La Vecina, viernes 3 de julio, capítulo 81

In Simón’s apartment, Cheo’s whining and Juancho’s vowing revenge on Antonio. Simón and Sara tell Juancho to pipe down while Cheo sits there pouting and trying to look pathetic.

Sebastián gets back to the apartment with Nacho and gets a laugh out of Antonio telling him about how he caused the power outage. Sebastián: “I can’t leave you alone for a minute!”

Antonio goes off to bed and Sebastián explains to Nacho that seeing Sara and Cheo together really upsets him.

Right, but if he won’t break up with his girlfriend…. Sebastián completely agrees with Nacho on that.

Cheo keeps being mushy until he gets Sara to laugh.

In the control room, Rafa’s impressed with the app(?) Nelson wrote for monitoring the sensors. Nelson tries to talk him out of saying anything to Antonio.

Carmelo’s upset about losing money. He calls Pedro’s leadership into question. Pedro says this is the way it is now, y punto.

Over breakfast, Sebastián tells Antonio about Titina’s brothers coming after him.

Antonio changes the subject to Isabel.

Sebastián tells him to go see her from the weekend and he’ll keep an eye on things here. Maybe Antonio can finally get Sara out of his head because last night he and Nacho saw them in full reconciliation mode….

Ricardo’s choosing which valve he wants to anonymously report to CONATROL.

Isabel comes over, snogs him, and then pulls a gun on him. She wants the photos back.

Ricardo tells her to shoot him. He’s not giving her anything.

Nelson calls Pedro to tell him everything’s under control now, but before when he told him to stop draining the pipe there wasn’t anything else he could do.

Pedro screams at him about how much money they lost and hangs up on him.

Nelson doesn’t know why he keeps working for this guy. Pepe peers around a corner, looking concerned.

Ricardo tells Isabel the doorman knows she’s here and she’s on the security cameras. She’d go to prison for murdering him. He wrestles the gun out of her hand and shoves her onto the couch talking about what she “really” came there for. I feel like I need a shower every time these two are on screen.

Cheo shows up at work with the bandage on his head and a neck brace. He had this accident….

His boss feels really bad for him. Because he doesn’t buy Cheo’s story. Cheo had better not flake on the trip to Guadalajara or he might consider not paying the commissions Cheo has earned.

Antonio and Sara get on the apartment elevator together, leaving behind Sebastián. He calls Natalia and bugs her some more about how SHE needs to get rid of Ricardo.

On the elevator, Antonio and Sara argue about Cheo and buckets and Isabel and which one of them drives the other crazy. The elevator gets stuck. Antonio blames it on Sara for kicking the wall.

Sebastián calls Chepe to tell him about the elevator. In the hallway, he meets up with Chepe, Simón, and Juancho and tells him about the stuck elevator containing Sara and Antonio.

In the elevator Sara and Antonio are still arguing, but let’s face it, they’re really both screaming “Kiss me already!” Or maybe that’s just me.

Outside the elevator, everybody’s obviously listening to their argument and commenting on it.

Ricardo and Isabel had sex. She’s still begging Ricardo for the pictures, which he won’t agree to. He wants dirt to use against her.

The elevator door finally opens and Sara and Antonio stand there staring at each other for a little too long without getting out.

Sebastián teases Antonio about the look on his face when he got out of the elevator.

Antonio says it was hot in there.

It’s Antonio’s turn to laugh when Sebastián spots Titina’s brothers in the street. Or at least he thinks he does. The light turns green and Antonio keeps driving.

Sara tries giving Simón the same excuse about the look on her face, but he’s not buying it. Rosa calls about some suppliers waiting for Sara at the restaurant, so Sara’s getting out of a lecture for now.

Carmelo’s getting tired of Pedro and he’s ready to strike out on his own.

Rafa’s at Marina’s desk talking about how impressed he was with Nelson’s program. He gets a text from Quique asking him out to a French film at the cultural center.

