La Vecina, martes 7 de julio, capítulo 85

Titina calls Silvia for an update.

Well…Chebi’s a Martian. She explains about the green paint and Sebastián saying some guys played a prank on him and Titina’s sure it was her brothers’ doing.

Back inside the apartment, Antonio tells Natalia that people around here are half-wild. He saw one guy with his head and eyebrows shaved with a team name written on his forehead.

Sebastián’s phone starts ringing and Natalia grabs it and runs off to the bedroom so she can answer it herself.

It’s Titina. Natalia tells Sebastián she never wants to see him again. He and Antonio try to keep her from leaving, but she’s determined. She recognized the voice as the woman who called pretending to be “a friend.” Now she understands why he wanted her to change her phone number. She shoves both guys away from the door and leaves.

Serena gets a call from Inginiero Arce. She tells him Simón is out of town and won’t be back until the day after tomorrow. She’s been talking to the locals and nobody’s heard anything about a cohete.

Simón shows up at the hotel and asks Serena to explain exactly what she wants to inspect.

Antonio goes over to thank Sara for the alcohol, but she heard what he said about her not being important and she doesn’t want to speak to him.

Juancho tells Bruno a bunch of kids came to the warehouse wanting to see the cohete. He told them it was 200 pesos admission. What? It’s not like they’re going to come up with that kind of money! ($9.07 US today.)

Antonio tells Sebastian that Sara’s upset about him telling Natalia she didn’t mean anything.

So what? She’s just his neighbor! Natalia is the love of his life!

Antonio leaves him to mope and try to get the paint off.

Serena tells Simón the agency wants to know what the impact of the cohete has been on the community.

Simón says all anyone knows is what that reporter printed. Hardly anyone outside his family has seen it. And no, he didn’t inform them when he started work, because there wasn’t an agency at that time, so he just figured he’d inform them when he was finished.

Well, the newspaper made it sound like he was just a hobbyist, but him being an aeronautical engineer with experience changes things.

Simón agrees to let Serena check out his cohete (*snort*) and they head off to the warehouse.

Edwina sees Simón and Serena heading out of the hotel. Serena gets something in her eye and from Edwina’s angle it looks like they’re kissing. She’s heartbroken.

As the three of them move out of frame, Natalia comes along, dragging her suitcase.

Sebastian has removed some of the paint. He checks to see if Natalia’s booked on the last flight out to Mexico, but the privacy-violating agent says she’s not. Sebastián figures she’ll be at the hotel, then.

He’s on his way out of the apartment when Titina shows up. When she finds out it was Natalia who called her earlier, she gets all excited about Sebastián being “free.”

Sebastián scoffs that what he is is miserable! But at least now no matter what Titina does, it doesn’t matter.

“But Chebi, I looooooove you!”

“I don’t!”

Sara comes out of the kitchen at El Molcajete and thinks the guy hiding behind an enormous bouquet of roses is Cheo.

Surprise! It’s Antonio. He apologizes for what he said earlier in front of Natalia and says Sara’s one of the most important people in his life.

Sara accepts the apology, but between the two of them they drop the flowers, try to pick them up at the same time and bump heads, and then have a really intense hug.

Rafa finds Nelson in the control room and tries to get him to talk about whatever’s bothering him. Nothing comes of this.

Sara gets Antonio to stick around and have lunch. He fills her in on the situation with Sebastián and Natalia. They both agree that maybe if you cheat on someone you should reconsider whether you really love them.

Rafa tells Pepe he tried to talk to Nelson, but Nelson says nothing’s wrong. He complained that he feels like Pepe’s spying on him. All Rafa can do is suggest they talk it out.

Natalia cries to Isabel over the phone. She wants to go home, but there are no tickets available on today’s flight. She can’t believe Sebastián did to her what Antonio did to Isabel!

But Antonio’s behaving now, right?

“I wouldn’t count on it! He was coming out of La Vecina’s apartment!”

Isabel suggests she get some sleep, but every time she closes her eyes she sees Sebastián painted in green and hears Titina’s voice all “Chebiiiii I’m baaaaaack!”

Pepe tries to talk to Nelson, but Nelson’s upset that Pepe talked to Rafa and Pepe has had it with Nelson and his crappy attitude, but for REAL this time. Pepe punches Nelson and sends him sprawling to the floor.

Rafa’s at the printer and Marina calls him over to ask about Quique. She’s sorry to have to say it, but she just saw him out with  a really good-looking guy.

