La Vecina, jueves 9 de julio, capítulo 88

Simón gets home right after Sara reads the note. He’s already cranky about her tears–this is exactly what he meant when he said he didn’t want to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Sara’s all “I’m fine *SOB*”

Roque comes over to Cheo’s. They’re going to Guanajuato tomorrow to pick up a car. So much for Cheo’s plan to try to catch Sara with Antonio.

Fidel stops by Rafa’s to check out the note. If Rafa’s willing to play along, Fidel has a plan….

Ric knows Pedro wants him to keep the plant from getting shut down, but he has no idea how.

Titina. Bros. Possible pregnancy.

Sara gets to El Molcajete and tells Rosa the plant’s closing. But mostly she’s worried about how Antonio’s doing (um, and the contract that’s keeping the restaurant afloat?). She can’t decide whether to call him or not.

The board meeting starts. One of the suits doesn’t see any point in reviewing anything. He thinks they should just shut down the plant. Antonio explains that the sensors are working, but when they balanced the numbers somehow they’re still losing gas.

Marina hasn’t heard from Antonio. Rafa’s nervous about his undercover meeting later. Marina makes him promise he won’t risk his life.

The board meeting adjourns for the day. Uribe assigns the guy from earlier to make some graphics showing their losses per month. He wants Antonio to get Rafa there so he can explain the sensor tests at tomorrow’s meeting. He asks Ricardo to give him an estimate of what it would cost to close the plant.

Pedro shows up at El Molcajete for a meeting, but while he’s waiting for the other person to show up, he orders a beer and asks Sara how the business is doing. He casually mentions that the contract with CONATROL must be helping, which gets Sara to spill about the plant closing.

Sebastián figures Ricardo must be happy to see Antonio going down. Ricardo gripes that this affects the entire business–if they couldn’t stop the thefts in San Gaspar, they aren’t going to be able to do it anywhere else.

Antonio meets with Uribe. The plant is doing better with Antonio in charge, but if they keep losing gas they won’t be profitable and as a business, which is their goal.

Antonio points out that it’s going to be more costly to shut down the plant than to give it time to recover. The employees have been giving their all and it’s not fair that they should suffer for something they have no control over, i.e., crime.

Anyway, Antonio’s glad Uribe trusted him to do this job, regardless of how it turns out.

Uribe assures him that he’ll still have a job at CONATROL, but that’s not something Antonio wants to think about right now.

Pedro’s lunch date doesn’t show. He asks for the check, but Sara says it’s on the house.

Sara finally caves and calls Antonio to see how things are going and tell him their time together was special for her too. She carries the dishware back to the kitchen and we see she’s left the note from Antonio sitting on the front counter.

Everything’s ready for Rafa’s meeting with the saqueadores. They’ve finished looking for fingerprints on the note and there are only Rafa’s. Fidel and Quintin head out.

Antonio makes it to Ricardo’s office so Ricardo can whine about not being his enemy. They start working on an estimate of costs to close the plant, starting with severance pay for the employees.

Rafa’s in the park. Sound’s working. Anselmo’s watching him.

And then Quique shows up. He nearly outs Rafa to Fidel and Quintin and then he nearly gets mistaken for Rafa’s contact with the saqueadores. Anselmo figures out what’s going on and leaves.

He goes barging into Pedro’s office, saying the police tried to bust him! Some guy showed up and Rafa was wearing a wire and so Anselmo split. He thought Rafa was a good choice for a mole since he’s been there the longest and knows everything.

Pedro calls Nelson to ask who Rafa is.

Antonio’s right-hand-man.

Way to go, Anselmo.

Cheo shows up at El Molcajete and says his trip got cancelled. While Sara’s getting him a beer, he picks Antonio’s letter up off the counter and reads it. Sara’s pissed. Cheo’s like “Maybe now we can actually be happy!” but not in a happy way.

The guys are still crunching numbers and it’s not good–severance for the employees alone is over 50 million.

