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Ric’s at his place, relishing the thought that by now Antonio must have seen the pictures of Isabel. He toasts to the novios.

Pedro calls, but Ricardo says there’s no news, which is why he didn’t call in the first place! He does tell Pedro he’s lined things up to get nominated for running the plant.

Rafa’s off in a corner listening to Quique’s messages. He’s about to call him when Sebastián comes over to check on him. He’s guessing Rafa’s as annoyed with Hector as he is. How could Mariana date a guy like that?

They get to talking about the plant and how much harder it’s going to be for Antonio to run it, if he does come back. And they agree Antonio won’t change his mind about quitting. But can he turn it around in six months?

The engagement party’s breaking up. Isabel’s snippy with Antonio because she feels like she’s the only one who cares about their relationship. She tells Antonio to entertain his guest–she’s going home.

Rafa offers to go to Antonio’s alone, but Antonio would rather leave things like this.

Sebastián is begging Natalia to come over to his place, to get back together, etc. Rafa and Antonio get there in time to see Natalia slap Sebastián.

Antonio quips that this is why it’s better not to insist.

Mariana eavesdrops as her mom gripes at her dad about Antonio taking a call from Sara. Ema told him to end that relationship! Eduardo says Antonio promised she had nothing to do with wanting to go back to San Gaspar. Eduardo wants to call Uribe and ask him to bring Antonio back to the DF.

In the car on the way back to Antonio’s, the guys bond over their shared dislike of Hector. They’re all laughing when Rafa answers the phone and Quique starts screaming at him about being out partying, with Antonio, etc. Rafa keeps up his end of the conversation like it’s a pleasant call and when he hangs up he says it was his aunt. She worries when he travels.

In the back seat Sebastián’s not buying the “aunt”story. He’s making a face like “I know, bro, I’ve been there.” He pats Rafa on the shoulder.

Quique calls Marina to complain about his call with Rafa. Marina doesn’t want to laugh about it, but she thinks he had it coming. Quique threatens that Rafa’s “aunt” might just call Antonio, but she begs him not to–Antonio has enough troubles already.

Isabel’s still pissed off when she and Natalia get home. She’s tired of never coming first for Antonio. He’s going to have to decide–the plant or her.

At his apartment, Antonio glumly tells himself he’s going to be married to Isabel in a month and a half.

As Antonio’s getting ready the next morning Mariana calls to warn him that she heard their parents talking and their dad’s planning to go talk to Uribe and ask him to either bring Antonio back to the DF or fire him.

The news of Antonio and Isa’s engagement made the papers. There’s a photo of the not-so-happy couple and of Antonio with Sebastián and Rafa. Ramón treats it as proof that Rafa’s a traitor. Sara is sad, but she tells Simón she was expecting this. Cheo is thrilled that the goodbye note was really a goodbye note.

Quique’s upset at Marina for not telling him Rafa was with Antonio. He’s convinced they’re together and he tells her to tell Rafa that if Antonio gets married and keeps Rafa around as his lover, Quique will kill him!

Marina gets off the phone with him to deal with the equally unreasonable Ramón, who has blown up the picture from the paper to make fliers captioned with “VENDIDO.” Because obviously Rafa sold them out to stay friends with Antonio.

At CONATROL MX, Ligia and David are reading the news. Antonio comes in with Sebastian and Rafa and she congratulates him on his engagement. Antonio introduces Rafa to David. He has some questions about the sensors, so Rafa accompanies him to his office.

Antonio asks Ligia for a favor–if his dad shows up, tell security to let him know immediately.

Rosa’s alone at the restaurant when Cheo calls to ask her to help him plan a surprise party for Sara. Rosa just can’t figure out how Sara keeps doubting him.

Antonio catches his dad in the hallway and tells him not to interfere in his work life. He insists he’s going back to San Gaspar to save the plant, not for Sara, and he’s surprised his dad would want him to just leave all those employees to lose their jobs without even trying to save them. Eduardo’s the one who raised him with those principles. And he should thank Mariana for warning him, because if he had found out later that Eduardo talked to Uribe behind his back Antonio would have disowned him. At least one person in the family respects his decisions. Eduardo hopes Antonio’s making the right decision.

Titina draws over a picture of Natalia in the paper, she won’t come to breakfast, the bros still think she might be pregnant, she’s fussing that Pepe needs to get back to her with news.

Ricardo runs into Antonio in the hallway and asks how the engagement thing went and when he’s getting married. He’s confused when Antonio says the wedding is in a month and a half. Did the pictures not get to him?

Ema’s looking at the pictures, wondering if they’re photoshopped, but she remembers seeing Isabel kissing Ricardo. Maybe he sent them, but what did he expect to happen?

Mariana knocks at her door asking where her dad is. She tells her mom she warned Antonio about their plans and she should be happy Mariana did. If her dad had talked to Uribe and Antonio found out later, he never would have forgiven him.

Eduardo calls Uribe from the sidewalk and apologizes for not making it to their meeting. He wanted to talk about Antonio.

Well, what happens with Antonio is out of Uribe’s hands. Sitges is the one who’s going to decide. What he can say is that he’s going to keep supporting Antonio.

Rafa and David are working in David’s office when Ricardo barges in and tells David he needs to talk to him NOW. Rafa tells David to go ahead–they can finish this up later. David thanks him and says Ricardo throws tantrums if you don’t do what he says immediately. (Why does he even have a job?)

