La Vecina, miércoles 8 de julio, capítulo 86

Sebastián insists he’s going to keep trying until Natalia gets back together with him.

He goes out to the hallway to give the guys the bad news. Bruno says they can keep singing until she opens the door again, even if it’s just to tell them to shut up.

Sebastián turns him down.

Bruno hands him a bottle of tequila. Sebastián thinks they’re going to need another. It’s going to be a long night.

Cheo sits at the kitchen table, scowling at Antonio as Sara puts some calendula ointment on his burn.

Juancho gets home and tells the others Simón is with Serena. Then he has to explain who Serena is.

Antonio heard about the cohete, but he didn’t think it was that big a deal.

The others get miffed. Antonio decides he’d better head out.

Cheo invites Sara to dinner, but she’s tired.

In Serena’s hotel room, she and Simón are planning to put everything about the cohete into a smaller package for the space agency. She doesn’t want to scan it all and send them the images–it would just be too much.

Edwina’s at her place thinking about seeing Simón with Serena and trying to talk herself out of feeling hurt.

Titina hasn’t given up on Sebastián. She figures now’s her chance to be there to comfort him after his breakup with Natalia.

Magda comes over to Edwina’s with Vladimir. After listening to Edwina talk about seeing Simón with another woman she’s convinced Edwina’s in love.

Edwina insists she’s just…offended on behalf of Simón’s dead wife after he swore she was the only one who had a place in his heart! How dare he take up with someone else!

A weeping Sebastián gets back to the apartment with Bruno and the other guys. Antonio’s got an early meeting tomorrow, but they browbeat him into saying he’ll come over to Bruno’s for a little while.

Sara seems happy to see them, and sad for Sebastián, and NOT going to join them because she’s sure they’re gonna talk smack about women.

Sebastián calls for another song and Antonio thanks Sara for putting up with Sebastián. And for the calendula stuff. He says Sara’s his best medicine.

Ok, well, she’s off to bed. She puts out her hand to shake and then grabs him and kisses him on the cheek.

Antonio calls for a toast to women. Sebastián adds “BUT NOT TITINA!” Yes, dear, we know.

Simón fell asleep in Serena’s hotel room while she was working on…let’s say, digitizing Simón’s plans? She wakes him up and sends him home.

Drunk Bro Fest continues. Juancho has joined the party. Sara walks through the living room to get a drink. She complains that now she knows how bad it was when they didn’t let Antonio sleep. She likes parties, but when she’s part of them.

Antonio asks where she got the calendula and Sara says her grandmother had remedies for everything, including mal de amores.

Antonio thinks she could have helped him. With stuff. Heart stuff.

Simón gets home.  Sebastián invites him to join the party, but Simón thinks it’s about time for everyone to go home.

At least Antonio only has to drag Sebastián down the hall.

Sara’s fixing chilaquiles for breakfast for the hangovers from last night. Simón gets a call from Serena and tells Sara he’s heading to her hotel.

Sara brings the chilaquiles over to Antonio and Sebastián’s. Rafa calls the house phone to tell Antonio he needs him to come to the office right away. So much for chilaquiles.

Antonio tells Sebastián they’ve got trouble at the plant, but Sebastián’s barely awake.

Silvia calls Titina with good news–Natalia’s booked on a flight out this afternoon and she’s going alone. Titina asks for a favor….

The month-end reports are in and CONATROL has lost more gasoline than the previous month. How did that not show up in the daily reports? Antonio insists they pull the dailies and review them by hand.

Simón’s on his way out the door when Edwina arrives to scold him for not honoring the memory of his dead wife.

Simón tries not to laugh. She didn’t see what she thought she saw–he was just getting something out of Serena’s eye! And Serena’s only here because of Patricio’s report. He thinks Edwina’s jealous.

Edwina insists she only sees him as an aeronautical engineer and he replies that he only sees her as a bank employee.

Back in Progreso, Roque tells Cheo to give it up already–Antonio and Sara have a thing. If he really wants to catch them together, he should tell Sara he’s going out of town for a few days for work.

At El Molcajete, Sara’s telling Rosa about the chilaquiles and Sebastián’s breakup and Antonio having trouble at the plant.

Rosa can’t believe she went over to Antonio’s. What would Cheo think?!

Just then, Cheo calls to say he’s going to Zacatecas and can’t stop by to see her first. Sara tells him to drive carefully and not have seafood again!

Sara tells Rosa they’re making rose petal ice cream today….

Simón gets to Serena’s hotel room and he’s acting weird. He asks if she sees him as a man or an engineer.

An engineer?

Simón invites her over to the warehouse to keep working. (Is it just me, or is she the one doing all the work.)

Marina’s happy to see Sebastián back to his usual color.

Sebastian tells her he’s hungover after drowning his sorrows last night. He’s going to need lots of water!

Marina has good news for him–Natalia called and asked him to meet her at her hotel. Sebastián can’t stop hugging her.

In Antonio’s office, Rafa and Antonio are looking pretty somber. Antonio hands Sebastián the monthly report and Sebastián agrees with both of them that there’s no way this can be right!

Antonio says he and Rafa checked it against the daily reports and there’s nothing there to explain what’s happening. Sebastián thinks they’re screwed and the plant’s definitely getting shut down now.

Serena and Simón get to the warehouse and Graciano hands over what they’ve made that morning from the group of kids wanting to see the cohete. Plus extra for the ones who wanted photos.

Serena’s alarmed. Simón doesn’t know what possessed Graciano to charge admission!

Well, it was Juancho’s idea.

Juancho and Bruno arrive and Juancho swears he wasn’t trying to get money out of those kids, he was trying to get them to go away!

Serena tells Simón to ease up on Juancho. It’s not that big a deal. He can just return the money.

Natalia’s home and her face matches her pink blazer. She tells Isabel she broke up with Sebastián and how Titina was behaving.

Isa says she broke up with Ricardo.

Natalia swears she won’t take Sebastián back.

Ricardo’s on his couch with a briefcase full of cash. He figures he can keep playing both sides and rake in the dough.

Antonio, Sebastián, and Rafa have reviewed the reports again and the month-end one is correct. He’s going to talk to Uribe personally and sends Rafa to lunch.

Sebastián says he’s going to Natalia’s hotel to meet with her. He doubts it’s good news, but he figures he’d better do what she wants.

Simón and Juancho return some money to one of the agricultores. He was actually fine with letting the kids pay money–he thought it was a good idea. But OK, he’ll return the money to his son and tell him to send his other friends to come get their refund. And when the cohete actually goes up, he wants front-row seats!

Juancho looks so disappointed. And now he’s going to have to take down the sign he put in the town square, inviting everyone to come see the cohete. PSYCH!

Sebastián gets to Natalia’s hotel room and is unpleasantly surprised to find out it’s Titina waiting for him. She has no intention of letting him leave.

Rafa’s at Nacho’s place, still confused about how they were losing gasoline and didn’t know it. He asks Leyla when Nacho gets back from the DF, but she doesn’t know. She’ll tell him Rafa said hi when he calls.

Quique’s watching from behind a tree, talking himself out of going over to Rafa.

Sebastián tells Titina she wins, he can’t resist her! How about they have a bath together. She strips and heads for the bathroom to start a bubble bath.

He sneaks out of the room with her clothes and hopes this keeps her from coming after him again.

Sara comes to Antonio’s office. He was so upset earlier, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. She brought him some the rose petal ice cream.

Antonio invites her to take a seat and explains that the thefts have continued and they’re definitely going to shut down the plant now.

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