Rafa calls Antonio to tell him the bust was a bust thanks to Quique. Antonio’s disappointed, but he needs Rafa to get to Mexico to explain the sensor tests.

Ricardo’s all “What was that about a meeting?” and Antonio explains. Ricardo says San Gaspar is full of locos. Sebastián says it’s more like [muted]. I think he might have said “locas,” because Ricardo laughs about the “cousin” really being Rafa’s partner. What? Everybody knows Rafa [muted]. “Batea por el otro lado,” maybe? I was going to say that was pretty mild to deserve a bleeping, but why should we even put up with mild homophobia?

Back at El Molcajete, Cheo’s upset that Sara’s upset, but Sara reminds him that the plant being shut down means a lot of people out of work.

Cheo says maybe, in that case, they should just bring in someone else to run it.

Sara changes the topic to lunch.

In Fidel’s office, Quintin keeps asking Rafa about his “cousin” and Rafa tries to pretend he’s just as low-key homophobic as Quintin. “Um, yeah…he’s my mom’s sister’s kid…shoulda sent him to military school.”

Rafa goes back to the plant and Quintin asks if Fidel believes his story about the “cousin.”

Fidel’s like “Excuse you, that’s none of your business! Live and let live.”

Antonio doesn’t know how Ricardo would have heard that Rafa’s gay. He’s very private about it, so it couldn’t have been from someone in San Gaspar. Did Isabel tell him?

Ricardo assures Antonio it was a rumor from someone in the company. He leaves the office to collect the report Silva was working on.

Antonio tells Sebastián Ricardo definitely heard it from Isabel. Or Isabel told Natalia and Natalia told him. They’ll never know, what with Natalia and Sebastian’s breakup.

Cheo asks Sara if she loves him.

“We wouldn’t be getting married if I didn’t.”

Cheo gets all sappy about having already imagined himself with Sara in 5, 20, 30 years and on the day he dies because he heard that’s how you can tell if your relationship will last. So…how does Sara picture them?

Isabel calls Antonio to tell him his mom wants to throw them a big engagement party, but Antonio would rather keep the numbers down. He’ll see her later at his parents’ house.

Ricardo wandered in mid-call and asks if Antonio’s finally going to formalize his engagement. (I feel like they’ve already formalized and re-formalized it a dozen times already.)

Sara says if Cheo keeps behaving the way he’s been, sure, she’d like to spend the rest of her life with him. But she only wants 2 kids and she’s hopefully going to own her own restaurant by then.

And is he going to stop being jealous and insecure?

Cheo says he already has.

Isabel calls Natalia to tell her about the party tomorrow night, but Natalia doesn’t want to go if Sebastián will be there. Isabel finally talks her into it, but Natalia warns her if Sebastian tries to pull anything she’ll throw him in the pool.

Titina’s at the front gate at CONATROL and security can’t get rid of her. Marinita goes out there with a fake letter saying Sebastián is no longer the head of the community support program and has returned to his old job in Mexico.

It worked! Marina goes dancing back into the building to call Sebastián. He’s equally thrilled, and willing to dress up as a woman if it keeps Titina from recognizing him when he gets back.

Rafa gets back to the office and tells Marina about Quique showing up in the park. So not only did he not help catch the saqueadores, he’s sure Quintin and Fidel know he’s gay. He’s going to be the laughingstock of the company.

Ligia calls Ricardo’s office to tell Antonio that she’s got Rafa’s flight booked. Antonio tells the guys to can it with the gay “jokes.”

Antonio goes back to talking about the thefts and Ricardo thinks to himself that the numbers definitely don’t add up to what Pedro was taking.

Pedro calls Ricardo to ask what he knows about Antonio not going back to San Gaspar.

Ricardo says nothing’s decided yet, but he doesn’t think Antonio has any way to save himself. How did Pedro hear about it?

From Sara. It would be to their advantage to try to get someone more cooperative to take Antonio’s place. Like maybe…Ricardo?

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