When David leaves, Rafa gets a call from Marina. She’s dying for news, but Rafa doesn’t have any.

Well, Ramón’s running around putting up posters and saying Rafa’s a sellout who went along with Antonio’s plans to stay on his good side. Rafa just shakes his head. (Hell, why does Ramón even have a job?)

Pepe comes back to CONATROL. Not that his suspension is up, he just kinda missed it and thought he’d come see what’s up.

What’s up are the flyers about Rafa being a sellout. Pepe says that’s bullshit! He’s going to go talk to Ramón.

In Ricardo’s office, it seems like all he wanted was to tell David not to talk to Rafa and that Rafa’s gay.

David says he’s not homophobic. Rafa seems like a good person and that’s all he cares about.

Sebastián and Antonio are talking about Antonio’s dad wanting him not to go back to San Gaspar when Rafa comes in. Antonio asks him, if he’s able to stay in charge of the San Gaspar plant, can he win back the employees?

Rafa’s not sure, but it’s going to be more difficult now that Ramón’s telling everyone he’s a sellout.

Pepe comes into the control room and asks Ramón WTF he’s doing. Rafa wouldn’t sell them out! And the way things are going at the plant it does seem possible that they’ve got a spy. He tells Ramón to pull down all the fliers, but Ramón refuses. When Pepe says he’ll do it himself, Ramón punches him.

Nelson arrives in time to see it and Ramón walks out looking like he’s a little confused.

Rafa says Ramón is completely against the investigation into their spy and half of the employees agree with him.

Well, too bad! Antonio says it has to be done.

Ligia calls to tell him the meeting is going to start late.

Pepe holds an ice pack to his face as he complains to Nelson that this is all the rat’s fault. Everything from the spill in the ciénaga to him nearly getting shot because the saqueadores thought he was Antonio. They have to catch whoever it is before things get worse.

Eduardo gets home and tells Ema that Mariana ratted them out to Antonio, so he didn’t meet with Uribe. If the board agrees to let him go back to San Gaspar, Antonio’s going.

Ema decides to call Isabel and tell her to make an ultimatum to keep Antonio from going back to San Gaspar.

Serena talks to someone at the Space Agency, explaining that Simón’s been putting the cohete together for years with whatever he could find, but she doesn’t think it can fly. She gets off the phone and sees that Edwina has arrived. She’s glad Simón and Edwina made up.

Mhm, sure, and what exactly is it that Serena’s doing here?

Pepe’s heading for the gate when Calixto stops to ask him if he’s been looking over the anomalies with Nelson. There were some sensors that had odd readings–numbers that didn’t change at certain periods. He was going to tell Ramón, but Nelson said he’d check it out and let Ramón knew if he needed to.

Serena figures Edwina’s asking because of the phone call she was on. Well, it’s the Space Agency’s job to keep an eye on everyone who wants to use the country’s airspace. It’s a security thing. And Serena just doesn’t think Simón’s cohete can fly.

Well, Edwina disagrees!

Simón shows up, happy to see Edwina. She asks if there’s anything she can help him with, but Serena jumps in and says Edwina can help her with what she’s doing.

Titina’s tired of waiting, so she calls Pepe herself. He’s looking over those reports Calixto mentioned. No, he hasn’t heard anything about Sebastián not returning, but he’s in Mexico right now. He just didn’t call her ’cause he was, you know, BUSY.

Titina wants to plan a welcome back party.

Sara calls Antonio. She saw that he got engaged last night and apologizes for calling in the middle of the party. Antonio says it was fine, he was happy to hear from them.

And hey, he looks terrible in all the pictures!

Antonio laughs and says he’s more handsome in person.

Pepe finishes looking over the sensor readings and tells Calixto there’s no way the sensors just stop at the same time every day. Someone must have messed with them.

Antonio tells Sara they have decided yet, but he wants to go back to San Gaspar. Sara jokes that he always gets what he wants, so this isn’t going to be his first failure!

Antonio thanks her for her support…

And Isabel walks into his office, loudly proclaiming that she’s not going to let him go back to San Gaspar.

Antonio asks her for a moment, then goes back to his call and tells Sara he’s sorry, he’s just been interrupted and he’s gotta go.

Isabel’s out in the hallway waiting for him. They start arguing, but after Ligia brushes past them, they go back to his office.

Rosa thinks it’s Antonio’s fiancée’s job to cheer him up and support him. With her he’s got all the support he needs and more, right? Sara sadly agrees.

Back in his office, Isa says neither she nor his parents want him to go back to San Gaspar. Can’t his personal life come first for once?!

Nope. He’s trying to save the plant.

Well, Isabel wants him to quit. Insisting on saving the plant is absurd! Can’t he just accept he failed?

Antonio doesn’t think he has failed, and there’s still time to fix things.

Pepe comes into the control room with Calixto’s reports. Has Nelson shown them to Ramón yet?

Um, no, he’s been busy….

Well, he’s ready to show them to Ramón to prove to him there’s a mole in the plant.

Nelson says maybe the sensors are just acting up.

After they checked all of them? No, he’s gonna go tell Ramón right now.

Nelson begs him not to. If he does, Nelson’s sunk. “I’m the mole.”

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