La Vecina, lunes 6 de julio, capítulo 82

Antonio gets off the phone with Uribe and wonders if maybe he should cancel his trip. Sebastián tells him to go–he’ll stay and keep an eye on things.

Only…can Antonio leave his bodyguards? Sebastián’s scared of running into Titina’s brothers. And if Antonio’s out of town, doesn’t that make him the highest-ranking executive of CONATROL? He’ll pay them if he has to.

Edwina and Vladimir have the gondola all loaded up, but it still needs one more thing…. The note, which this time will have Vladimir’s contact information.

Sara’s packing for the trip to Guadalajara. Simón’s wondering if she should go after what happened this morning.

“How did you know we kissed?!”

Um, because she just said so.

Sara says it was meaningless kiss.

Simón thinks she’s running off with Cheo because that kiss shook her up. He just hopes that getting out of one complicated situation isn’t leading her into another. Anyway…she knows what she’s doing.

Ricardo hasn’t gotten a call from Pedro, so he decides he should be the one to give him the news about the bust. Pedro’s phone is off.

Antonio and Sebastián run into Sara and Cheo leaving Simón’s apartment. Cheo’s super mature about the whole thing. Not.

Antonio’s upset that he just kissed Sara this morning and now she’s taking a trip with Cheo! Yeah, Sebastián didn’t know there was a kiss.

Pedro and Anselmo show up at Ricardo’s. What does he know about an anonymous email and another valve getting busted?

Sara’s impressed with Cheo having rose petals and candles all over his apartment.

Pedro thinks it’s odd that CONATROL has made two busts already.

Ricardo’s like “It’s the community support program.”

Pedro’s like “Or maybe it’s somebody who knows where all the valves are.”

Sara and Cheo are snogging on his couch, but he remembers her saying she had sex with Antonio and has to pause.

Pedro doesn’t understand why someone in the community would give an anonymous tip. And they barely have money for cable, let alone internet.

Ricardo says he’s made more in the last couple of months working for Pedro than he has in the entire time he’s been working for CONATROL. Why would he want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?

Ricardo goes to get them drinks and asks what he would gain from hurting Pedro.

A bullet to the head. Pedro borrowed Anselmo’s gun to point at Ricardo. He still says it’s not him.

Pedro believes him this time. He wants Ricardo to find out how those anonymous messages have been getting to CONATROL.

Sara and Cheo continue snogging, but he has the flashback again. He pretends he saw a bug and starts flailing around. Sara re-commences the snogging–

And he has the flashback again! He suggests he’s not comfortable on the sofa. Sara goes to make dinner and Cheo curses Antonio for not being able to…stop thinking about him being with Sara?

Antonio’s flashback is kissing Sara in the elevator. He guesses Sara regretted it or she wouldn’t have gone with Cheo for the weekend.

Rafa calls to tell Antonio they’re done recovering the gas from the container, but having some trouble shutting off the valve.

Oh no! Rafa’s out in the middle of nowhere and Quique was waiting for him at the cultural center. Quique’s not giving him another chance.

The next morning, Sara wants to talk about what didn’t happen last night. It’s not a big deal. And if it is a problem, there are clinics and stuff…. Cheo reeeally doesn’t want to talk about it.

At a hotel in Mexico, Anselmo brings Pedro the morning paper. There’s an article about the bust. Pedro vows to take three times what CONATROL recovered this week.

Anselmo asks if Pedro trusts Ricardo.

Not entirely. But he’s giving them the info on the sensors.

Titina’s brothers sent Sebastian a huge funeral wreath.

Antonio’s mom calls Isabel to check in on her. She didn’t know Antonio was coming to town. Dinner later?

Isabel says she’ll call later to confirm. She heads out of the apartment and accidentally leaves her cell phone behind. She misses a text from Rita Suarez.

Sebastián, with his head through the giant wreath, goes downstairs to complain to Chepe, who claims he has no idea where the wreath came from.

Juancho and Simón are setting up a video camera and a telescope. Simón’s determined to find out what happened last Sunday.

Team Globo Sonda are ready for another launch, but this time they’ll go back to Edwina’s place to monitor the balloon.

Anselmo and Pedro get to the airport and what a coincidence! There’s Antonio and Isabel. Pedro goes over to greet them and make indirectas about Sara, El Molcajete, and the contract with CONATROL.

As soon as they walk off, Isabel starts sniping at Antonio about the contract and That Woman.

It’s time to launch the Vladimir II. *happy launch dance*

Simón sees it from the truck and hurries back to the warehouse.

