La Vecina, viernes 10 de julio, capítulo 90

Antonio, of course, refuses to leave San Gaspar. Either Uribe sends him back to finish what he started or Antonio quits.

Ligia heard through the administrative grapevine that Antonio’s being removed from San Gaspar. Sebastián says that’s what Ricardo wants. He and Rafa retreat to his office to call Marina.

Silva asks Ricardo what his game is. Silva doesn’t really care if the San Gaspar plant stays open or not, he just doesn’t want Antonio to come off as the hero. He’s fine with someone else being in charge.

Ricardo says it would only be natural to have someone who supports Antonio appointed in his place. But the suggestion shouldn’t come from him.

Silva gets it.

Marina tells Sebastián and Rafa it’s true–Ramón sent a letter making Antonio sound like a dictator. And he was careful about who he asked to sign it. If he’d asked Marina, she would have told them! But what’s going on with the plant?

Rafa says they have six more months, but they don’t know if Antonio’s coming back.

Antonio gets back to his (?) office and tells the guys that letter is what Uribe wanted to talk to him about. He doesn’t want Antonio going back to San Gaspar. Antonio told him either he goes back to San Gaspar or he quits.

Marina calls Nacho and makes plans to visit his place after work.

In Ricardo’s office, he brags to David about Antonio getting removed from San Gaspar. His relationship with Isabel is over. Let Antonio come home and marry her, if he can.

Because of the vecina?


David splits and Ricardo reviews his collection of blackmail photos, wondering if Antonio would still marry Isabel if he saw these.

Sara’s closing up El Molcajete when Juancho calls and asks her to stop at Nacho’s and bring home dinner.

Antonio’s late to his engagement party. He, Sebastián, and Rafa are all dressed and ready to go, but Antonio’s having trouble separating himself from a bottle of booze. Isabel calls him and he just keeps saying he had things to take care of and he’s on his way. Sebastián convinces him not to take another drink and suggests he save it for the party.

Marina gets to Nacho’s and fills him in on what’s happening at the plant–more thefts, only six months to turn things around, and Antonio’s probably not coming back.

Sara hears the last part and asks why.

Nacho says it’s nothing personal. The company is losing money.

Ema thinks Antonio’s finally shown up, but instead it’s a messenger with the envelope of incriminating photos from “CONATROL” for Antonio. She accepts them and complains that Antonio can’t even leave work aside on the day of his engagement and carelessly tosses the envelope onto a table, where it promptly slides off and scatters the photos.

Something about her expression when she picks them up catches Eduardo’s attention.

In their bedroom, Ema quickly flips through a couple of photos and then shoves the envelope into a drawer. When Eduardo comes in, she pretends she’s just annoyed that Antonio’s getting there so late, that’s all.

Back in the living room Ema glares at Isabel, who glares right back and says she won’t call Antonio again, if that’s what Ema’s after. Oh, no worries, Ema wasn’t gonna ask her for a damn thing.

Sara doesn’t think it’s fair to fire Antonio. Nacho agrees, but that’s how companies work.

Marina’s off to feed Rafa’s cat. Sara orders Juancho’s torta de milanesa.

The guys are on their way to the party. Rafa hopes Antonio’s family doesn’t mind him being there.

Why would they? He’s Antonio’s guest. But fair warning, his family is a little…tieso (uptight).

Sebastián promises he’ll make sure Rafa has fun. He realizes Natalia’s probably going to be there and says he’s as nervous as if he were the one getting engaged.

Isabel tells Natalia if Antonio’s not there in ten minutes, she’s leaving.

Natalia calls Antonio to pass on the message and he promises they’ll be there in ten. Rafa tells him to drive faster. Sebastián objects.

Marina walks into Rafa’s house with Quique, who didn’t realize Rafa was even out of town. Marina’s out of patience with him and his jealousy. Uribe’s the one who called Rafa to a meeting. And after Quique messed up the thing at the park, she had to tell everyone she and Rafa were lovers to keep them from suspecting anything.

Quique can’t quit laughing at the idea that anyone would believe Marina and Rafa are lovers! Marina’s old enough to be his mom!

Hey, she may be short, but she’s got her encantos.

Quique’s still laughing as they leave.

Pepe runs into Titina and Silvia in the square. It’s news to him that Sebastián left. He hasn’t been at work all week, but he thought the community support program was going great.

It occurs to Silvia that Marina might have lied.

Titina begs Pepe to find out for her!

Eduardo’s talking to Guillermo about having to lay off employees because their company doesn’t have any projects coming in.

Guillermo tells him not to worry about it–he’s going to talk to some friend of his whose business needs hangars built in multiple places.

Ema’s staring at them and thinking that Eduardo is nothing without Guillermo and she has to make sure Isabel marries Antonio, even if she’s a ramera.

Antonio and the guys show up and Ema’s all pissy about him being late. When he introduces Rafa as the manager of the San Gaspar plant Ema complains that this was supposed to be in “intimate” party. (Well, you’ve certainly got people packed in there if that’s what you mean by “intimate.)

Antonio says Rafa is someone he has a lot of respect for. He greets Isabel and Natalia and introduces them to Rafa while they both make faces like something smells. His dad’s way nicer, telling Rafa to make himself at home.

Isabel asks to speak to Antonio and we switch over to Sebastián and Natalia. Since no one knows they’re fighting (or, not together) Sebastián thinks they should pretend they’re still together. Natalia shoves him back before he can kiss her.

