La Vecina, lunes 6 de julio, capítulo 83

Quique is tired of being the one to make all the effort in his relationship with Rafa and he’s going to start dating some other guy. Rafa tells him to go for it, which is apparently not what Quique wanted to hear.

Bruno gets to the warehouse and Juancho tells him about the weather balloon and Edwina getting snippy with Simón.

At Edwina’s place, she’s horrified to see the balloon fell…

At Simón and Bruno’s warehouse.

Fidel’s annoyed with Ovni Fever: Round 2. He figures if he and Quintin go to Nacho’s they can ask people if they’ve got any evidence.

In the bathroom, Isabel calls Ricardo and begs him not to bring the pictures, but he’s Ricardo.

Antonio’s dad invites Ricardo to have lunch with them before he and Antonio talk business.

Nacho has video of the ovni, but it’s not clear enough for Fidel. They’re arguing about it when a guy comes running up to say the ovni landed at Simón’s orchard.

Antonio’s dad and Ricardo are talking about the success of the community support program when Ricardo remembers he’s got those photos for Isabel…

Photos of landscapes. But there’s a note in the envelope saying he wants half a million pesos for the…other…photos.

Cheo and Sara get to their hotel. He says he wants to take her to dinner someplace with mariscos. Because aphrodisiacs. Can’t hurt to have an extra push, right?

Isabel comes up with some vague reason Silvina wanted the photos. Ema’s getting indigestion having to put up with Isabel and Ricardo. Or so she thought bubbles.

Edwina and team show up at the warehouse to retrieve the gondola. Vladimir asks to go to the bathroom and Edwina and Magda both volunteer to go with them.

Bruno thinks this has gone on long enough and Simón needs to make peace with Edwina.

Fidel and Quintin arrive and Simón tells him to ask his sister if he wants to know the truth about the ovni sightings.

Behind them, Edwina and Magda both avoid Fidel’s eyes. But yes, it was a weather balloon.

Fidel apologizes to Simón for accusing him. Simón wants him to make an announcement that the ovnis were not ovnis so people will chill out already. Fidel thinks that’s fair.

When all the visitors have left, Juancho gloats about Edwina getting in trouble. Simón doesn’t think that’s necessary…but maybe just a little!

Ricardo has moved on to talking about the wedding. Isabel’s having trouble following the conversation and Antonio’s dad thinks it’s because of the pain. Ema gives Ricardo a pointed look and says she doesn’t think that’s what it is.

Natalia calls Sebastián. He complains about having to work this weekend, covering for Antonio. He’s just waiting for a pizza to show up for his dinner.

Instead Titina’s brothers show up with tequila.

Ema made flan for dessert, but the compliments from Ricardo annoy her.

Isa sends Ricardo a message and he gets up from the table and goes into the hallway. He pretends to be talking to someone on the phone while he’s really telling Isa that he’s serious about the money and she has until Monday at noon to pay up.

Ema complains to Antonio’s dad that she doesn’t like Ricardo intruding on their family time.

When Antonio approaches, Ricardo wraps up his fake call and tells Antonio he’s buying an apartment for a family member and wanted to be clear about the terms.

Isa re-opens the bathroom door and stands there awkwardly until Antonio decides to help her back to the table.

At the apartment, Titina’s brothers get Sebastian drunk on tequila.

Edwina, Vladimir, and Magda get a dressing-down from Fidel. They provoked a public panic! Fidel dares to call what  they were doing “playing games.” Dude, it’s SCIENCE! So, fine, Edwina will make a public declaration at noon, in the park.

Sebastián drunkenly tells the bros that he and Titina tried, but their relationship just didn’t work. At least they all agree that Sebastián’s not meant for Titina.

As for the bet, that was a lie.

Ricardo’s finally leaving and Isabel wants to leave too. Instead, Ema offers Isabel a painkiller and Antonio’s dad offers him a cognac.

When Sebastián passes out, the bros carry him to his room.

Antonio confides in his dad about his suspicions that they have a mole at the company. Papá’s advice is to let someone from outside do the investigation.

Sara’s worried that Cheo’s overdoing it with the oysters.

Simon gets home and hears from Chepe about the big announcement in the park tomorrow. Simón’s worried about Edwina getting torn apart by an angry mob.

Chepe is shocked to see Titina’s brothers leaving–he sure didn’t let them in! He and his buddy run inside to check on Sebastian, but no one answers the door.

Back at the hotel, Cheo’s feeling confident…but the oysters are coming back to haunt him. Sara can’t help saying she told him so.

Sebastián wakes up with a hangover and thinks that’s the whole “revenge” until he looks in the bathroom mirror and realizes he’s been painted green. On his back it says “Don’t forget Titina.”

Cheo’s torment continues the next day in the car. Sara thinks it’s funny, but she’s also keeping an eye out for bathrooms.

Isabel calls Ricardo in the morning, just to tell him she’s not paying up. He texts her back that if she doesn’t, he’ll show Antonio the pictures. Antonio nearly catches her on the phone, but she claims she was talking to Natalia.

Sebastian leaves the apartment building in shorts, a short sleeved tee, a hat, and flip flops. Unfortunately, the pharmacy is closed and so is everything else.

Everyone’s assembling at the park. Simón lets slip early to Nacho that it was Edwina behind the ovni craze. Simón is really worried about how people are going to react.

Ric calls Pedro with the list of sensors to tamper with and Pedro passes that on to Nelson.

Nelson tells Pepe he has to skip the announcement and fútbol. Pepe’s had it with him.

Everyone’s still making their way to the park and Sebastián sees Pepe. He tries to flag Pepe down, but Pepe sees him and starts screaming about a Martian invasion. He and the group of people nearest him all take off running!

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