Marina says he’s obviously trying to please Rafa. Rafa says he wants (loves) Quique…and Antonio and Sebastian walk in behind him. Marina gives him a warning look…

“I want that cell phone. And I’m gonna buy it.” Antonio and Sebastián go into Antonio’s office and Rafa leaves Marina with his phone so she can reply to Quique while he talks to Antonio.

Rafa tells Antonio the sensor tests are going smoothly and Nelson, Pepe, and Ramón are doing a great job. Maybe they can do something for them?

Antonio tells him to go to HR and see if there’s any way to give them a raise.

Someone left flowers for Sebastián. He’s sure it was Titina, but it was her brothers. The card says he’s not going to be able to avoid them all the time and he should save the flowers for his funeral.

Sara calls Antonio to tell him she can’t stop thinking about what happened in the elevator. He has a flashback to the two of them snogging right before Simón told Sara to press the OPEN button. So, yeah, those faces.

And now they agree they’re not going to be able to forget. And neither of them wants to get off the phone.

Ricardo visits the internet café again to send another anonymous message to CONATROL.

Cheo calls Sara to tell her he has to go to Guadalajara to pick up a car. He was thinking she could come with him. Sara agrees to go, hoping it will get her mind off Antonio.

Isabel calls Antonio and he says he’s working on getting back to Mexico for the weekend.

Sebastián goes to the front gate to pick up his lunch. He checks with the security guy to see if Titina’s brothers have come by, but they haven’t.

There’s supposed to be a lot of wind coming, so Edwina has decided the next balloon launch will have to take place tomorrow. They’ve gotta get the gondola ready.

Rafa got a reply from Quique to the text he had Marina send and he can’t stop looking at it. Sebastián comes in with lunch and says it’s on him. Marina’s impressed he’s still got an appetite after someone sent him flowers for his funeral.

Rafa’s like “Are you ever going to learn to stop talking?!”

Sebastián’s in Antonio’s office having lunch. Antonio says he’s going to Mexico after all. He’s worried about Isabel. Sebastián thinks it’s just that Isabel grew up going to boarding schools and even though her dad loves her, he only sees her twice a year.

Rafa comes in…another anonymous tip showed up.

Quintin returns the video camera he borrowed from Fidel. No, he hasn’t stopped believing in ovnis.

Antonio calls Fidel. He’ll send him the exact location so the team can go bust some saqueadores. Quintin says he can tell Fidel about the sightings in Ithaca on the drive.

Cheo’s plan is to pick Sara up tonight and woo her with flowers and candles.

Juancho shows Simón ovni footage online. Simón tries to explain about lighting effects.

Sara’s home early and tells Simón and Juancho she’s going to Guadalajara with Cheo.

Nelson’s making excuses to Pedro about not knowing about the bust because he was in the control room doing the stuff Pedro told him to do. Pedro’s like “Well, you’re just gonna have to do everything!”

Pepe comes out to the hallway and Nelson’s almost in tears. Pepe asks him what’s going on and Nelson tries to say he was talking to his father-in-law and quit asking for explanations because he doesn’t even give those to his wife. Pepe’s not buying it.

Fidel interrogates one of the guys they caught, who doesn’t have much to tell him. He didn’t know the guy who hired him or the other two who got arrested. They’d been at that section of pipeline for six months. When a tanker came by to get filled, they had to go inside a little shack.

Fidel calls Antonio with the bad news, but Antonio’s sure the saqueadores must be nervous after getting busted again.

Ricardo brings Uribe a report. As Uribe starts looking at it he mentions they got another tip in San Gaspar and had another bust.

Antonio calls Uribe to tell him how much gas they had siphoned off into a container that they were able to recover. They arrested three people, but none of them knows anything about who hired them or the organization. He’ll keep Uribe informed.

Ricardo tells Uribe the community support program is obviously working.

Pedro’s second favorite hench tells him the three guys who got arrested don’t know anything. No worries.

Yes, but Pedro’s suspicious. They’ve gotten two valves reported and shut down in so little time. Something else is going on here and he’s going to find out what it is.

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