Bruno gets set up for his hydroponics class. Laura’s also there to prep for her literacy class. It gets awkward. When they both reach for something on the floor, Bruno offers to read Laura’s palm and says he’s descended from “gitanos.”

He sees delicacy, beauty, good mood (buen humor). Rodobaldo interrupts the moment–he needs help moving a piece of furniture.

Laura is never washing that hand again.

Simón gets back to the warehouse and Juancho’s all “I SAW AN OVNI!” and Simón’s like “IT WAS A WEATHER BALLOON!” He’s decided that it’s Edwina’s doing and he’s pissed that she let the two of them get labeled as con artists.

Edwina and Magda are discussing the tropopause and losing contact with the balloon when Simón comes knocking at the door. And since he heard Magda asking if that was what it was called, Simón says it is. He’s looking a little smooshy when he congratulates Edwina on her launch

Isabel’s still complaining when they get to her apartment. Why did Pedro say that Antonio couldn’t turn Sara down?

Antonio claims he doesn’t know, and can they drop it? He’s here to spend the weekend with her.

He notices a message from “Rita Suarez” on Isabel’s phone talking about meeting her at 1. Isabel changes her story–Rita Suarez is her therapist.

Antonio wants to meet her. Isabel agrees to take him to her session and goes to the bathroom to stall. (Heh…bathroom…stall.)

Vladimir comes into Edwina’s living room with a power cord for her laptop and asks if Simón saw their balloon.

Of course he did! And he was just coming over to congratulate them!

And what else, Edwina asks.

Simón asks why she was letting everyone think it was an ovni.

Because someone taught her to keep things secret. And hey, they’ve now seen the earth from space, unlike  other people who are still dreaming.

OK, Simón’s outta here. Juancho taunts Edwina, saying they’re totes going to get the cohete off the ground.

Isabel ends up texting Ricardo to tell him she can’t come over–Antonio’s in town.

Isabel claims she confirmed their appointment and also mentions his mom inviting them over for dinner.

Magda sends Vladimir to Edwina’s room so she can scold Edwina for being so harsh with Simón. There’s a big difference between launching a rocket and launching a weather balloon. She’s not taking “sides,” but Simón was right about needing to tell everyone what they really saw. Instead everyone’s thinking extraterrestrials are invading.

Sure enough, the police department starts getting calls. Quintin tells everyone to get inside and stay there!

In the truck, Juancho’s still on about a weather balloon being NBD.

Simón’s thinking about Merlina dying and not going to France and visiting her grave with the plans for the cohete.

Rafa and his team have finished shutting the valve. Fidel (like Pedro) finds it odd that they got two warnings via Internet. There isn’t any internet at the closest town. It would have been easier to just call the office. Maybe it’s not someone from town.

Quintin calls to tell Fidel they’re getting ovni reports again and he’s going out to investigate.

The hell he is! He’s in charge of the office while Fidel’s out. If he finds out Quintin set foot outside, he’ll arrest him for leaving his post.

Fidel tells Rafa he wishes he could get his hands on whoever’s causing these ovni sightings!

Ricardo gets to his apartment and sees the message from Isabel (because apparently, he left his phone at home too). He tries calling, but she’s not answering.

She’s at lunch with Antonio, not listening to him while she worries about how to get out of the nonexistent therapy appointment.

Ricardo calls Antonio, asking for the specs on the latest bust. And also he wants to go over something with him. Antonio ends up saying Ricardo can meet him at his parents’ at 3.

Ricardo agrees and asks Antonio to tell Isabel that he’s got the PHOTOS Silvina wanted.

Isabel takes that as a threat and gets so flustered she trips on the way to the bathroom and hurts her ankle. Or fakes it, I’m not sure yet.

Now that Rafa’s back in town, he goes over to Quique’s to explain about dinner, but Quique’s not in the mood to listen. He’s convinced that Antonio only sent Rafa to deal with the valve because he knew Rafa and Quique had plans.

Pedro’s talking shop with Isidro. It’s Andrade’s community program, It’s not that big a deal, I’ve got a guy on the inside, everything is under control. Isidro says it had better be.

Pedro lashes out at Laura when she gets home with her little hydroponic something in a planter. Dude throws it on the floor, tells her she’s not going back to the church, and tells her to make him a drink.

Antonio, Isabel, and Isabel’s sprained ankle show up at Antonio’s parents’ house. He mentions Ricardo’s coming over and asks if they can delay dinner until he’s gone. (OK, maybe it wasn’t exactly like that, but same diff.)

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