La Vecina, martes 14 de julio, capítulo 94

Pepe convinces Nelson not to answer his phone, but when they get to Mariana’s desk she’s taking a call dizque from Nelson’s house. It’s Anselmo, calling to demand a meeting. Nelson thanks Marina for taking the call and he and Pepe scoot off around the corner. This is what Nelson was trying to tell him–he can’t get away from these people! He’ll take the meeting, but Pepe makes him promise it’s the last one.

Isabel comes over to Natalia’s office to tell her what Ricardo said about Antonio trying to hire Sara. She’s furious, but she doesn’t know what to do.

Antonio heads for his car, walking right past Ramón, who is making it his mission to drive Antonio out of the San Gaspar office. (Why is he even still employed? He’s not just rude and acting like a spoiled child, he caused a frickin’ fight on company property. Isn’t that some kind of safety hazard?)

Elias (Hench #2) calls Pedro to tell him Antonio’s leaving the office. Also, he hasn’t heard anything from the people he sent to find the guy who hired the other guy to steal gas.

Isabel continues her story–Ema saw Sara having lunch with Sebastián. She’s convinced Ema only wants her to marry Antonio for the money. Which only makes her want to not fail at marrying Antonio.

Ligia gets a fax from security at San Gaspar about the fight. She hands it to Sebastián, but Ricardo insists on taking a look. Because everything is his business. Except it’s not his business to tell Uribe. That’s all on Sebastián.

Sara’s doing prep for Antonio’s dinner. Rosa has misgivings about the endive, but Sara’s sure Antonio will like it.

Bruno’s at home working on something for Sara when Laura calls. He keeps apologizing for yesterday, but she doesn’t think it’s necessary. She just wanted him to know that she values his friendship. She doesn’t want things to change. Bruno’s good for her.

Bruno’s still sitting there taking it all in when Juancho and Simón get home with the wine Sara asked for. Bruno asks Juancho to help him put some songs on a CD. (For Sara. I don’t think he and Laura are at the “making mix tapes” stage yet.)

Fidel saw Antonio’s guards outside the only bar in town, so he stopped into say hi. Antonio asks him to have a drink while he tells him about the melee at the plant.

Uribe can’t get Antonio on the phone, but Antonio calls Sebastián. He was just out having a drink. Sebastián hands the phone over to Uribe.

Antonio says he was with Fidel, finalizing their plan to catch the spy.

Uribe wants an explanation about the fight.

Antonio blames it on Ramón. (I’m totally OK with that.)

Chepe calls Simón’s to tell them Antonio’s home. Sara’s got the dinner table set for a fancy dinner.

Uribe’s just glad things didn’t get any worse. (Than a general brawl on company property? Sure dude.) He says good night and hands the phone back to Sebastian, who says he’ll call Antonio later.

Chepe comes running over to give Antonio his mail. Antonio thought he heard cumbia earlier. Chepe says they shut it off.

Too bad. Antonio’s in the mood for cumbias tonight. Chepe helps Antonio carry all his stuff.

When the get off the elevator, it’s quiet. He and Chepe joke about how there’s no pleasing Antonio and it’s good that he’s more chill now.

Marina comes home with Rafa. The bar owner told Rafa that Antonio spent the whole afternoon there drinking. Marina’s annoyed with Ramón. She thinks Antonio can definitely get the plant back on track, though. Rafa agrees with her.

Antonio’s trying to work, but it’s too quiet. He’s about to go change for dinner when Sebastián calls to find out what happened at the plant.

When Antonio’s done telling him, Sebastián suggests he relax and watch some TV. Antonio says he’s having dinner at Sara’s.

Well, in that case, Sebastian will call him in the morning to make sure he’s still alive.

Pedro’s looking at photos of Nelson’s daughter and of Antonio with Isabel and Sara with her family. Pedro calls Ricardo to ask about Antonio’s relationship with Sara. Ricardo’s sure she’s the reason he’s going back to San Gaspar.

Anselmo tells Pedro for a woman like Sara, he’d be willing to do anything.

