La Vecina, jueves 9 de julio, capítulo 87

Antonio’s not going to give up on saving the plant, and Sara vows she’s on his side even if it’s just for encouragement (and ice cream). She goes behind his desk to hug him. Awww, these two 😀

Bruno and Laura run into each other at church. She’s finishing up her class and he’s on the way to his. Padre V’s off to help with a catechism class. So it’s all classy up in here. Bruno and Laura make eyes at each other and do nothing remotely incriminating.

Sebastián gets back to the office and tells Antonio that it was Titina waiting for him at the hotel. He’s sure he’s gotten rid of her for good, though. He dumped her clothes and handbag in the trash and she’ll have to make her way home naked.

Antonio’s face does not approve.

Titina sneaks into another guest’s room and finds something horrific in the closet….

It’s a frog costume. No one sees her sneaking into her house. And she is STILL determined to end up with Sebastián.

Ric’s in Uribe’s office to join in on a videocall with Antonio and Sebastián. Antonio can’t explain it, but they’ve lost more gas.

Anselmo thinks he’s figured out who can take Nelson’s place. Pedro tells him to make contact and make sure he’s the right person for the job.

Somebody calls from the DF to tell Pedro he visited Ric and scared him good.

Nobody has any ideas about the increase in gasoline thefts. Uribe summons Antonio and Sebastián to a meeting with the board of directors tomorrow.

Ric goes back to his office, confused. He thought he’d calculated everything perfectly…but maybe Pedro’s tapping the pipe in other locations. But why didn’t Pedro tell him?

Carmelo’s finishing up a call with a client. He brags to his hench that he’s now stealing the gas himself. If he’d known it was this easy, he wouldn’t have gone through Pedro!

Ric calls Pedro and asks if Pedro’s been draining gas in other locations than the ones they agreed on. Because if it’s not Pedro, then someone else has been stealing gas and it’s going to get the plant shut down.

Antonio’s come back around to the idea that there’s a mole in the plant. He and Sebastián are going to the DF, but he asks Rafa to get in touch with Fidel so he can investigate.

Padre V checks in with Bruno after his class, which is awesome because he’s teaching people how to cultivate crops without needing land to do it, so they’ll be able to have fresh veg or sell it.

Sebastián and Antonio are on their way to the airport. Antonio slips a note for Sara under her door.

Titina’s not interested in dinner and nobody knows why. The brothers think she’s pregnant and they’re going to investigate.

Bruno tries to hang out in the classroom looking casual, which doesn’t look at all casual. He’s waiting for Laura, to give her another plant, since the last one broke “accidentally.” He splits when her students show up.

Simón gets home with Juancho and Serena and a bag of donuts.

Edwina’s still thinking about Simón saying she’s jealous. And denying it. But OK, she’s jealous. But she’s not showing it!

Nelson visits Quintin at work. Fidel complains about him missing practices and games. Nelson promises it won’t happen again.

Rafa comes in to ask Fidel for his help finding out who’s the mole at CONATROL. Right in front of Nelson.

Antonio and Sebastián are staying at Antonio’s place. He’s definitely not calling Isabel, not even to give Sebastián the phone if Natalia should happen to answer.

Fidel’s as upset as anyone else is about the increase in thefts. Rafa explains that the only way it’s possible is that they have an informant. He’s sure if they find him, they can convince CONATROL not to close the plant.

Fidel tells Rafa whoever it is will have more money than they can account for.

Edwina comes over to Simon’s to talk, but Serena’s there. She introduces herself, but Edwina just stares at her.

Isabel somehow found out Antonio was in town and comes over to his apartment to insist he tell her the truth about his relationship with Sara. Antonio swears there isn’t one, but she’s his neighbor and he’s not going to pretend she doesn’t exist. Isabel blames Sara for her insecurity.

Rafa comes out of Fidel’s office. He confirms Nelson’s fears that they’re looking for a mole again. Thefts are up 23% over the previous month.

Anyway, he’s going to Nacho’s for dinner. He invites Nelson along.

Sara, Bruno, and Juancho are doing dishes and giggling about Simón being torn between two women.

The conversation is congenial enough. Edwina tells Serena how she got interested in aeronautics because of Simón and the cohete, but switched to weather balloons when they had a “misunderstanding.”

Isabel’s still whining about Sara. Antonio tells her he doesn’t even know if he’s going back to San Gaspar. Tomorrow’s meeting is about possibly closing the plant.

Edwina says she’s gotta get going. Serena’s disappointed–they were having such a good conversation!

Simón volunteers to drive her home so she can tell him whatever it was she came over to tell him in the first place. Edwina says it’s nothing.

Serena decides she should go back to the hotel. I think she totally knows what’s up with Simón and Edwina.

Antonio agrees to setting a wedding date before he leaves town. Isabel has been sufficiently reassured and goes home, leaving Antonio and Sebastián to work.

Rafa tells Nelson about Fidel’s theory–that their mole is someone who’s running around with too much cash. Nelson, that traitor, says Ramón did just by a car and some other guy bought something else. Rafa’s not going to start suspecting everybody.

Leyla comes over and tells Rafa that Nacho’s getting back tomorrow. Rafa asks for the check and Nelson’s like “Thanks, bro, I’m short on cash.”

In Serena’s hotel room, Simón picks up a book he left earlier. Serena asks about the fight he had with Edwina and Simón explains that it wasn’t really a fight, he just didn’t like her telling the reporter stuff about his personal life.

Serena thinks Simón needs to get over it. Edwina’s smart and they have things in common and it’s not like there are a lot of people to talk outer space with in San Gaspar.

Titina tries to get into the apartment complex, but Chepe won’t let her. All he’ll say is that Sebastian’s not home and he went somewhere with Antonio.

Titina’s brothers followed her. They can’t believe she’s here instead of at Silvia’s where she said she’d be. They want her to leave Sebastián alone, but Titina insists they’re tied to each other forever. *panicked looks*

Isabel gets home all optimistic and tells Natalia she saw Antonio, he denied having anything going on with Sara, and he agreed to set a wedding date. And hopefully they’ll close down the plant! The guys were working on what they were going to say at the board meeting.

Wait, they? Sebastián was there? Did he ask about her?

Isa says he didn’t dare.

Natalia’s still crying over the breakup. You don’t just forget five whole years of your life! But she never wants to see him again.

The bros drag Titina home. They’re going to investigate her alleged pregnancy before they do anything else.

Laura’s having dinner with Pedro and thinking about Bruno. She says she’s just…thinking about her students.

Nelson calls Pedro to tell him they’re looking for a mole at the plant as of 8pm tonight.

Pedro tells him to chill and not say anything about him. If he did things right, there’s no way to trace it.

Rafa gets home and finds an envelope shoved under his door with a vague, blocky note telling Rafa to meet them somewhere tomorrow and it’s a matter of a lot of money. (Seriously, Anselmo? How do you even keep your job?)

Rafa’s sure it’s from the saqueadores.  He calls Antonio to tell him about the note. Antonio agrees it’s from the saqueadores.

Rafa’s willing to play along and see what happens. Antonio tells him to let Fidel know, but at the first sign of trouble, call it off! And keep him informed.

Rafa gets off the phone with him and calls Fidel, who’s willing to come right over.

Antonio and Sebastián are feeling optimistic about their chances of catching the head of the organization.

Sara finally finds the note Antonio slipped under the door. He’s saying goodbye in case he doesn’t get back to San Gaspar. The plant’s probably getting closed. She’s been a positive influence on his life and taught him there’s a solution to everything. He’s going to carry the memory of their time together. He’s sorry he couldn’t love her the way she deserves.

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