

Isabel gets to Ricardo’s hotel room. He leaves her lingerie and a blindfold and brings in a complete stranger so he can take incriminating photos. Isabel is confused and furious. Consent is for everyone, people.

Sebastián and Nacho are drinking at what might be the only bar in town when Titina’s brothers come in, specifically to get some revenge. The owner refuses to let them in after last time.

Cheo brings mariachis to serenade Sara. So far all he’s doing is waking up Antonio.

The bar owner warns Sebastián that Titina’s brothers showed up. This is just the kind of thing he’s been telling Nacho about, how Titina is the worst thing that ever happened to him.

But now they need to worry about how to get out. Nacho suggests the bathroom window, but Sebastián’s been there, done that, gone home without pants.

Cheo stops singing when Sara doesn’t come to the window. They decide to turn up the volume.

Antonio’s not going to let this continue!

Bruno’s telling Sara to go already before Cheo wakes up the entire building. She’s refusing because she thinks he needs to grovel more.

Antonio comes out to the balcony and tells Cheo to shut up already, or else.

Simón finally convinces Sara to go get rid of Cheo. She arrives just in time to see Antonio throw a bucket of water over Cheo, short out the sound system, and cause a power outage at the apartment. He can’t help smiling, but Sara doesn’t think it’s funny.

The brothers are still waiting outside the bar. Quintin goes inside and asks if Sebastian wants him to arrest them, but Sebastián just wants to leave!

Quintin gets the call about Antonio causing a power outage and Sebastián knows it’s got something to do with Cheo.

At the apartment, the neighbors are all gathered out on the lawn, complaining about the loss of power. Chepe reminds them last time this happened it took a week to fix. Antonio just wants everyone to shut up. He’ll bring over a generator from CONATROL if he has to and yes, he’ll pay for everything.

One of his bodyguards answers a call from Quintin and informs Antonio that the law’s on its way.

But first, the law’s gotta “arrest” Sebastián and Nacho and put them in the back seat of the cruiser. The brothers don’t dare do more than give Antonio menacing looks.

Isabel calls Antonio, crying and saying she needs him. He promises he’ll call back as soon as he’s done with this neighbors’ meeting.

The lights come back on and everyone starts heading back inside, mocking Antonio for saying he’ll pay for all the damage.

In the end, Sara’s cradling poor injured Cheo and Simón, Juancho, and Bruno are all staring at her like somehow this is her fault!

Antonio calls Isabel and listens to her sobbing about keeping things from him and being afraid to lose him and she loves him. Antonio suggests she have a hot bath and try to get some sleep. He’ll see if he can come to Mexico on the weekend.

Ricardo wonders how much he could get out of Isabel’s dad for the photos…but decides his first priority is stopping the wedding.

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