Marina gets Rafa to tell him about Antonio’s family and fiancée. Rafa says he gets the feeling Antonio doesn’t love his fiancée, but like Marina says, why else would he be marrying her?

Quique comes over. He heard about the fight at the plant and wanted to make sure Rafa’s OK. And since he is, Quique now segues into a jealous rant that turns into an argument between him and Rafa.

Ricardo sends David to San Gaspar to start planning for the transfer of employees to other plants if San Gaspar closes. But really it’s to spy on Antonio. David tries to refuse to spy, but Ricardo says if David doesn’t go Ricardo will fire him and make sure no one else hires him.

Sebastián goes over to Natalia’s, but Isabel says she’s not home. She went out with some friend named Roberto and she doesn’t expect her home until tomorrow. Which isn’t true–Natalia’s in the apartment. Isabel tries calling Antonio, but he’s not answering either of his phones.

Natalia jokes that at least she knows where Sebastián is.

Anselmo picks Nelson up on some dirt road in the middle of nowhere. He’ll be taking him to Pedro.

Antonio goes to dinner as Casitas!Antonio, but with track pants instead of shorts. He offers to change when he sees Sara in her outfit from the DF job interview, but she tells him to come on in. All the guys, including Javi, are in slacks and shirts. This is his Chilango-style welcome back dinner.

Everybody sits at the table and fusses with their napkins.

Sebastian decides to check out Isabel’s story. He calls up to the apartment, claiming to be a neighbor, and says her roommate left her lights on and it’s gonna drain the battery.

Anselmo’s driving around with Nelson crouched on the floorboards and another lackey’s gun pointed at his head.

Pepe’s walking the square, waiting for Nelson, when Titina calls. Pepe says he doesn’t know when Sebastián is coming back, but Antonio and Rafa got back today.

Natalia comes downstairs to deal with her car and Sebastián’s bright idea is to grab her and squash her face with his. She participates briefly, but then breaks away from him, asking if he’s going to turn into her stalker now.

Sara made a bunch of recipes from a molecular gastronomy cookbook, since that’s what she saw “people like Antonio” eating in Mexico.

Antonio’s not even going to ask what she means, but it looks…well-prepared.

Sara laughs and everybody toasts.

Sebastian. Natalia. Forgiveness is not forthcoming.

The cops show up and Natalia says Sebastian was trying to rob her. She goes back inside while the cops chase Sebastián.

Looks like dinner is over at Sara’s, but Juancho still wants a “tortuga” (torta). Antonio says it tasted good, but he doesn’t eat like this a lot. Sara brings in some dessert stuff from the kitchen and I’m confused because there’s only four of everything.

Whatever, Antonio thanks them for the dinner and toasts to Sara, who always has his back.

Javi’s kind of missing Sebastián, but Antonio hopes he’ll be back once he finishes his current project.

Upstairs, Natalia’s laughing with Isabel, but then she gets worried about what’s going to happen to Sebastián when the police catch him. She tries calling him, but he’s not answering. She hopes nothing happened to him.

Sebastián ended up calling David to bail him out. He explains that he wasn’t trying to mug anybody, he was “trying” to “talk” to his novia (um, ex-novia?) and the cops showed up. Sebastián offers to take David out to eat, but David says it will have to wait until he’s back from San Gaspar. Sebastián asks him to support Antonio while he’s there.

Anselmo brings Nelson to Pedro. He makes his excuses about his cell phone battery dying and tells Pedro about Antonio having six months to get the plant working like it should be. Other than that it’s threats and macho posturing.

Antonio’s talking to Sara about going from Doña Asuncion’s atole to molecular gastronomy. Simón comes over to the table and asks about work. Antonio tells him about the problems at the plant before they’re interrupted by Drunk!Javi, Drunk!Bruno, and Juancho. Everyone toasts to el vecino…el chilango…el señorito…el güero desabrido!

Pedro doesn’t like seeing Nelson looking so nervous. Nelson swears they’re not going to find out about him. Nothing can be traced back to him. But he doesn’t know what Antonio’s plans are because that fight broke out.

Pedro tells Nelson not to let him down or his daughter’s life is at stake.

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