La Vecina, lunes 13 de julio, capítulo 92

Pepe thinks Nelson’s joking at first, but Nelson says he isn’t. Those people are serious. Pepe can’t tell anyone.

Pepe asks if Nelson realizes what he’s done before walking out.

There’s nothing Isabel can say to convince Antonio not to try to go back to San Gaspar. He’s upset that she doesn’t respect his work life. What if he didn’t want her to have her gallery show?

“That’s different!” Because her work doesn’t hurt anyone and his is hurting everyone.

Nope. He’s still not quitting.

Nelson follows Pepe outside the building. It all makes sense to Pepe now. Nelson says he’s been a spy for four years, but they always told him he was useless and then when Antonio showed up they put more pressure on him to find out what his plans were.

And he’s the one behind the sensor problems?

Nelson admits that he is.

No wonder he wanted to be the one in charge of the testing. Pepe wants him to talk to Antonio, at the very least. If they have to hide him, they will. And Pepe’s not going to abandon him. Nelson’s like his brother. And you don’t abandon your brother no matter how stupid they’ve been.

Sebastián and Rafa get back to Antonio’s office, but Ligia warns them he’s in there with his fiancée and it sounds like they’re fighting. They decide to head for Sebastián’s office instead.

Ricardo pops out of his office and heads for Antonio’s door, but Ligia says Antonio’s busy.

Isabel’s telling Antonio that the workers he’s trying so hard to help all hate him. They’d be better off if he didn’t go back (No, pues, with a fiancée like that, who needs a Ricardo?)

Ricardo bursts in, saying he thought Antonio was alone. He just wanted to go over some information….

Antonio says he’ll go find Ricardo when he’s finished here.

Ricardo congratulates Isabel on their engagement. He says she looked good in the paper. Photogenic as always.

As Ricardo walks out of Ligia’s claustrophobic little desk area she mutters that she can’t stand him.

Isabel brings up her usual “You’re doing this for la vecina!”

Antonio says he’s telling her for the LAST time, Sara has nothing to do with this.

Isabel gives up on arguing and tells him, for once in his life, to think about her.

Rafa can’t imagine what Antonio and Isabel would have to fight about when they just got engaged. Sebastián explains that she doesn’t want him going back to San Gaspar.

David shows up. He’s still missing data on some of the sensors, but maybe they could go to lunch and review it after?

Sebastián tells the two of them to go ahead. He’s going to try to talk to Natalia.

Rafa’s like “Good luck with that.”

Sebastián’s calling Natalia when Antonio comes in. He can’t understand why he and Isabel are like strangers now! And no, he’s not going back for Sara. His motives are strictly business…but at least Sara believes in him.

Ricardo runs into Isabel in the hallway and tells her it’s in his hands to keep Antonio from going back to San Gaspar.

Really? Because if he pulls that off, she’ll give him another quiñientos mil pesos.

Of course, ’cause the rich girl solves everything with money. OK, he accepts.

Rafa and David come into the hallway and Isabel and Ricardo walk off in different directions. Rafa asks if it’s just him or if they were standing too close together. David, being way too loyal, says it’s just him.

Sara and Rosa are doing the books. They’re doing pretty good this month, thanks to the contract with CONATROL. Which may not help them in six months if they close. They’ll have to get new clients.

Sara proposes doing a contract with the bank, or the police office, and making barbacoa on Sundays. She’s really going to miss Antonio, though.

Sebastián complains to Antonio that he supports him too!

Someone’s phone starts ringing and it turns out Rafa left his on the desk. Quique’s calling. Antonio tells Sebastián not to answer it, but he can’t resist winding Quique up. Oh, Rafa’s not there. He accidentally left his cell phone at Antonio’s. He supposes they were up working all night.

Quique thinks Sebastián’s lying to him. He’d better not come back to San Gaspar or he’ll have to deal with Quique.

Sebastián thinks it’s hilarious, but Antonio tells him not to bug Rafa about this–they’re not supposed to know about his sexuality.

Sebastián’s headed to Natalia’s work to see if he can catch her. He asks Antonio to give Rafa back his cell phone if he sees him.

Uh, no, Antonio never saw that phone. Sebastián’s on his own.

Sebastián pulls up outside Natalia’s office and sees her talking to some guy and screams “What are you doing with my girlfriend?!” Natalia tells the guy she’ll talk to him tomorrow and asks Sebastián WTF he thinks he’s doing. They broke up, remember?

Antonio calls Sara, but he doesn’t say anything. She’s about to hang up on him when he laughs and says he just wanted to hear her voice. In that case, she’ll give him the news from San Gaspar. She tells him about Simón and Edwina and the weather balloons.

Sebastián throws a jealous tantrum and Natalia reminds him they’re not together. He finally lets her walk past him.

Isa visits Ema. They talk in her bedroom so Mariana won’t hear. Isa says she gave Antonio ultimatums, but she can’t get him to budge. He’s going right back to the San Gaspar hussy. He’s shameless!

Um, Ema says she can skip the “shameless Antonio” talk and shows her the incriminating photos.

