La Vecina, jueves 9 de julio, capítulo 89

Ricardo hadn’t thought about taking over the San Gaspar plant (seriously?) but the first step is still to keep it from closing. Pedro tells Ric to keep him posted.

Pedro’s second-best hench reports that he’s questioned everybody, but no one knows who’s draining the pipeline. Pedro tells him to keep investigating.

Quintin tells Nacho about their failed bust and his theory that Rafa is gay. Ramón joins them and there could not be anybody worse to speculate with Quintin. Nacho tells them both it’s none of their business and reminds them there aren’t a lot of guys like Rafa. (Subtext: a good friend who wouldn’t sit around gossiping about your private life.) On that they agree.

Quique calls Rafa at work, demanding an explanation for earlier. Rafa tells him he screwed up a police operation so Quique immediately jumps to “You’re dating a cop!” He complains about Rafa not having time for him (uh, after their breakup?) but always having time for Antonio.

Rafa’s telling  him to quit talking about his jefe…Ramón shows up in the hallway…cita. He pretends he’s talking to his novia. Ramón thought he might be talking to his cousin. Rafa warns Ramón not to have a go at anyone in his family ’cause as good a friend as he can be, you wouldn’t want him as an enemy.

Bruno stops by the church to flirt with Laura. Padre V comes to the classroom to tell Laura about a new student and breaks up what would have been a smoldering guilty kiss.

Quintin gets back from lunch late and Fidel’s pissed. He’s especially pissed that Quintin was out gossiping about Rafa after Fidel told him to mind his own business. If he does it again, Fidel’s going to arrest him for a week.

Anyway, he’s ready to get an official investigation of the spy within CONATROL going. Quintin’s alarmed that Fidel intends to interview EVERYONE, starting with Marinita.

Rafa stops at Marinita’s desk. Ligia called with his flight info. Rafa says he has to go explain how they tested the sensors and asks Marinita to keep things quiet so the employees don’t panic. And also, if she could somehow convince Ramón that Quique’s his cousin?

Marinita says Ramón’s hard-headed, but she’ll see what she can do.

Fidel calls Antonio to tell him what happened with the op. He has another idea now–to treat everyone at the plant as a suspect. Antonio hopes it won’t upset the employees.

Ricardo thought bubbles that not only is Antonio not capable of stopping the theft, now he’s turning all the employees against himself!

Sara tells Rosa about Cheo reading the letter. I tune out the marriage talk and Sara trying to act like she doesn’t have feelings for Antonio.

Cheo. Roque. Antonio leaving town. Cheo thinks it’s over between Sara and Antonio now that he’s leaving.

Marinita tells Ramón to quit spreading rumors about Rafa. She and Rafa are lovers. And if Ramón doesn’t shut up about him, she’ll tell everyone he was dressed up as a woman for Carnaval and was kissing all the male dancers (homophobia). It’s a lie, but Ramón is lying too, so they’ll see whose lie gets better traction.

Rafa comes over and asks Ramón to get everyone assembled outside. He’s got an announcement to make.

When Ramón is gone, Marinita explains what she told him and she and Rafa have a laugh over it.

Anyway, he asks her to tell the guy at the front gate to let Fidel in and says she should come hear the announcement too.

Sebastián had Ligia send flowers to Marinita. He tells Antonio she got rid of Titina with a fake letter saying he’s not coming back to San Gaspar.

Titina is sobbing over Sebastián leaving and tells Silvia she’s going to get him back even if it means going to the DF to drag him back herself!

Fidel tells the CONATROL employees that they’ve got a mole among them who’s tipping off the saqueadores. He’s not accusing anyone specifically, but he’s going to be talking to everyone. Ramón gets snippy about it, but when Fidel says he’s going to start with Ramón, he’s suddenly all “Whatever, el que nada debe, nada teme.”

Ricardo calls Pedro to tell him Fidel’s going to investigate everyone at the plant.

Eh, Pedro knew that already. How about the other?

Nothing yet. There’s another meeting tomorrow.

Pedro wants him to call when he has NEWS. (Oh, sure, first you’re all “Why didn’t you tell me?” and then it’s “I already knew that.”)

Fidel and Rafa go back to Rafa’s office. He’s sure Ramón isn’t the spy. It’s not his style. But when they do find the spy, Rafa’s going to hand in his notice. He feels responsible for not knowing there was a spy in the first place. Fidel doesn’t think he should blame himself.

