La Vecina, lunes 13 de julio, capítulo 93

Pedro’s second-best hench found someone who knows about the gas theft going on behind Pedro’s back.

Bruno runs into Laura outside the church and she asks if Padre V said anything to him…about them. Because he’s worried they’ll confuse their friendship for something else. So, is Bruno attracted to her?

And if he is?

Laura takes off without answering.

As usual, the guy who was draining the pipeline doesn’t know who he’s really working for, but he does give up his contact. Pedro and 2nd best go find the contact and Anselmo gets to do the cleaning up.

Antonio goes back to his office and fakes Sebastián and Rafa out for a minute before he tells them Uribe’s sending him back to San Gaspar. Ricardo was surprised, and Antonio doesn’t know if Uribe knows Ricardo wanted the job, but who cares!

Uribe calls Ricardo into his office to discuss a few things. Like wanting to run the San Gaspar plant if Antonio wasn’t sent back. And Uribe wants him to know he values Ricardo’s knowledge of the situation, which is why he wants Ricardo to do some research and find out where they can best put a gasoline distribution center, assuming San Gaspar does have to close.

Antonio and team are headed back to San Gaspar first thing tomorrow. He wants to have a meeting with the employees to tell them what the situation is and what’s at stake.

Ricardo gets back to his office, fuming, and calls Pedro to give him the bad news. They’re stuck with Antonio…unless Pedro wants to take him out? Pedro thinks to himself that it’s not a bad idea.

Uribe summons Sebastián to ask him to stay in Mexico and supervise the installation of the sensors Antonio wanted. Ricardo was going to do it, but now he’s got this other project. And Rafa can handle the community support department.

Sebastián heads back to Antonio’s office to fill him in on both his and Ricardo’s new tasks. So the good news is, at least Antonio won’t have to deal with Ricardo.

He invites Rafa out for tacos al pastor.

Antonio says he’s gotta go see Isabel and he’ll leave the keys at the door in case Rafa gets back earlier. And does Sebastián have any messages for San Gaspar?

Tell Marina she’s a prophet! Maybe now he’ll get rid of Titina.

Titina tells her brothers she’s pregnant and wants them to get Chebi to marry her.

Juancho shows Simón his diagram for ad placement. He’ll have to research what to charge, and he’s sure Edwina can help. She probably knows a lot of people who would buy ads.

Bruno gets home and has a subdued reaction to their new plan. He says he’s got a headache and he’s going to go lie down for a while.

At home, Laura’s thinking about Bruno and confessing her love to the potted plant. Pedro comes home and she wipes tears away and says it’s just allergies.

“As long as you’re not allergic to me!” Pedro kisses her roughly, which Laura doesn’t like, but he says that’s the point of being her husband. He can kiss her however he wants to. He assaults her again.

Antonio comes over to Isabel’s to tell her he’s going back to San Gaspar. He wishes she’d support him.

Isabel says she does, she’s just not happy about it. She wants him to promise they absolutely won’t change the wedding date and that he’ll buy a house in San Gaspar for them to live in after the wedding. She refuses to live in the apartment. And of course, he’s coming to her gallery show.

Sara likes the idea of treating the rocket like a race car. Juancho says he’ll reserve a space for El Molcajete and they won’t charge her for it! Simón tells her once he launches that rocket, tourists will flock to the place and she’ll have more business.

Sara’s worried about the plant closing in six months. And she hasn’t heard from Antonio, but she’s sure he knows by now whether he’s coming back or not.

Isabel makes sure Antonio understands she’s not being capricious–she wants a house where there’s room for her to paint and to entertain guests and she wants it far away from La Vecina.

Antonio gets a call from Sara and ignores it. Isa asks if he’s spending the night, but the flight leaves too early.

Sara feels stupid for thinking Antonio would answer. He’s probably with his fiancée.

Juancho calls from the living room for Sara to guess who’s there.

Sara’s expecting it to be Antonio, but instead it’s Cheo. Who is not an acceptable substitute.

Pedro’s still being cruel in the morning, telling Laura it’s the price she pays for everything he gives her. He leaves her to have breakfast alone and she goes to hug the potted plant.

Sara’s still asleep at 9am when Juancho comes to tell her they’re leaving for the orchard. Rosa called and Juancho told her Sara’s going to be late. What time did she get home anyway?