Ema has wandered over to the group with Eduardo. She didn’t know Antonio had friends in San Gaspar.

Rafa says Antonio’s his boss, but it’s an honor to be here and meet his family.

Eduardo, because he’s a decent guy, tells Rafa it’s an honor for them too. ‘Cause that’s how you behave when you’re classy. Unlike Ema, who’s only “classy.”

Antonio and Isabel are hissing at each other. She complains that there’s always something more important than her (true though) and why did he bring Rafa?

Because Rafa’s staying at his apartment. He’s Antonio’s right hand man and he’s always been atento (attentive, polite). And Isa had better not bring up the gossip from San Gaspar. He told her that in confidence and he knows she told Ricardo.

Isa throws Natalia under the bus, saying she’s the one who must have told Ricardo, and then decides they shouldn’t fight. She gives him her old engagement ring for him to give back to her when he asks for her hand. She figures he didn’t have time to get a new one.

Guillermo’s asking Rafa about his job and the news in the paper about the saqueadores. Rafa says the saqueadores have been a problem, but they’re working on getting rid of them.

Ema announces that dinner’s ready.

Sebastián’s still begging Natalia to forgive him and get back together. She still refuses. He steps aside to let her walk past him and she trips. Sebastián catches her and they kiss. But Natalia’s still not going to forgive him. Sebastián sees some hope. He did just kiss her, at least!

Sara gets home with a sad face and Juancho’s torta. She tells the guys Antonio’s probably not coming back to San Gaspar.

Isa tells her dad she’s just upset because Antonio showed up late. Does he think she’ll ever come first for him?

Nope. Some guys, like him and Antonio, are just wired to put work first. She’s either gotta accept it or not marry him, because he’s never going to change. (I mean, he said it nicer than that, but you get the drift.)

Rafa’s telling Mariana about the recent ovni invasion in San Gaspar. Antonio adds in the part where some guy got mistaken for an alien because he was running around covered in green paint. Sebastián mutters to Antonio not to help him.

Hector, Mariana’s boyfriend, snottily says only a bunch of dumbasses could believe in aliens. If you ask me, he’s just jealous that Rafa’s got Mariana’s attention.

Ema complains that Isabel’s not with Antonio. Isabel says he’d rather be with his “friends.” She’s surprised that Ema tells her not to complain and to take advantage of the crap going on at work to get Antonio to come back to the DF. Ema knows Isabel wants nothing more than for Antonio to come home so they can get married.

Isabel tells Natalia that she thinks Ema knows about her and Ricardo. She sounded so threatening just now.

But Natalia doesn’t think a mother would keep that kind of information from her son.

The guys are all talking about how they didn’t really want Antonio gone and Sara’s pissed off. NOW they like him?

Well…they were just taking up for her.

For what?! She’s the one who destroyed Antonio’s life!

Simón and Vicente look guilty.

Guillermo and Antonio talk about the problems at the plant and how much Antonio wants to go back and finish the job. Guillermo reminds him that he’s got a job at Guillermo’s company whenever he wants. Company director, even. Eduardo asks to speak to Antonio and pulls him away….

Yep, Antonio was definitely a good guy. The way he took responsibility for cleaning up the ciénaga. And how he put his life in danger to catch those saqueadores in Las Peñas. And with all due respect, Nacho Lopez never had to deal with the stuff Antonio did.

In Eduardo’s office, Antonio explains that the plant has six more months to recover, but CONATROL’s board doesn’t want Antonio to keep running it.

Sounds ideal to Eduardo, but Antonio insists that if CONATROL gets six more months, he wants to be there.

Eduardo suspects this isn’t about CONATROL, but about la vecina. Antonio insists it’s not, and he’s kind of telling the truth but also kind of not? Eduardo suggests they go back to the party.

Isabel meets them on their way back and tells Antonio his mom has brought out the champagne and it’s time for him to ask for her hand.

Instead, he gets a call from Simón’s house and goes back into Eduardo’s office to take it. Everybody at Simón’s, except for Juancho, passes around the phone to tell Antonio not to be down and if anybody can solve the problems at the plant it’s him and if he doesn’t come back they won’t have anybody to harass. Bruno puts on some cumbia, which Antonio still jokingly insists he doesn’t like.

Ema lurks in the background, listening to Antonio’s end of the conversation. Because Sara was the last one on and the one he said goodbye to by name, Ema jumps to conclusions.

She tells Antonio that if he’s got more calls to make, she can tell Isabel to keep waiting. She denies hearing his conversation, saying she’d just gotten there when he hung up and the champagne’s been poured.

Simón takes Vicente back to the parish. Merce calls and Sara takes the phone into her room to explain what’s going on with Antonio and the plant. Merce’s the one who finally brings up the effect this is going to have on El Molcajete and Sara agrees. It’s only the contract with CONATROL that’s keeping them afloat. Merce’s sure something will happen to make it all OK.

Everyone’s gathered in the living room with their glasses of champagne and Ema tells Antonio to go for it.

He asks Guillermo for Isabel’s hand.

Guillermo says he might as well take all of her, jajaja!

Everyone clinks glasses and Ema says all that’s left now is for them to announce the date of the wedding.

Isabel hurriedly opens her mouth before Antonio can and says they’re getting married in a month and a half. Nobody seems to notice or care that Antonio doesn’t look in the least enthusiastic about that.

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