Antonio’s at his dining table working on his laptop, but mostly worrying. Sebastián tells him he should watch some TV and go to bed. Sebastián’s going out to see Natalia.

Antonio calls Sara, but she tells herself not to answer–she’s just gotten back together with Cheo. He calls the house phone and she still won’t answer. He reminds himself he’s asking for Isabel’s hand tomorrow and calls…his dad. Eduardo tells Antonio to keep his spirits up and he’ll see him tomorrow for the party.

Sebastián shows up at the apartment, but Natalia still won’t forgive him.

Ramón shows up at Nelson’s with a petition/complaint to the DF office about Antonio holding them responsible for things he’s screwed up.

Nelson won’t sign it so he doesn’t mess up his suspension. Ramón scoffs at him.

Rafa calls to ask Nelson if he’s still offering to help find the mole….

Rafa gets to CONATROL and knocks at Sebastián’s office door. He’s looking good in that suit.

Anyway, he came over directly from the airport, so he’s got his suitcase with him. Sebastián asks Ligia to bring them coffee and gets Rafa caught up on what they went over in yesterday’s meeting.

Nelson is back on the job, and not a moment too soon. The guy who works in the control room noticed that there are ranges of sensors where it looks like there’s no gas at all flowing at certain times. He was going to report it to Ramón, but Nelson says he’ll check it out and tell Ramón if necessary.

Marina calls to thank Sebastián for the roses and ask him to keep an eye on Rafa–he’s not familiar with the city. She promises she’ll have fingers crossed and candles lit and whatever else it takes for the meeting to go well!

She removes Sebastián’s note about saving his life from the bouquet and writes up another one.

Uribe introduces Rafa to the board and asks him to explain how he tested the sensors.

Simón goes over to Edwina’s house to apologize and ask her to help him with the cohete again.

Rafa finishes explaining the sensor tests and Silva’s already on again about closing the plant. Rafa reminds them it’s not CONATROL’s job to stop crime, and it’s not Antonio’s job to reverse the damage done by the previous heads of CONATROL SG.

Silva and Ricardo smirk as Silva says he understands Rafa’s here to support Antonio.

Um, no, he’s there to remind them of the history of the theft problem and what little has been done. In 1994….

Edwina’s so shocked by Simón’s apology that she can’t say anything.

OK, he gets it…but if she ever wants to come by the warehouse and check things out….

He lets himself out the front door and Edwina finally gets some words out “He wants me near him!”

While Nelson’s thinking to himself that he got lucky, coming back when he did, Ramón comes in. He’s finished collecting signatures and he’s sent the letter to CONATROL marked “URGENT!” That’ll teach Antonio.

Rafa wraps up his review and Silva still wants to close the plant. Ricardo starts talking about what it would cost them to close the plant while Sebastián passes out paper copies of their report. He keeps talking like he actually respects Antonio and his work. Antonio and Sebastián wonder what happened to the real Ricardo.

Marinita’s worrying about the meeting in the DF. She tells Chucho to turn down the music and keep an eye on the phone for her.

Chucho succumbs to temptation and reads the note that (he thinks) came with the roses. Looks like Rafa’s got it bad for Marinita. Who knew he was into older chicks?

After a break, Uribe calls the meeting back to order and says he’s talked to Sitges and they’ve decided to give the plant another six months (semestre). Ricardo says he’s glad, but at the same time he doesn’t think Antonio should keep running it.

Uribe says he’ll take it up with Sitges and they can talk about it tomorrow.

Antonio asks WTF that stab to the back was about.

Well, Ricardo agreed that it was best for the plant to keep running, but he didn’t agree that Antonio should run it.

Sebastián and Rafa keep Antonio from charging Ricardo, who snickers before leaving the board room.

Back in his office, Miriam hands Uribe the fax (?) that came from San Gaspar.

Sebastián and Antonio are complaining that Ricardo’s always had it in for him, bla bla bla. Miriam tells Antonio Uribe wants to see him.

Uribe shows Antonio the fax.

Yep, that’s from Ramón, aka the guy who was responsible for the “We’ve got no spies here” sign. Antonio asked Fidel to investigate since somehow information was getting out despite all their security measures.

Well, this is bad timing and Uribe has no way to defend Antonio. He’s going to have to leave the plant.

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