Isabel insists it’s not her. Well, obviously it’s her face, but the rest is fake! And she did snog Ricardo outside her building that one time, but it was the last time! And now Ricardo’s doing everything he can to keep her from marrying Antonio!

Ema agrees to get rid of the photos as long as Isabel and Antonio get married on the date they set, no matter what.

Pepe and Nelson stop by Marina’s desk to ask when Rafa’s coming back.

She has no idea, but she’s looking forward to the confrontation with Ramón. She leaves them to deal with the phone while she picks up some paperwork.

One of the guys who works at the side desk asks if Pepe and Ramón got into it over what Ramón says about Rafa.

Pepe says Rafa would never sell them out.

Yeah, well, if they do find a mole, he thinks they should get to beat him to a pulp.

Over lunch, David finds out that Rafa has been with the company for twenty years. David has only worked there for two. He’s originally from Veracruz. Rafa went to Carnaval there once several years ago. Well, any time he wants to go again, David’s got tons of family there.

Edwina heard the orange trees are recovering. She’s changed her mind about Serena after working with her today. But not entirely–she told someone at the Space Agency the cohete won’t fly.

Well, Simón says they’ll just have to show her. And he wants to be at the next balloon launch. (Just kiss already!)

Bruno’s waiting in the classroom at the church, presumably for Laura, when she comes in with Padre V and Pedro. Pedro pretends he’s just there to see Laura’s class, like the loving, interested spouse that he’s not.

Padre V and Bruno split and Pedro asks why Laura didn’t tell him Bruno was the one teaching the hydroponics class.

Laura tries to get away with a sweet “You didn’t ask,” but as her students start trickling in and one greets him, Pedro snipes that he’s not a student, he’s the señora’s husband.

Edwina and Simón saunter casually into the warehouse. It turns out Simón’s only about 15% away from finishing the cohete. The poisoning of the orange trees set them back.

Edwina asks him to consider getting sponsors for the cohete. Cash in exchange for advertising space.

Juancho comes in and Simón tells him he and Edwina aren’t fighting anymore. And she’s just had an idea for raising money.

Juancho likes the idea of sponsorships and says he can draw up a plan to assign the ad spaces.

Padre V has figured out that Bruno has a thing for Laura. He warns him that if he finds out anything’s going on, he’ll cancel Bruno’s classes.

Rafa gets back to the office. Antonio asks about lunch and Rafa says David took him to a fancy restaurant with really good food. Antonio’s still waiting for a call from Uribe and it’s making him antsy.

Isabel visits Natalia’s office, which I swear looks like a room in their apartment. She tells Natalia that Ema knows about her and Ricardo, but she convinced her it was just the one time. She’s angry that now Ema’s got something to hold over her.

Natalia disagrees. Isabel’s the one who’s got something on Ema. If Ema’s so insistent on Isabel marrying Antonio, she’ll put up with anything. Natalia feels bad for Antonio, that his mother would sell him out like this.

Antonio thinks he was too tough on the employees in San Gaspar. Rafa says it’s what they needed. If he goes back, he should keep being tough on them and if someone’s got to put them back in line, Rafa will do that.

Sebastián gets back from his failed meeting with Natalia and says he’s done for. She won’t forgive him for cheating and now she’s gonna do the same. (Dude, she can’t cheat on you if you’re not together.)

Bruno shows up at El Molcajete trying to say he’s not upset about anything. Sara doesn’t buy it. She goes to get him an agüita and Rosa rushes over to tell him about the surprise party Cheo wants to throw for Sara’s birthday, so he and Simón don’t make plans. Bruno admits they hadn’t.

The guys still haven’t heard from Uribe, but Marina calls Rafa. Ramón’s being a bigger ass than usual. He and Pepe had a fight.

Well, he’ll take care of it when he gets back.

Ramón’s not the only one who’s unhappy, Quique saw that picture in the paper and he wants to punch out Antonio.

He’ll…take care of that too, once he gets back.

The phone on Antonio’s desk finally rings. Uribe’s headed for the conference room.

Juancho works on his diagram for potential ad placement on the cohete.

In the conference room, Ricardo and the guy who’s backing him (who I kept thinking was Silva, but wasn’t Silva) and the other guy who sits on the side of the table where we rarely see anyone are waiting.

Ricardo gripes at Antonio for not coming by his office with the data he needed.

Antonio says he was busy. And he wants them to know that he thinks he’s the best person to run the plant in San Gaspar and if they company doesn’t agree, then he quits.

Smarmy friend of Ricardo says that’s childish. (Takes one to know one, pal.)

Padre V’s spending some quality time with the Jaibolera when Laura stops by. Pedro only lasted ten minutes in her class before he got a call and went to deal with some problem at one of his businesses, she supposes.

Padre V invites her to sit down and asks if she’s noticed anything that might make her think Bruno is attracted to her.

Laura says she hasn’t, but she doesn’t sound confident. Why is he asking?

Well, because she’s a married woman and Bruno might misinterpret her friendship. (Seriously?)

Uribe gets to the board room and announces that he’s reviewed Antonio’s every move since he got to San Gaspar and it’s been impeccable. It would be unfair to deny his request to go back. Ricardo and the smarmy suit do their best to act like they’re not upset.

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