La Vecina, martes 7 de julio, capítulo 84

Fidel and the fam come over to Edwina’s to escort her to the square. She won’t go with Fidel, but she’ll go with Magda and Vladimir.

At the square, Pepe reports his Martian sighting to Fidel and Quintin. And he’s got other eyewitnesses too. Quintin leads the charge to capture Sebastián.

Which means there’s no one in the square waiting for Edwina’s big reveal. Whatevs, she said she’d do it at noon so she’s doing it at noon, audience or not.

Sebastián throws himself at Fidel’s feet, begging for help. Fidel has to order Quintin to back down. Now that everyone knows it’s a prank, Fidel sends them back to the park to find out about the ovnis.

Edwina’s got a projection screen set up. I respect that. Simón’s loving her presentation. Or maybe that’s my imagination. The audience applauds.

Someone asks about the cohete in the newspaper, but Edwina says it’s not her place to talk about it.

Marina comes over to Rafa’s with lunch and asks about Quique. Rafa says it’s over. Quique didn’t like that work came first for Rafa. Marina’s sure some Oaxacan tamales will make him feel better.

Isabel’s worried Ricardo will send the photos to Antonio, so she tries to take his phone away when he gets a message. Antonio wrestles the phone out of her hand and looks disappointed. It was just an ad. He’s off to shower now before they do whatever they have planned today.

Cheo’s relieving his distress in a cornfield, but every time he thinks he’s done, he’s not. Sara wonders if this is included in “In good times and bad.” (Yes, it is.)

Sebastian’s back at the apartment, about as safe as he is green. He calls Natalia so they can say how much they miss each other. Natalia’s making a face like she wasn’t being entirely accurate when she said she’d be heading home Tuesday.

The woman at the park who asked about the rocket comes over to Simón’s acting like they know each other. Simón looks confused.

Antonio gets a text message from a number he doesn’t recognize. It has a picture, but the only recognizable thing in it is a hand. Isabel definitely recognizes it.

Serena went to school with Simón and I’m going to write off his earlier confusion as being caused by her being there and not caused by him not knowing her. She’s been working for the national space agency and she’s here to investigate the cohete.

Isabel ducks into the bedroom to call Ricardo and tell him she’ll give him the money if he’ll just stop tormenting her.

He gives her an account number and the name Patricio Quesada. And it’s none of her business why it’s not in his name.

Out in the living room, Antonio’s talking to Sebastian, telling him to try using tequila to get the paint off. Or at the very least to forget about it.

OK, see, the cohete isn’t “personal” to the space agency. They sent Serena to find out what exactly Simón is building. So far this is just a friendly request, but if he won’t let her make an inspection they’re going to have to do this officially.

Padre Vicente comes in with Bruno and Juancho complaining about how terribly they played, even if they did win. Simón introduces Serena and Padre V asks her to have lunch with them…so they can hear about all the fun times they had at university.

Cheo calls his boss to let him know they dropped the car off at the lot and also he’s sick so can he have the day off tomorrow?

Nope. He’d better recover today and be there first thing tomorrow.

Sara’s off to visit her mom and then catch a bus back to San Gaspar.

Oh, Serena does have good stories! This one time, one of their classmates swore that if she saw an alien, she’d try to communicate with them. So Simón got the bright idea to dress up as one and get into her dorm room. When she saw him, she took off running across campus with Simón chasing after her.

Edwina’s. Nobody’s talking during lunch. Fidel wants to know what he can do to bribe them into forgiving him.

Vladimir wants an astronaut suit.

Fidel balks, but agrees.

Magda wants a new car. Just kidding! She wants them to have family time on Sundays.

Could they make it Saturdays?

Magda agrees.

As for Edwina, she wants a signed agreement that Fidel will respect all her decisions, even if she wants to go to the moon. And that’s only ONE of the clauses.