Rafa figures Quique was telling the truth, then, about meeting someone the day Rafa didn’t show up for their date.

Marina gets a call about Nelson and Pepe having a fight in the control room.

Ramón’s trying to hold Pepe back, while a nameless extra does the same for Nelson. When Rafa shows up he suspends Pepe and Nelson both, without pay. Nelson begs him not to do this and says he really needs the money, but Rafa can’t just let this slide. They’re suspended and Antonio will decide for how long.

Antonio’s still at El Molcajete when Isabel calls, screaming at him for being in Sara’s apartment when he could have just gone to the pharmacy for alcohol. She thinks Sebastián being green was just an excuse. Antonio says if this is all she called for he’s not going to continue the conversation. He hangs up on her.

When his phone rings again, he assumes it’s Isabel, but it’s Marina calling to ask when he’s getting back because Nelson and Pepe were fighting in the control room.

Sebastián gets to the hotel right before Titina does. She’s determined to meet Natalia. Her mom calls and she makes her usual excuse about being with Silvia going over school stuff.

Sebastián gets Natalia to open her door by saying he’s there to refill the servibar. He convinces her to listen to him and then admits he got involved with a dangerous “crazy” woman. They only had one night together and she’s been stalking him since then.

Out in the hallway, Titina’s listening in but her phone rings again. Silvia showed up at her house and Mamá wants her home NOW or she’s going back to her aunt’s.

Sebastián explains how he took her brothers out to a bar to try to convince them he was the wrong guy for her. And it worked, but he didn’t count on them trying to take revenge for messing around with their sister.

Natalia has listened and she still wants him to leave. Why would she forgive a guy who said he loved her and had a one-night stand with a loca?

“Because I’ll die with out you!”

Should have thought of that earlier. And now he needs to get out or she’ll call security.

Titina’s still in the hallway, listening to Sebastián tell Natalia he’s going to keep fighting for her. She waits for Sebastián to leave and knocks on Natalia’s door, but Natalia refuses to open it, thinking it’s Sebastián.

Serena’s totally into the rocket. She wants to see the plans. She thinks she’s going to be spending more time in San Gaspar than she thought.

Titina gets home and her mom’s sure she was out looking for Sebastián. From now on her brothers are going to be keeping an eye on her constantly. (And that’s different how?)

Antonio tells Nelson and Pepe they have enough going on without the two of them fighting. He asks Rafa if there are people who can cover for them.


Then he’s suspending them both for a week. Hopefully they’ll learn that no one is indispensable.

Nelson is, of course, worried about Pedro’s reaction.

Cheo shows up at El Molcajete at closing time. Sara’s taking the roses home and says she’s just…trying to get a jump on tomorrow. She’s making rose-petal ice cream.

Cheo can rip them apart for her, no problem!

Sebastián runs into Bruno in the hallway. He’s hired some guys to go serenade Natalia. He offers to tell Bruno the whole story if Bruno comes with them.

Nelson calls Pedro to tell him he’s been suspended for a week. He assures Pedro that no one will be able to tell he altered the sensors.

Pedro tells Anselmo it’s time to find someone to replace Nelson. They’re getting rid of him.

Antonio stops at Sara’s door before he goes home. Cheo answers and says Simón’s not home and he and Sara are…busy.

The truth is he would like to be busy, but Sara’s putting him off.

Natalia hears the music out in the hallway. Titina calls. Yeah, Natalia knows who she is.

There’s some smack talk about who got involved with who and who’s the bad guy in the story…but hey, since Natalia’s not Sebastián’s girlfriend anymore, can Titina have him?

Natalia tells her to ask Sebastián himself. She goes to the door and drags him inside, which looks to Bruno and the guys like their serenata worked.

Natalia puts Titina on speaker while Sebastián says he doesn’t want to talk to her and how can Natalia believe this chiflada? Once again, he refuses to leave until Natalia forgives him.

Antonio burns himself making dinner. This time when he knocks on Sara’s door, he tells Cheo he’s looking for Sara. He wanted to put egg whites on his hand, but he didn’t have any (this recap is not a substitute for medical advice). Sara invites him in.

Sebastián keeps begging Natalia to forgive him. He’s nothing without her.

Well, he’s the one throwing it all away.

The guys start singing again and the phone rings. Natalia demands he answer it and tell Titina to quit bugging her.

So he tells her to leave Natalia alone, it’s over, she’s the biggest mistake in his life, he wouldn’t want to be with her even if she was the last woman on earth.

Natalia’s satisfied with what he said, but she’s still not going to forgive him.

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