Cheo’s bragging to Roque about going out with Sara. But then they were going to…you know…and he couldn’t do it because he was thinking about Antonio.

The boys are back in San Gaspar. Rafa purposely didn’t call Marina last night so it would be a surprise. Antonio’s back at his apartment picking up some paperwork, so Rafa has some time to get caught up.

Eduardo and Guillermo have cooked up a job offer for Antonio, but he can’t come over to discuss it because he’s in San Gaspar. Eduardo starts fuming about Antonio trying to save what can’t be saved. When he’s in it up to his neck, he’d better not count on Eduardo for support.

Antonio didn’t intend to.

He leaves the apartment, headed for the elevator and Sara, in all her neon green glory, nearly tackles him with a hug. He tells her he’s coming back, that he’s got cranky employees to deal with, and six months to turn the plant around.

Sara wants to make him a welcome home dinner and Antonio promises he’ll be there at 8. They awkwardly get on the elevator together.

Isabel tells Natalia that Antonio agreed to all her conditions and she’ll be living in San Gaspar in a month and a half. Not that Natalia needs to find another place to live, though. Isabel’s holding on to the apartment for when she’s in town. She asks Natalia for a ride to the gallery.

Edwina finally gets a chance to check out Juancho’s diagram. She plans to start with the bank manager and jokes that they’ll have so many sponsors they’ll need to launch a second rocket.

Serena calls her office and gives her boss a cohete update. He’s adamant that the rocket CANNOT launch. It would make them look bad or something. Serena agrees with him while she’s on the phone, but afterwards she tells herself she has no idea how to stop Simón.

Antonio gets to CONATROL SG, parks his car, and calls out a hello to Ramón and a couple of other guys. When they don’t answer, he walks towards him and repeats his hello. The three of them grudgingly answer and Antonio walks away. Ramón grins at his back.

Ricardo’s having coffee with that guy from the board. They’re complaining about Antonio, as usual. When the other guy leaves, Ricardo notices Isabel.

He wanders over, makes himself comfortable, and taunts her about Antonio and the pictures and then tells her how Antonio tried to get Sara hired, and Sebastián took her to lunch and they ran into Ema, and she probably stayed at Antonio’s apartment. Just, you know, ’cause he likes to spread happiness.

Rafa runs into Pepe and Nelson in the hallway. He’s happy to see they’ve settled their differences. Rather than talk about what happened in Mexico, he tells them they’re going to talk about it in fifteen minutes in the courtyard.

Antonio gets to his office and indulgently stops to let Marinita hug him. She’s SO HAPPY HE’S BACK!

He tells her about the meeting they’re having, but he won’t tell her what it’s about.

Isabel’s furious and feels like Ema’s been steering her this whole time. She calls Natalia to warn her she’s coming over after her meeting with Silvina.

Silvina arrives, late, and starts talking about all the things they need to do to get ready for the show while Isabel ignores her.

When everyone’s assembled outside, Antonio tells them they have six months to turn the plant around or it’s getting closed.

Ramón blames it all on Antonio because he was worried about things like Ramón’s shirt and a/c and turning down the music and meanwhile everything else got away from him. He won’t shut up about it. He calls Rafa a vendido, shoves him, and starts a general brawl.

Eduardo and Guillermo have martinis. Eduardo’s sorry to tell him, but he couldn’t even make a proposal to Antonio–he’s already back in San Gaspar.

Guillermo tells him not to worry about it. Six months is nothing and the job is Antonio’s one way or another. He got them the contract to build those airplane hangars for his friend’s business and they don’t even have to bid on it. Cheers!

Antonio’s waiting in his office when Rafa comes in and says things have calmed down.

Antonio thinks he made a mistake telling everyone what was happening.

Rafa doesn’t think so. And not everyone’s like Ramón. They need to understand that if the ship goes down, Antonio’s going to be the last one off. When they catch the spy, things will get better.

Pepe tells Nelson he’s gotta hurry and tell Antonio right away what’s happening, before things get worse. Nelson’s planning to go over to Rafa’s after work so Rafa can take him to Antonio’s apartment. Pepe says he’ll go with him.

Nelson’s phone starts ringing. He gives Pepe a panicked look. It’s them.

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