Serena says her goodbyes after lunch. Juancho likes her better than Edwina, not that anyone asked him. Padre Vicente asks if Simón actually does have to show her his cohete. (*snort*)

Simón says it’s like having a car. Anybody can own one, but if you want to drive it you need a license, registration, etc.

Well, didn’t he know getting the cohete inspected was a requirement?

No! Because there wasn’t really anything like a National Space Agency when he started building it and when there was one, he never thought he’d come to their attention.

Can’t he just ask her to say there’s no cohete?

Simón says you wouldn’t know it to look at her, but she’s very cuadrada (square).

Sara visits her mom, tells her about the weekend with Cheo, talks about the restaurant. Merce notices her eyes light up when she mentions Antonio, but she doesn’t say anything about it out loud.

Isabel’s ready to call it an early night. She says she’s moody thinking about Antonio leaving tomorrow. Antonio promises they’ll talk every day.

Sara gets home and passes on Merce’s saludos and the muffins she made. She explains to Bruno why Cheo’s not with her. But where’s Simón?

Bruno says he’s dropping Padre V off and tells Sara about Serena.

Nelson apparently spent all night in the control room altering sensors. Or at least he tells Pepe he slept there.

Pepe’s had it with the ‘tude. When Ramón shows up laughing about Sebastián looking like a Martian, Pepe’s like “Whatever.” He says Nelson’s being so weird, but he’s not talking about what’s going on with him.

Sebastián is indeed green…maybe even a little greener than yesterday. Marina and Rafa get a laugh out of seeing him.

Isabel calls her bank to make a transfer.

Pedro calls Ricardo, who has no new information on the anonymous email.

Ricardo gets a text from Isabel telling him to check his account.

Antonio starts laughing when he gets a look at Sebastián sitting behind his desk. He suggests Sebastián call Titina’s brothers to find out how to get the paint off him.

Sebastián won’t call them, but he gives the number to Antonio. Antonio and the bros can’t stop laughing as he asks what kind of paint they used and how to remove it. Supposedly it’s made for leather and he can get a solvent from a tack shop.

Juancho asks if Simón’s really going to let Serena do an inspection. If he is, then the sooner he does it, the sooner she’s gone, right?

Sebastián’s getting in the shower so they can apply the solvent and then remove it with alcohol.

Antonio goes out to get some and runs into Sara in the hallway. He asks about her weekend and she says it was awful, but doesn’t give details. She does have some alcohol in the apartment, though. She and Antonio head inside.

Just then the elevator dings and Natalia arrives. She’s a little put off by the apartment door being open, but she heads in cautiously. She can hear the shower running and hurries to join him.

From the shower, Sebastián yells to Antonio, asking how long he’s supposed to be in the shower.

Natalia opens the door and freaks out when she sees Sebastián. And if being painted green weren’t bad enough, she sees “Don’t forget Titina” on his back and assumes he’s seeing someone else.

Sebastián chases her back to the living room swearing it was just a prank…a bet! Titina’s the name of a pole dancer!

A teibolera?!

No, not a teibolera!

Sara gives Antonio the bottle of alcohol and they hear Sebastian in the hallway, swearing to Natalia that he’s not seeing anybody else. Antonio and Sara realize Natalia’s in town.

Antonio keeps Sara from going into the hallway and making things worse.

Sebastián begs Antonio to tell Natalia it was all a joke, which he does. It only makes her angrier, especially when he just came out of La Vecina’s apartment.

Titina’s brothers are laughing about missing the big scare in the park. They should have recorded a video!

They’re still laughing when Titina and her mom arrive.

Sebastián tells Natalia he was just having drinks with the guys and he didn’t know they were going to a strip club and he lost a bet about being able to drink so many drinks in a row.

Natalia keeps screaming at him and at Antonio and brings up Sara.

Sara’s listening at the door when Antonio says that doesn’t matter right now, which Sara interprets as meaning that she doesn’t matter.

Natalia’s on the verge of leaving, but Sebastián convinces her to stick around for one more explanation.

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